The Truth about Dovewing- debating with my sister-(SPOILERS) by Starstripe and Moonripple

Moonripple and Starstripe have a debate on Dovewing.

Artwork by Wayne McLoughlin

Starstripe: Bonjourno fellow Warriors, today we’re here with another Star Sunday special
Moonripple: You mean Moon Monday special. (Mod edit: it’s a Moon Monday :D)
Starstripe: Anyways, so a while back me and my sister here discussed what brought us all here. And it proved quite popular….how popular was it again Moonripple?
Moonripple: More likes than stars in the sky, wait a second. How is that possible? Also check it out if you haven’t read it ; )
Starstripe:uhhhh… ok.
But today it’s different… we’re NOT ON THE SAME SIDE!
Moonripple: The battle is on! Dun dun dun!!!
Starstripe: Let the games begin, and may the odds be ever in your favour
Moonripple: Repeat after me: ‘ I solemnly, sincerely and truly declare and affirm that the evidence I shall give will be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.’
Starstripe: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……….anyways………we are going to be debating an insolent whiny good for nothing annoying cat
Moonripple: Great description for Tigerstar, not so much for Dovewing, the heroine of the Omen of the Stars.
Starstripe: Yeah right.
Moonripple: Enough of that! Now let’s begin……………..

Number 1
Starstripe: Gentlemen of the jury I’m curious bear with me, are you aware that we’re making history, this is the first…
Moonripple: point of why Dovewing is amazing?
Starstripe: Not
Moonripple: What do you mean? She coped with the fact that she has new and special powers really well, I mean, who wants to be different from everyone else? She just wanted to be a normal cat.
Starstripe:Coped with her powers well, that is…soOOOO accurate for Dovewing. But what about Lionblaze and Jayfeather? They also had their powers and they had to cope with losing their littlermate.
Moonripple: They were littermates. It is much easier for them, Ivypool wasn’t in the prophecy!
Starstripe: But Dovewing still had Ivypool, and they were proper sisters by then, she had support just like Lionblaze and Jayie, and LJ coped fine. She doesn’t really have an excuse.
Moonripple: Every cat has their faults you know…
Starstripe: But some less than others.
Moonripple: For example: I have less faults than you, but you still are awesome!! Anyways, time for point number 2.

Number 2:
Starstripe: He’s after me cause I’m a schuyler sister that elevates his status I’d have to be naive to set that aside, maybe that is why
Moonripple: Well, the same thing happened with BLUESTAR AND OAKHEART!! And not everyone gets the luxury of following their hearts.
Starstripe: But Bluestar told Thrushpelt that they weren’t his kits, and she told Thrushpelt that she didn’t like him, unlike DOVEWING!!!!!!!!!!!
Moonripple: That’s a bit mean!! To tell someone who likes you that you don’t like them is hard, especially if they made their best efforts to be nice.
Starstripe: Most cats seem to manage it, Bluefur did. That’s not really an excuse. I’m all for cats embracing who they love, I never really agreed with the boundary rules anyway, but she should have made it clear to him. And although i don’t really agree with it, rules are rules, she shouldn’t have gone with Tigerheart.
Mic Drop
Moonripple: One choice can transform you. One choice can destroy you. One choice will define you.
STARSTRIPE: Dovewing shouldn’t have treated BUMBLE like that. He was too good for her in my opinion, and all he did was be nice to her, and she took advantage of that. That’s all there is to say.
Moonripple: I know you are jealous, but little Bumblebee will not be yours because he IS MINE!!
Starstripe: Since when?
Moony: Since I met him, and… I felt like maybe I could love him forever!! Especially when he took me to the stars.
Starstripe: Is changing topics quickly so i don’t murder my own sister

Moonripple: Just let it go. All I need to do is find a Way Back Into Love.
And not everyone gets the luxury of following their hearts.

Number 3
Moonripple: Well, without my favorite bird, the rest of the clans would be dead! When the lake dried up and the river was blocked due to the beavers, the Warriors would have died from thirst (and the ducks wouldn’t have had a home)
Starstripe: Never trust a duck…
Ok, i’m not going to deny that she was helpful in this instance, but that was when she was younger, when she was younger, I actually liked her, it all changed when she began to believe she is ulta-special.
Moonripple: What??!! She didn’t even want to be special! She wanted to be a normal cat!
Starstripe: Later on in the series, Dovewing became annoying, whiny and had a massive self-worth, she broke rules, she was mean to cats, and just became awful to be around.
Moonripple: But rules are MADE for BREAKING!!
Starstripe: Are you serious? What she did was fine, as i have said before, I don’t see anything wrong with being with Tigerheart, but when that began to impact her loyalty to her clan and how she was performing day to day tasks. THAT is when it became an issue.
Moonripple: We are more than single actions we undertake, whether they be good or evil. And she did save the clans, and every cat has their faults. Also Leafpool had KITS with a tom from ANOTHER CLAN! She wasn’t even ALLOWED to have a MATE, let alone KITS from ANOTHER CLAN!!!
Starstripe: Firstly, you can’t use another cat’s mistakes to try and support another mistake. Besides, Leafpool tried to ensure that as little cats as possible were impacted by her mistake. That also does not change the fact that that was meant to happen to leafpool, otherwise the prophecy would have failed. Besides, It’s not against the law to be an idiot… though i guess in this case it is.
Moonripple: Well that worked didn’t it! Ashfur got killed, Hollyleaf. Lionblaze and Jayie were annoyed and Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw were also involved.
Starstripe: This is going totally off topic, that’s for another debate, one where we would probably be on the same side.
Moonripple: I agree with you. Time for Round 4

Number 4:
Starstripe: Ok…before everyone was like, yer a wizard Dovewing, Hollyleaf was the third one in the prophecy, and as a Hollyleaf LOVER!! This just makes me hate dovewing even more.
Moonripple: You can’t just say that! She was a good cat Hollyleaf but she killed Ashfur so maybe she isn’t so saintly. You can’t just hate one cat because they replace another! It wasn’t her fault Hollyleaf died!!!
Starstripe: Who said Hollyleaf was saintly, she isn’t a Mary-Sue, unlike SOME CATS! Doesn’t anyone find it a bit weird that the connection between Dovewing and Firestar is a bit weak? I mean, he’s her great-uncle? It made much more sense for Hollyleaf to be the third one, and Hollyleaf was much better suited, she was logical, strategic, and a brilliant fighter, unlike Dovewing who was only a good fighter due to her powers, and never thought things through.
Moonripple: I loved Hollyleaf, she should have been one of the three but that is no reason not to like Dovewing! She did her job well. She helped defend the clans from the Dark Forest! What’s the meowing all about?
Starstripe: Did she? Did she really save us from the Dark Forest. I think it was Ivypool and Firestar that saved the day, not really Dovewing, though she obviously helped.
Moonripple: She didn’t save the day, she saved the ETERNITY!
Stary: She did anything but, in the car that saved eternity we’ve got Firestar and Jayie, with Lionblaze and Bramble in the back maybe with Bluestar and Ivypool if there’s room, with Dovewing wiping the windows.

Number 5: The summary…
Starstripe: Hello Moony Darling, welcome to the Summary.
Moonripple: Thank you for the introduction Starry Darling.
Starstripe:ACOTAR reference, have you even read it?
Moony: nope
Starstripe: You need to be educated…You can tell I’m the older sister
Moonripple: By maybe 30 seconds? Anyway, I have the older mental age. Let’s get back to the point shall we?
Starstripe: In summary. You first
Moonripple: Ok. So:
A.) She was a good cat,
B) She saved the clans from the beavers (lack of water) and the Dark Forest.
C.) She coped really well with the fact that she was different and had special powers beyond Starclan whilst dealing with her jealous littermate
D.) It wasn’t her fault Hollyleaf had no powers and died later on.

Starstripe: No Moony, never let go. My turn.
Dovewing was so whiny when her powers went, she was just whiny in general.
She manipulated and used Bumblestripe, despite the fact that she knew that he liked her
She replaced Hollyleaf
She was horrible to be around towards the end, broke rules and made irrational decisions.

What can i say except you’re welcome
for totally smashing this debate?
Moonripple: I’m the king of the world!!!
Starstripe: Ok guys what did you think of that?? Who do you think won? Let us know in the comments what you thought of this article but also who won.
Moonripple: And don’t forget to write #TeamMoon or #TeamStar at the top of your comments. That way we can get an idea of who won! Hope you enjoyed this.
Starstripe: From the both of us…
The Schuyler Sisters: THANK YOU!!!!
The Warriors: LOVE YA!!!!

(Also, points if you can mention how many references we made to other fandoms HINT: There’s a lot and most of them in places where our points don’t make sense. extra points if you can mention what the fandoms are. Anyways Thanks for reading, and please leave a comment. BYEEEE)

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  • I loved Hamilton’s references. I love Hamilton, I am fascinated by this wonderful musical.


  • #TeamMoon – I love Dovewing. It was hard for her to take the pressure of being different. And she lost her best friend (her sister Ivypool) for a while because Ivypool was jealous because she thought Dovewing was getting special treatment.

    (Off topic: “Starstripe: Ok…before everyone was like, yer a wizard Dovewing, Hollyleaf was the third one in the prophecy, and as a Hollyleaf LOVER!! This just makes me hate dovewing even more.” I love Hollyleaf too.)