• Needletail by Moon (Aster you wanted this here, right?)
    Needletail is a sleek, short furred silver she-cat with a white chest, green eyes, and a thick tail, as described by the warriors wiki. However, silver is not an actual cat color, and instead is similar to coat colors such as blue self, chinchilla, silver shaded, silver tabby, blue silver tabby, etc. While researching short haired cat breeds, as Needletail is often described as short furred, I came across a single breed where “silver” was an acceptable color. This was the Abyssinian. Now, I understand that Abyssinians are almost always the ginger color officially called sorrel, red, or cinnamon, as well as the red ticked tabby. However, all major associations accept and show silver colors, except for the CFA.

    Silver Abyssinians are the usual brown tabby, but with the base coat to turned to a shining, silvery white by the inhibitor gene, though I will prefer not to get into genetics. However, I find this interesting, because Needletail’s father is a dark brown tabby, and white a dark brown tabby is not a recognized color of the Abyssianian breed, it seems like the basis of any sliver Abyssinian, such as Needletail. Her mother, Berryheart, is black and white, which means that she probably has another breed of ancestry.

    However, I also think that Needletail has Somali ancestry. While the Somali is a long haired breed, it is arguably a mere variation of the Abyssianian, or usuallly just refered to as the long haired version. While Needletail is clearly not long-haired, she does have the thick tail of a Somali cat. The FIFe, TICA, and GCCF in the United Kingdom all except silver colored Somali cats, making the Somali and Abyssianian the only two cat breeds I have come across where “silver” is a registered color. To be clear, they cannot be black and white, so Berryheart was not a Somali. However, that is a topic for another day. In conclusion, this leads me to believe Needletail – one of my absolute favorite warrior cats – is an Abyssianian, with Somali ancestry (for the most part).

  • Tigerclaw's Breed by Cindie (Cinderpaw/breeze)
    The (in)famous Tigerclaw. We all know his crimes. Now we will know his breed.
    Note: Everything I say here applies to Bramblestar and Tigerheart, too 🙂
    First, we must look at his description.
    He is a dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes. This narrows it down a lot, but we still don’t know whether he is long or short furred. He could be either.
    I have now researched which cats have those features, and have come to a conclusion. I believe Tigerclaw is likely to have Norwegian Forest Cat ancestry. This breed can fit Tigerclaw’s description, and it is also strong, fitting the fierceness of Tigerclaw. However, most cats are mixed in with many other breeds as well, and Tigerstar’s mother Leopardfoot seems to have Bengal traits. This also contributes to Mothwing’s “golden dappled” appearance.

    Summed up, Tigerstar is mixed breed, like most cats, but the traits most prominent in him are those of a Norwegian Forest Cat.

  • Crookedstar by Springkit 
    Crookedstar is described as a huge, light brown tabby tom with thick fur. So, possible breeds are the Siberian cat, Maine Coone, Ragamuffin, Norwegian Forest Cat, or Turkish Van. however, Turkish Vans are a touch too small and a bit less furry. Ragamuffins also usually have white stomachs and few markings, unlike crookedstar. He can´t be a Maine Coon because only purebreds have green eyes, and it is likely Rainflower is short furred. Finally light brown Norwegian Forest Cats usually have black dappled in with brown. So, Crookedstar is a Siberian Cat. (although it is possible he might be a norwegian forest cat)

  • Mapleshade by Mosskit
    I will now figure out what Mapleshade’s most likely breed is.

    Mapleshade’s detailed description (found on the Warriors Wiki) is a large, tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with white patches throughout her pelt and amber eyes. There is a lot more, but it isn’t relevant to her possible breed so it doesn’t matter.

    Possible tortoiseshell cats are American Shorthairs, British Shorthairs, Persian, Cornish Rex, Ragamuffin, and Maine Coon. It also says she is large, though, and that she has thick fur, which really only means she isn’t a Cornish Rex. I’d also say she isn’t a Persian, because if you compare her official art with a tortoiseshell Persian, they don’t really look similar at all. I also don’t think she’s an American Shorthair, because it looks like most of them don’t have white splotches. That leaves British Shorthair, Ragamuffin, and Maine Coon. Her fur is also thick around her neck, like a mane (from the Warriors Wiki) and British Shorthairs don’t have that, while Maine Coons and Ragamuffins do. For this last part, I looked at Mapleshade’s eyes. They are amber, and the main Ragamuffin eye colors are blue and green, while Maine Coons usually have golden or green. Golden is close enough to amber, so I’d say Mapleshade is a Maine Coon cat.

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