Cadvent – Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas, BlogClan. This is my penultimate post of the year. Thanks for being here, and joining in, and for being funny and kind and creative and enthusiastic. It wouldn’t have been the same without you.

May you have a peaceful and happy Christmas and, whatever holiday you’re celebrating, may it be filled with love and joy. ❤️🥰

Thanks, Misty Moors, for this picture and for all the fabulous pics you’ve suggested this year for Cadvent! 💕

Asterstorm, this is so wonderful, I saved it for Christmas Eve. Thanks for finding it! ☃️

This, too, is one of my favourites. Thanks, Iceflower, for this and for all your hard work keeping BlogClan running smoothly this year. ❤️

And thanks Silverstorm for finding this picture of a very happy holiday cat. It reminded me so much of Miu MIu (RIP) that I saved it until last. I still miss the old fellow. 🐱

And finally, thank you, especially to Blogteam – Sundance, Iceflower, Jayfrost, Emberdawn and Flowerstream – who have been mainly responsible for helping to make BlogClan such a lovely place to be. Here is Iceflower’s puppy, Scarlett, looking fabulous underneath the Christmas tree. ❤️


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