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Fixing Warriors: Revising the state it’s in and ways to fix it by Littlepaw

Official art from the official Warrior Cats site (Illustrator: Wayne McLoughlin)

Littlepaw shares and reflects on the series.

I read a lot, dare I say. The Warriors series is by far the longest books I have seen. So as time comes in, judgement can be a bit misguided. And now the Warriors is starting their 7th book series, a lot of characters are now either dead, have minor roles like Foxnose and Lioneye, and/ or seem to fade after the books are done (Like Squirrelflight). As warriors gets older, the value of a book seems to expect whatever we want for the fans. So…. I have a word to say and maybe some ideas to fix the mistakes that are here. I love Warriors. All Erin Hunter’s are my idol for writing. I have my own book, and editing is a pain…Oh wait…. Sorry everybody who wants to read it…. THIS IS HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM!!!! Uh, my prototype was stolen by my former Stepmother so that she could hurt my father, who always liked my books. That is also why Shrewclaw is not with me. He works forever now. Working to fight for his life. Anyway…. back to the problem. I’m going to put a list of what I think compared to the fans that are you. Sorry if I sound rude to you all, but I think forever as well.

#1 Boring characters

Fans: For the fans, I see a lot of stuff about characters like Onestar and Breezepelt being hated on. I always here something like my friends saying Willowshine is dumb because she is just there. How I see it is like with other series, not knowing much about the characters, I even had someone say Ivypool killed Mappleshade! So, as it is, how can we fix it?
Me: I love Littlecloud, Breezepelt, Onestar, and Brokenstar. All seem to be uncommon and either hated or forgotten by others. I hear people say Littlecloud is bad because he barely has development. Ok, I don’t like Yellowfang. She doesn’t have a nice sense of pride as I see she could have. My point is I like characters that are here being a major role for their clan. Yellowfang is a major plot change for the story. And she steals spots for other characters to fill in StarClan! Don’t hate anything you want because they might not be used much. Populations have changed in the books, with clans starting to fill too much, a way to solve this is to make less characters, like in the first arc. Nobody remembers Crowfur or Greenflower from that, so you can focus on much more development.
#2 Plot
What I see from this is the way people complain about the plot being the same, well, almost. I hear a lot of you say that the arc we’re at is boring because it don’t match what you want.

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  • I feel that character development is hardly there. The first arc used character development pretty well, for example depicting Bluestar as this experienced, great leader who keeps her clan’s best interests at heart, and yet she’s a cat and she has problems too. She doesn’t always know how to handle things and we see this very clearly. Or Tigerstar. He’s shown as a great cat in the clan and really could have been! He’s cunning, sly, and manipulative, and we see this when he convinces Longtail, Darkstripe, and Dustpelt that Ravenpaw is a traitor. He’s easily a very strong and smart cat, and he has his weaknesses too, like over ambition. Too much self-confidence and underestimating his enemies has been his downfall every time. Attacking Bluestar, attacking Fireheart by the road, the dog pack plot, his death to Scourge, and even his death in OotS.
    However, as the series go on, this character development starts to drop. The cats from the Great Journey are fairly plain. Brambleclaw is a natural leader but he doesn’t make all the decisions by himself. Squirrelpaw doesn’t think before diving into things, she’s headstrong and stubborn. Feathertail is a delicate flower, Stormfur is a stoic bodyguard, Tawnypelt is sassy and stubborn, and Crowpaw is annoying. Not much character development happens in this arc, and especially not when they reunite with the clans.
    And it only gets worse as the arcs go on. By time we get to aVoS, even if you’ve read all the super editions, novellas, and everything else that takes place between OotS and aVoS, you’re still left wondering who some of these characters even are. Who are Fernsong, Ambermoon, and Snowbush? Not to mention Sorrelstripe, Hollytuft, Spotpaw, Flypaw, and Snappaw, who are all Cinderheart and Lionblaze’s kits. It’s not just about poor character development anymore, it’s about poor character introduction.

    • Mudpaw, I agree with you. It seems that the Erins had started running out of ideas nowadays. So let’s see what they got in mind for TBC ^_^ I think a handful of the elders, like Graystripe, Oakfur and Ratscar might die and senior warriors, like Squirrelflight, Cloudtail or maybe even Thornclaw would retire from warrior duties in TBC. I think that Cakestar might not be able to cope with so much characters^_^

    • Yes!!! I feel like all of the characters are getting WAY too similar. No variation. No development. Also the plots are getting predictable. I love Warriors and have read all- ALL- oh the books, but it seems the author(s) are getting sloppy. We need more personality and character! more unexpectedness!

  • Agreed! I love the Warrior Cats series, but it seems to have gone downhill in terms of character development in favor of just having more characters.
    On a side note, good luck with your book, and I hope you and Shrewclaw catch a break. My older brother used to work all the time to support his daughter (my niece) as a single dad, and it was a tough time for everyone involved. 🙁

  • And may I bring up Thornclaw who is pretty much as old as dirt. 😹. And I do agree with you about the characters. Looking through the allegiances in The Raging Storm, I’m like “Who’s Leafshade, and where did she come from?”
    This problems even worse in Windclan and Riverclan. I guess there is a good reason for Riverclans mysterious characters since they closed their borders for so long, but I feel like A Vision of Shadows is a bit too focused on Skyclan, Thunderclan, and Shadowclan. In the new series, Lost Stars, I hope we get a Riverclan main character!

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