Cadvent Day 14

Well done, BlogClan, on finding such awesome pictures this year.

And so many originals and pet pics! I’m loving my inbox in a way I haven’t loved it for a while. ❤️

Let’s start with Iceflower’s puppy, Scarlett. She pulls the best faces 💕


Misty Moors found this illustration by Lori Faye Bock. It’s a rather sad looking cat but it has a peace dove and snow, so it must be happy on the inside.

by Lori Faye Bock

Moonpaw found this gif, which never grows old. It’s adorable. 💕

Found by Moonpaw

Thanks, Sandstone. This is a smart fellow, ready for the Holidays. Normally I don’t encourage dressing up cats, but this chap looks so unconcerned. And really VERY seasonal. 🎄

Found by Sandstone