Cadvent Day 11

I’ve have a wonderful weekend in Lincoln, enjoying the Christmas Market and, more important, Josh’s 21st Birthday. So today’s first Cadvent picture is cat-less, but it’s fairly festive. 

Steep Hill, Lincoln. Taken by a very festive Kate.

Now on with Cadvent Proper! Thanks, Brightpaw, for finding this exhausted kittypet. Clearly, seasonal prep has been all too much.

Here is Owlfeather’s cat, Oliver. Owlfeather says: “His Warrior name is Olivefur or Otterfur. Which do you think is better? He’s looking quite dapper with his santa hat surrounded by holiday cheer. He loves Christmas, he always steals the wrapping paper and rips it up :P” (I like Otterfur best, but only because I adore otters.)

And finally Leafsong found this lovely ginger puss. Cats’ paws are just so gorgeous!


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