Characters I Would Like To See More Of by Creekdapple

Art by Spirit-Of-Alaska

Creekdapple lists some cats they’d love to see more of.

With such a large cast of characters in Warriors, it’s nearly impossible to give each one a chance in the spotlight. I’m sure we all have our minor characters that we wish the Erins had given more time to their development. Here are some of mine.

Myler was the barn cat from Mapleshade’s Vengeance. I think it was very sweet of him to let Mapleshade stay in his barn when she was injured, bringing her prey and trying to heal her. To me, he’s a likeable and memorable character, and I would like to see more of him.

In Battles of the Clans, Rushpaw is a young RiverClan apprentice who can’t quite keep up with the other apprentices. I found her character unique and adorable, and I like how, at the end, she ends up accidentally inventing a whole new battle move. I would like to see more of Rushpaw and her adventures and misadventures.

Ashfoot has been in WindClan from the very first book to the end of Omen of the Stars, and she was deputy of WindClan and mother to one of the most influential cats in the series that isn’t related to Firestar or Tigerstar I. And yet, she’s always sort of in the background, like a WindClan version of Brackenfur. I think it would be nice if we could get a better view of her life and personality.

Redtail is a celebrated cat of ThunderClan, said to be wise and always concerned with the good of the Clan, but the only real glimpses we get of him are towards the end of Bluestar’s Prophecy and in the prologue of Into The Wild. His character could definitely use some more development, and I’m glad we’re getting a novella about him.

Morningstar was a ThunderClan leader who appeared in Battles of the Clans, where he suggested that the Clans share what prey they have during leaf-bare, and live in peace. But the other leaders refused, and eventually ThunderClan had to go to battle to protect itself. Morningstar is actually one of my favorite characters, and I would like his character to be explored more.

Dotty is a member of the guardian cats. She’s outspoken and caring, and highly in favor of keeping the guardian cats’ old ways. She does appear throughout Tigerheart’s Shadow, but she’s not really a central character. I would like to see more of the guardian cats in general, but Dotty seems like a good background character who could use some more development.

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