Discussing Dovewing; Mary Sue or Misunderstood? by Blossomfire15

Blossomfire15 takes a look at Dovewing’s character.

Art by xaquamoonx

Hi guys, this is Blossomfire15 with my second article! Please do not say anything rude in the comments please.
I respect your opinion.😊

So in this article, I’ll be discussing Dovewing: seeing if she is a Mary Sue or just Misunderstood.

So we first see Dovepaw(Wing) as a young apprentice who has just found out she has powers to hear from far distances.(or however you say it)
People may say. “Dovewing complained about her powers & then is depressed when she loses them!”
Well this is how I see it.
Dovewing was just a young apprentice when she found out about her powers from her mentor & a medicine cat!
She still had kit fluff behind her ears! And when she lost them it was like becoming deaf to her because her whole life she had those powers!
I would say misunderstood.

“She expects everyone to worship her!”
That’s not exactly true. Some of her Clanmates may praise her for her saving the Clans but not everyone worships her.
“She’s a Mary Sue!”
If you say that then you pretty much don’t know what Mary Sue means, no offense.
A Mary Sue is someone who could put no paw wrong & has no character development!(Like Jessy in my opinion)

Dovewing is not a Mary Sue! She has flaws like every cat else. She’s insensitive sometimes, sticks her foot in her mouth(in words & choices) & can be fretful sometimes.
Again, misunderstood.

“She’s whining about tom problems while Ivypool is risking her life in the Dark Forest!”
Okay, please, not this. Dovewing did help defeat the Dark Forest! She heard them coming, fought & did some important Three stuff that I can’t clearly remember since I haven’t read OOtS in awhile…
And she’s not only whining about toms , yes, she was thinking of Tigerheart & Bumblestripe But she also fought, hunt & cared & protected her Clan.

“Her eye color always changes!”
Dude, just dude, no. You can’t dislike a character because their eye color always changes! That’s the authors’ peoblem not theirs!
(Btw I imagine Dovewing with blue green eyes, what about you?)

“She’s mean & insensitivite to Ivypool!”
This one is not true! Yes, sometimes she’s insensitive but not only to Ivypool.
She is not mean though. If one of them was being mean, it would be Ivypool, no offense.
I love Ivypool but she was mean to her sister.

Dovewing cared(cares) for her sister very much, why else did she not want Ivypool to spy in the Dark Forest?
Because she cared for her!!!
Because her dear sister could have died!

Honestly, these reasons can be 💩 & people aren’t really looking into the picture. I ask these people with these opinions to please look inside the picture, not just glance at it once.
“A picture is for stares, not glances.”

Mary Sue or Misunderstood? This question I am going to answer right now. Misunderstood. Why? Because like I said in the paragraph above. “People glance not gaze at the picture.”
So before I leave this article I’d just like to say that when you are having doubts about a character, please stare at the picture first before making a final decision.
I’m not saying you can’t dislike a character. I’m saying just be more observant & try to walk in their shoes before judging.

Anyways, thank you for reading my second article here in BlogClan!
Signing off, Blossomfire15

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    I thought I’d never find a fellow Dovewing lover 😛
    I imagine them as pale blue but swirled with a little bit of turquoise -ish green