Predictions for broken code by Lunaheart

Lunaheart makes predictions for the seventh arc, The Broken Code. Spoilers for AVOS!


First because in the end of the last book in a vision of shadows Sleekwhisker, Nettle, Susan and Jacques steal the kits. Tawnypelt, Rowanstar/claw and someone else (I forgot. I think it was twigbranch or violetshine?) there is a fight and Nettle and Rowanstar/claw die. The important thing is that Sleekwhisker is alive and still out there. In lost stars I predict perhaps maybe some parts of it will be from Dovewings perspective in shadowclan. And then the Shadowclan elders will be gossiping about it. And it’s called BROKEN CODE. What are ways a cat can break the code? Like I said before, Dovewing joined shadowclan with pouncekit, lightkit, And Shadowkit. A lot of cats will think that is breaking the code. And a rumor is saying that leafpool will die. I believe this on one condition: she should die in Lost Stars, not Squirrelflights Hope. Why? I don’t want another giant gap between arcs. This happened before when I did not get access to Bramblestars Storm. Because I did not read it I have no idea what in the name of heck the Great Storm is, and how Dustpelt dies. Another rumor says that Stormfur is going to turn up again. I doubt this because Stormfur doesn’t have that much of a reason why he should come back. And the summary is that a darkness rises and kills a beloved leader. I think the leader will be Mistystar but I could be wrong. I think it’s her because she is the oldest leader currently. *checks the books* she’s the OLDEST cat in the clans currently! It could be Bramblestar because he is old too and in the Squirrlflights hope discussion page Sandypaw has a video on why Squirrelflight will be leader. But she can’t be leader while Bramblestar is leader… it could be leafstar but I don’t think we know her well enough to call her beloved. It is definitely not the new Tigerstar because he is too new to be called beloved. He does not even have a deputy! More importantly, what is the darkness? Is it the kin? Badgers? Can faded warriors come back again? Is shadowclan too weak? I don’t even know.

If you have any predictions post them in the discussion pages. I’ll read them and maybe even make a part 2!

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