Cadvent Day 15

It’s frosty here and I hear some of you have snow. I hope the weather is adding to your seasonal excitement. ❄️🌨❤️

Silverpaw found this excellent picture. I suspect the milk might not last long enough for Santa. 🐱

Here’s Crystalshine’s beautiful cat Snowball. Crystalshine says: “This is my cat Snowball, a looking sweet but veryyyy naughty tom with one blue eye and one green eye! He bites me sometimes but he loves my dad! I took this picture a mouth ago and my dad is carrying him. Say “Merry Christmas” to BlogClan, Snowball!”

Thank you, Misty Moors, for finding this Tom and Jerry pic. I used to love these cartoons when I was a kid. It’s lovely to be reminded of them now ☃️

Iceflower found this fabulously snowy and cost cat picture. This kitty is watching the flakes, happy to be in the warm. 🎄🐱 Thanks, Iceflower!