What if there was a Warriors anime? by Silverpaw

Silverpaw wonders if Warriors should receive an anime adaptation. What do you think?

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Hello everyone! My name is Silverpaw, and I am here with my very first article. It has to do two things I love very much: anime and Warriors!
Now my question is, what if Warriors were an anime, and how would it be different from the novels?
I am not saying that the novels be replaced with a Japanese animation, I’m saying what would happen if there were an anime separate from the novels. First, I present you the pros and cons.

Anime lovers and Warriors fans would be eagerly waiting for the newest episode.
Some scenes in the books I found slightly hard to picture, and the anime could possibly help me picture it easier.
Rather than waiting months for novels to be released, why not wait at least a week for a new episode? Usually, anime episodes are released within a week (sometimes delayed for some reason).
More people would know about Warriors, especially if it airs on TV.

Not everyone likes anime.
It could easily be mistaken for a cartoon/TV show (though it wouldn’t really matter anyway).
The animation might be bad, and I say MIGHT be bad.
It might be worse than expected (similar to the point above).
It may or may not be hard to find an animator for it.

Next, why would Warriors need an anime?
There are already plenty of books and lots of money coming from it.
An anime would probably make even more money, though, as viewers from everywhere might be watching it, including Japan.
Since the Warriors series is already popular, there would be plenty of fans waiting (hopefully) patiently for the anime. There may be more readers as a result of this anime, as the watchers may be interested in reading the books to learn more about the anime.
New Warriors fans might decide to just read the books instead of watching the anime, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be someone watching it. Also, some people don’t like to read very much, so they wouldn’t even bother reading the series. The anime would probably change things up a bit, as they would become fans. Then, they might be inspired to read the series, therefore starting their love of reading.

So, what did you guys think of my article? Do you think it would be a good idea to make an anime or not? Am I missing any points? Tell me in the comments! You can say whatever you want, but please, remember to follow the rules and be respectful. 🙂

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  • I’m not much of an anime person, but yes, I’d LOVE to see a TV show about Warriors – whatever animation style it is! 😻

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