Interview #2: Skykit and Spaghettikit by Sparktooth

Sparktooth is back with another interview, with their sister Skykit and friend Spaghettikit!

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How’s your day going, bloggers? Sparktooth is here to bring you another interview! Seeing as how well my article with Skykit was so well received, we decided to do a sequel! So I’m back with my sister Skykit, and our friend; who we interviewed over a recorded video call. I personally think it turned out hilarious, I hope you guys enjoy it too! 😛

*Turns on video*
Sparktooth: Today we’re interviewing our friend over a video call who’s warriors name is *cough cough* Spaghettikit. (He came up with that name right before I started the vid. This just proves you can’t make warrior names on an empty stomach).
*We all laugh*
Sparktooth: Okay so I’m just gonna start if off. Why did you do this interview?
Spaghettikit: Uhh, cause I didn’t have anything else to do so-
Skykit: And cause Sparktooth made him!
Sparktooth: I did. So, do you know what the Warriors series is?
Spaghettikit: No.
Sparktooth: Can you guess what it’s about?
Spaghettikit: Warriors.
Sparktooth: Okay. What type of creature or animal do you think they are?
Spaghettikit: Um…….I’m really feeling the hippopotamus vibe from them.
Sparktooth: *Breaks down laughing*
Skykit: It’s a type of animal that you have for a pet that your sister’s obsessed with picking up.
Spaghettikit: Ohhhh they’re cats!
Sparktooth: Haha, yeah, they’re cats. Okay, have you ever heard of Erin Hunter?
Spaghettikit: Uh, no.
Sparktooth: Well she writes the series.
Spaghettikit: Ohhhhhhh.
Sparktooth: And I think she’s gonna be reading this article soooo.
Spaghettikit: Wait, what?
Sparktooth: So, would you ever try reading the Warriors books?
Spaghettikit: Uhhh yes, I guess.
(Skykit randomly in the background of the recording): There’s a cat on your bed.
Sparktooth: Why?
Spaghettikit: Um, Idk. According to you they’re pretty good books.
Sparktooth: Yeah! The entire last row of my bookshelf has all Warriors books! So there you go.
Skykit: She’s obsessed.
Sparktooth: If you were to start reading them would you start the comics or the chapter books?
Spaghettikit: Chapter books.
Sparktooth: Alright good. What do you think the main character from the first series is named?
Spaghettikit: Um…
Skykit: Can I answer?
Sparktooth: No.
Spaghettikit: Happyleaf?
Sparktooth: What do you think Happyleaf’s problem in the story is?
Spaghettikit: There’s a rising evil.
Sparktooth: What do you think the evil character’s name is?
Spaghettikit: It could be like Sadtwig or Brokentwig.
Sparktooth: What do you think his evil plan is?
Spaghettikit: To take over the world like always.
Sparktooth: Who do you think you’re favorite character would be if you were to start reading this series?
Spaghettikit: Probably the blue cat.
Skykit: BLUESTAR!!
Sparktooth: What do you think the blue cat’s name would be?
Spaghettikit: Bluestar.
Sparktooth: You just got that from Skykit.
Sparktooth: If you ever got into the books would you consider joining BlogClan?
Spaghettikit: Maybe…
Sparktooth: It’s a Clan. With cool people. Then there’s the nerd, me.
Spaghettikit: In that case, I would consider it.
Sparktooth: Do you consider yourself to be a nerd?
Spaghettikit: In some categories.
Sparktooth: Who would your least favorite character be?
Skykit: OOOOO! YOU! YOU!
Spaghettikit: Probably whoever the Sabertooth tiger is.
Sparktooth: Okay, what’s the Sabertooth tiger’s name be?
Spaghettikit: Probably like *long pause* Sharpleaf or something.
Sparktooth: Sharpleaf. I like it. Before you we go, do you wanna roast any characters?
Skykit: ROAST SPARKTOOTH! *Shoves face in front of the camera* Sparktooth is a terrible person!
Sparktooth: All around me are familiar faces…
Spaghettikit: *Laughing*
Sparktooth: Any last words before I end the video?
Spaghettikit: Watch out for sharks, children.
Sparktooth: Great life advice.
*Video ends*

Well, there you have it. Another…interesting…interview with some of my friends 😛 .
Do you guys think I should I do a third one? If so, who should I interview? Hope you liked this article and I hope to see you next time! 😀

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