My favorite ships(the best ships in my opinion) by Blossomfire15

Blossomfire15 lists their favourite ships from the series. Are any of them plucking your heartstrings?

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Hey ya’ll!(Wait why did I say ya’ll?) Today I’ll be talking about my favorite ships & why they are my favorites.
I’m going to be discussing a few because I love a million.
At the end, I’ll name a winner & give awards.This actually kind of makes me sad.

1. Bramble x Squirrel
LOVE. Just LOVE them! I love their back in forth banter in the beginning of TNP & love their strong relationship.
They went through so much together, struggling through a terrible storm, & came out strong. People might say that Bramble x Jessy was just so fresh & new but in my opinion, Bramble x Squirrel was so strong & powerful!

2. Jay x Half
💙💚! Their relationship reminds me of “Somewhere in Time!”(AKA most depressing movie)
It was so cute to see Jayfeather having a soft side & their cute love story. It broke my heart when Jayfeather had to tell Half Moon to become Stoneteller no matter how much it hurt him.😢And how she said “I’ll always be waiting my Jay’s Wing.”
(Or something like that) I about balled my eyes out!😭😭💓💓💞

3. Crooked x Willow
This almost reminds me of Beauty and the Beast! Not that Crookedstar is a beast, he’s beautiful!😍But some of RiverClan treated him like one! (glaring at Rainflower)

Willowbreeze still loved him & treated him equally. Just LOVED their relationship & it broke my heart when Willowbreeze & the kits died!😭😭💔

4. Fire x Sand
💛🧡Like sand soothes fire, Sandstorm soothes & supports Firestar! They are the cutest couple!😍😍She’s all feisty & stuff & he’s all calm & charming! Their love story is fantstic & I love them together!

5. Dove x Tiger
“And our love will be forever!” -Neutron Star Collison, Muse.
This song reminds me of them! Their love is forever & they are so Romeo & Juliet! Their love story makes my heart glow & I love them together so much!!💖💞😭😭😍😍

6. Holly x Fallen

Okay, the awards….

Fire x Sand get a award for loyalty!💛🧡
These two were so loyal to each other it was crazy!

Jay x Half get a award for self sacrificial relationship!
They gave up a lot but will end up in happiness..😊

Holly x Fallen get a award for understanding!
They understood each other & their reasons & were loyal & trusted each other💚🖤🧡

Crooked x Willow get a award for pure love! Willowbreeze loves him even though he has a broken jaw! 💙🧡💚

Bramble x Squirrel gets a award for strength!
They went through ups & downs & fell into ditches but held hands & came out strong!💪🏻🧡🖤💚❤️

And Dove x Tiger get a award for passion!
They ran away together & their love will be forever!💟🖤❤️🧡💞💖

Anyways, that’s all. Thanks for reading my article & please feel free to express your feelings in the comments below!
Signing off Blossomfire15!

Now it’s just down to Bramble x Squirrel & Dove x Tiger! (This is breaking my heart in two!💔This is the most hardest decision I have ever made!)

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