• Heyyy! I’m trying to bring LilacClan back from the *dramatic music* depths of inactivity!
    I’m Meadowpoppy (or Meadowstar 😉) the leader here, but you can call me Medoa or just plain Meadow! 😀
    Here’s a little bit about LilacClan!
    I started LilacClan back when I first joined the Blog, and it was active until about March of this year.
    Our wondeful deputy is Frogstorm, and our medicine cat is Freepaw!
    The point of LilacClan is to have fun! There’s a games page, a role-play, and the Clan can chat around the fresh-kill pile!
    Here’s the form if you would like to join! 😀
    Official BlogClan name:
    Gender and Pronouns:
    Base Fur:
    Other physical features:
    There’s also an optional form that will help us to get to know you more, but please don’t feel obligated to fill out this form if you don’t want too! 🙂
    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:
    Mentor/Apprentice/Family on the Blog:
    A Little Extra:
    For example, here’s my form!
    Official BlogClan Name: Meadowpoppy
    Gender and Pronouns: Female, she/her
    Base fur: Chestnut brown
    Eyes: Green
    Other physical features: Dappled with golden flecks
    Nickname(s): Medoa or Meadow
    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Double chocolate brownie
    Mentor/Apprentice/Family on the Blog: Apprentice: Freepaw <3 Sister: Snowpaw <3
    Personality: Introverted, somewhat shy but can be chatty, creative
    A Little Extra: I LOVE writing and reading fanfic, baking, and tennis!
    Continued in next comment! 😁 ⬇

  • Because of the long inactivity of LilacClan, I understand if some of the BlogClanners that filled our leadership roles do not want to continue. If you do want to carry on your role, please comment so within a couple of days! 🙂
    For now, due to some of our old Clanmates going inactive, there are a few roles up for grabs! 😀
    Allegiances Editor-
    This person is responsible for updating and making changes to the allegiances.
    Roleplay Monitor-
    This person updates the roleplay allegiances and makes sure our roleplay is running smoothly.
    If you would like to be in the running for one of these, just tag it onto the end of your form! ❤
    Here are the links to all the pages on LilacClan!
    The Fresh-Kill Pile-
    🌸If you want to chat with fellow LilacClanners, come check out this page!
    LilacClan Allegiances-
    🌸This page will be updated when we have an allegiances editor!
    LilacClan Games Page
    🌸Want to play some fun games? Check out this page!
    LilacClan Holiday Page
    🌸Come and celebrate all the holidays with LilacClan!
    LilacClan Roleplay
    🌸Want to play a fun roleplay? This link will lead you to *mysterious music* undiscovered adventures. From this page, you can click on links that will lead you to the other parts of the rolepaw, like the pages for each Clan and the character creation page.
    That’s about it! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Have fun and enjoy! 😀

  • The Form:
    Gender/pronouns: She-cat (She/her)
    Base fur: Ginger with a white chest and white paws
    Eyes: Dark Green
    Other features: N/A
    Official BlogClan name: Spiceheart (Spicepaw on the Allegiances)

    Nicknames: Spice, Spicii
    Favorite Ice Cream flavor: Black Cherry
    Mentor/Apprentice/Family on the Blog: N/A
    Personality: Sarcastic, can be really sweet
    A Little Extra: I love writing and drawing

  • I’m just gonna copy and paste from the last page…
    Official Blogclan Name: Sandbreeze
    Gender&Pronouns: Female, she & her
    Base fur: White
    Eyes: Dark blue
    Other Physical Features: Orange and black splotches are scattered on her fur.
    Nickname(s): Sandi, Breezi. I prefer Sandi.
    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Double chocolate brownie, same as Meadowstar!!
    Mentor/Apprentice/Family on the Blog: My mentor is Shadeleap, and my blog besties are Silverdusk and Ripplepaw. I’m also pretty sure that Amberpaw is my sister.
    Personality: Stubborn and determined, can be too playful. I also love polite debating:)
    A Little Extra: Favorites are violin, skiing, hamsters, dogs, and boba tea!

  • Official BlogClan name: Hazelpaw
    Gender and Pronouns: Female, she/her
    Base Fur: Dark hazel
    Eyes: Light grey
    Other physical features: Cream belly, chest, front paw and tail-tip, short fluffy fur
    Nickname(s): Hazel, Hazie
    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Mint chocolate
    Mentor/Apprentice/Family on the Blog: Mentor: Owlheart
    Personality: Extroverted introvert, playful, friendly.
    A Little Extra: I loove to draw!! I can literally sit for hours and work on one drawing! I draw traditional art and I prefer pencils and acrylic paint!

  • Official BlogClan name: Shadedpaw/heart
    Gender and Pronouns: Non Binary, They/Them is preferred, but any except She/Her is OK
    Base Fur: Black
    Eyes: Amber
    Other physical features: I have 2 dark brown stripes on my face, crossing with my eyes
    There’s also an optional form that will help us to get to know you more, but please don’t feel obligated to fill out this form if you don’t want too! 🙂
    Nickname(s): I don’t have any, but Shade or Shaded is OK. You can call me anything you want, but I prefer Shadedpaw.
    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Yoghurt
    Mentor/Apprentice/Family on the Blog: Mentor is Dawnshimmer
    Personality: Seriously Introverted, Sarcastic, Usually slightly awkward and quiet but can be fiery and fun when you get to know me.
    A Little Extra: Hi! I like reading, writing, and drawing.

  • Official BlogClan name: Moonsight
    Gender and Pronouns: Female and she/her
    Base Fur: Gray
    Eyes: Ice Blue but comforting
    Other physical features: Underbelly, neck, legs, and muzzle are lighter gray
    Nickname(s): Moon
    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Idk
    Mentor/Apprentice/Family on the Blog: None but just ask if you want to be!
    Personality: A little quiet, friendly, caring, loyal, fiercely protective, slightly sensitive but I am very fun when you get to know me
    A Little Extra: I really want to be med cat apprentice or med cat if old one steps down. If I can not be a med cat/apprentice, I will be open to a mate (any gender) and/or kits

  • Official BlogClan name: Sandkit
    Gender and Pronouns: she-her
    Base Fur: Pale ginger
    Eyes: Green
    Other physical features: Distinct tabby pattern

    • Official BlogClan name: Shiverpaw/wind(still Silentpaw on the allegiances now)
      Gender and Pronouns: she cat, she/her
      Base Fur: dark smoky gray
      Eyes: eerie ice blue
      Other physical features: silver and white-tipped fur that looks frosty, faint black dapples
      There’s also an optional form that will help us to get to know you more, but please don’t feel obligated to fill out this form if you don’t want too!
      Nickname(s): Shiv, Snowy
      Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: marshmallow and oreo
      Mentor/Apprentice/Family on the Blog: mentor is Tulippetal or Tuli for short, part of Silverdusk’s blog fam(her daughter)
      Personality: defensive, icy, fiery, calm, sharp, thoughtful, honest, ignorant to the stuff that annoying boys in my class say, open and warmish on the blog
      A Little Extra: can I be med cat apprentice? And if I can’t…normal apprentice, I guess.

  • Wishinghope🔮||she/her||Wishing upon a star 💫 hoping for love 💘|| In honour of the amazing Yellowfang and her kits wishkit and hopekit|| Cats are amazing, I am amazing, therefore I am a cat. (Simple logic) says:


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