Interviewing my Sister Darkheart about Warriors by Blossomfire15

Blossomfire15 interviews their sister, Darkheart, who doesn’t read Warriors!

Me: Hey Darkheart, could you take a couple of minutes and sit down & have a chat about Warriors?

DH: Sure.

Me: Okay, first question, what is your favorite character?

DH: Duh Idk, I haven’t exactly read all the books but probably Firestar & Crookedstar. They seem cool according to you. Jayfeather seems cool too.

Me: *smiles*(Btw I rant about Warriors to my sister!)
Okay, second question, do you like cheese? Just kidding! If you would be in Warriors, would you be a warrior or a medicine cat?

DH: *sighs* loner. I don’t like being controlled by the warrior code & you have to do this & you have to do that! It’s so-

Me: *clears my throat uncomfortably* Okay! This isn’t about tearing down my world, haha! Third question, what’s your least favorite character?

DH: Tigerstar, Darktail, JESSY, Breezepelt. AND Rainflower

Me: *smiles* I love you sister. Anyways, fourth question, what would your warrior name be?

DH: Darkheart

Me: Cool! Fifth question, what is your favorite ship?

DH: *thinks* Well Dove x Tiger seems pretty cool…


DH: And Fire x Sand….

Me: Okie doke! Sixth question, what’s your least favorite couple?

DH: Well Maple x Apple seems Nah, and Bramble c Jessy.

Me: How do you have a opinion on this as a non reader? Btw this does not count as a question!

DH: Cause you tell me about it 24/7.

Me: Hmm…oh look! A bird! SEVENTH QUESTION, would you ever give Warriors a second chance?

DH: *shrugs* Probably idk! I just had a hard time memorizing all these Clans & stuff!

Me: It comes in time, eighth question, last question! What is your true opinion about Warriors?

DH: It seems cool. I mean it’s about cats which I love, but I have a hard time with the warrior code & all the Clans & drama-

Me: Hehe, there’s no drama.😳

DH: *rolls her eyes* Anywho, it’s pretty cool hearing it from you & all & probably I’d give it a second chance but I don’t think there’s a point in reading it since you told me everything.

Me: It’s still nice to read it!

DH: Well anyways, that’s my opinion!

Me: Well thx sis for taking your time to answer a few questions about my fav book saga Warriors! You can go now & write Riverwood.

DH: Okay, want to hang out with me?

Me: Or course! I just need to finish it up here with these guys!

DH: Okay.*walks away*

Me: Okay, we’ll that’s all & thank you for reading this article & please feel free to express your feelings in the comments below! Thank you again!🙏🏻☺️

Signing off, Blossomfire15

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