Crowfeather’s mates by Wolfpaw

Artwork by Lithestep

Wolfpaw shares their thoughts on Crowfeather and his romance throughout the series. Spoilers for Crowfeather’s Trial!

Hi Wolfpaw here. This is my first article, and I will be talking about Crowfeather and who Crowfeather will probably choose in Starclan. The three possible she-cats that Crowfeather had some kind of relationship with are Feathertail, Leafpool and Nightcloud.
In the beginning of the second series, Crowpaw is the grumpy Windclan apprentice who was chosen for the quest. The only cat Crowpaw really gets along with is Feathertail, who is a Riverclan warrior. They are a cute couple but Feathertail is older than Crowpaw, and probably would’ve realised that forbidden romances don’t work out after what happened to her own parents. But we never get to find out what happens because Feathertail gives her life to save Crowpaw and the tribe. Crowpaw is heartbroken, and the cat that helps him is Leafpool.
Crowfeather saves Leafpool during the battle with Shadowclan, when Leafpool almost falls down a cliff. Crowfeather tells Leafpool about his feelings, and the two cats start meeting on the border. After a while Crowfeather asks Leafpool to go with him, away from the clans. Leafpool in the beginning doesn’t want to leave, but later agrees to go with Crowfeather but they have to return when Midnight tells them about the badgers that attacked Thunderclan. Leafpool then has the kits of Crowfeather: Lionblaze, Hollyleaf and Jayfeather.
Crowfeather is mistrusted by his clan after his departure with Leafpool, and takes Nightcloud as his mate. It was written in the Ultimate Guide that Nightcloud agreed to being Crowfeather’s mate because she was scared she wouldn’t have a chance to have kits, and thought that she could make Crowfeather love her. They have a kit, Breezepelt but Crowfeather doesn’t really care about his mate or kit. In Crowfeather’s Trail Crowfeather actually realises what he did wrong, and asks Nightcloud if they should become mates again, but Nightcloud herself points out that Crowfeather doesn’t love Nightcloud, and they should just be clanmates.
Personally I think Crowfeather will choose Leafpool. His relationship with Feathertail was really at the beginning, and after Feathertail’s death Leafpool helps Crowfeather come out of his depression. Nightcloud seemed more of a chance for Crowfeather to prove his loyalties to his clanmates after Leafpool.

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