My top five favorite cats by Dreamcloud

Artwork by Lithestep

Dreamcloud lists here favourite warrior cats. Spoilers for AVOS!

Hello, it’s Dreamcloud with her first article. Let’s start now!

Here is the top five for my favorite:
Bluestar is a good leader, well, before she gone crazy. She put her clan in the first, sending away her kits to stop Thistleclaw from being the deputy, it’s really hard to separate from her kits as their mother and give them to a place that her kits won’t even know she is their mother. She always put her clan first, that’s why I like her.

She is a loyal warrior, she cares about her friends and she is brave and clever. I like her more specifically, I like her courage when she put poppy seeds into the prey she give to
Darktail , I like her when she is happy having Tree as a medicator. Sometimes I don’t really like her, but most of the time she is the cat l like.

I like him from the beginning of Hawkwing ‘s Journey, he blamed himself for the death of Duskpaw and he knows Pebbleshine‘s feeling when Billystorm die. He cares about his kin, he is also a great mentor for Curlypaw, he give Curlypaw chance to make her own decisions
when Curlypaw choose to be a kittypet. He’s suffered from the betrayal of Darktail, the death of Sharpclaw and knowing that his mate is dead. He is a great deputy, but his not my favorite character.

I LOVE her, she loves her clan and her family, even when she left her family to join Thunderclan. It takes courage to go back to to Thunderclan, even with that terrible Sparkpelt as her mentor, she loves Thunderclan. I like her because she has many feelings, and mostly because of her courage and the pity for her when Larksong and Sandynose think that she shouldn’t be with Finleap. Her life was just so interesting and she is just a super amazing cat, I just love her SO much.

Now, my top 1 favorite cat is……
I know he is already a leader, but Tigerstar will be confusing, so I wrote Tigerheart. I started love him when the moment he thought: Dovewing deserves a better mate, I’m being moved, he love Dovewing so much, but Ivypool thinks that Tigerheart is a terrible mate for Dovewing. He cares about his clan, his mate and his kits, he knew that being a mate with Dovewing is not a good idea, but he did it. He hopes that he can make everything right, but actually, he can’t, but he always tries the hardest to help others. Not like Rowanclaw, he can make his own decisions, but he can also accept other cat’s idea. The fourth reason I absolutely love him is because emotional specificity cat, when Dovewing falls in love with Bumblestripe, Tigerheart still love Dovewing, so finally, because of Tigerheart’s emotional specificity, they became mates. Above is why Tigerheart’s my favorite cat, hope you guys agree.

Those are all my favorite cats, below is some other cats I like:
Sun shadow
Lightning tail
Violet dawn
That’s it for today, I am out.


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December 26, 2018 4:09 am

Do you like Mapleshade?

Aster is Meowing for Chinese New Year!!! (Asterstorm/ Meowing Aster/ Astie)
Aster is Meowing for Chinese New Year!!! (Asterstorm/ Meowing Aster/ Astie)
December 26, 2018 11:46 am
Reply to  Maplefrost

Ok I know this question isn’t for me but I absolutely love Mapleshade ❤!!! She’s very cool 😸!

Your Daydream(Dreamwhipser/Dreampaw/Dream)
Your Daydream(Dreamwhipser/Dreampaw/Dream)
December 26, 2018 1:50 pm
Reply to  Maplefrost

She’s okay, because I think she’s a bit hungry for revenge., but she’s also a mother who loves kits very much(a little bit too much).

~Dewy~Dewfeather~Dew on Eagles Feather~
~Dewy~Dewfeather~Dew on Eagles Feather~
February 15, 2020 2:49 pm
Reply to  Maplefrost

I think she is kit obsessed and that comes from losing her mate and she wanted revenge because her kits were the only things that were keeping her alive otherwise she would give up

Marrowfrost who doesn't want to log in
Marrowfrost who doesn't want to log in
December 26, 2018 5:15 am

I agree with Violetshine and Twigbranch, they’re both on my favorites list, with Violetshine being second and Twigbranch being third. I honestly dislike Hawkwing, because I feel like he wasn’t a very good person (cat) to those around him until he realized how stupid he was being (if he ever realized it, that is). He never acted caring towards anyone and just snapped at everyone after Duskpaw’s death until someone called him out for it, to which he didn’t listen and then realized it latter. I also love Tigerheart, but he’s not my favorite. I would like to say that Dovewing never fell in love with Bumblestripe, however, as she clearly still loved Tigerheart during the time they were together. Bluestar I’m neutral on.

On another note, I was happy to see Violet Dawn on the list of other cats that you like. She’s one of my favorites.

December 26, 2018 5:27 am

Nice! I’m not sure I personally agree with Tigerheart. 🙂

December 26, 2018 5:53 am

I totally agreed with everything you said! Great article Dreamcloud(btw love your name) & I can’t wait for your next article!👍🏻😁

Your Daydream(Dreamwhipser/Dreampaw/Dream)
Your Daydream(Dreamwhipser/Dreampaw/Dream)
December 26, 2018 1:48 pm
Reply to  Blossomfire15


Aster is Meowing for Chinese New Year!!! (Asterstorm/ Meowing Aster/ Astie)
Aster is Meowing for Chinese New Year!!! (Asterstorm/ Meowing Aster/ Astie)
December 26, 2018 11:41 am

I agree with you on Bluestar (but I still love her after she went “mad” 😉), Violetshine and Twigbranch 😸! I’d like to listen why you like Sun Shadow too 😜! For others, I’m quite neutral 😺. Cool article!

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