Cadvent Day 22

It’s Christmas Eve Eve Eve! I’m very excited. I hope the season is bringing you much warmth and happiness. It would be lovely if you’d share your holiday traditions in the comments. My favourite tradition is making sausage rolls on Christmas Eve while listening to the Carols from Kings on the radio. I spend most of Christmas cooking in the kitchen. I love to cook so couldn’t be happier. ❤️😁

Let’s start today’s pictures!

Chocolatepaw has sent in this lovely, snowy picture of her pup, Bentley. I love his snuggly tartan coat. He looks very happy to be out in the snow! ❄️

I adore this picture. So much fluff and snow ❤️ Thanks, Twilightmoon, for finding it.

Here’s another snowy puss, found by Iceflower. Thank you! Which warrior do you think it could be?

Our last picture for today is a very sparkly handsome kittypet, found by Winterwhisper. Gorgeous! Thank you. ☃️