Could Snowkit Have Turned Into Snowtuft? by Forestpaw

Art by AnnaGiladi

Forestpaw shares a theory about Snowkit and Snowtuft. Spoilers for The Prophecies Begin and Omen of the Stars!

(SPOILERS FOR TPB AND OOTS) Hi, fellow BlogClanners! So very recently, I had seen a video on YouTube about a theory that Snowkit, a deaf kit of Speckletail’s who had got scooped by a hawk, could have turned into Snowtuft, a Dark Forest cat. I didn’t actually watch it, but I had seen it on that sidebar thingy. Please note that I have not read The Code of the Clans yet, or any of those special books, so I might explain this a bit differently. So today, I will be telling a couple reasons why Snowtuft could’ve been Snowkit, and explaining them:

1. They have the same fursona and prefix.
Yes, Snowkit and Snowtuft have the same fursona; a white tom with blue eyes. Obviously, they have the same prefix. Could it be a coincidence? Probably not, because if we go back to the time of Mapleshade and all of those guys, there was never a white tom with blue eyes that had the prefix of “Snow”. We can even go back further to DotC, and nothing there!

2. We had never seen Snowkit in StarClan.
If you have been paying really close attention to who died and who didn’t, you probably noticed that we got to see all of the cats that have died in StarClan (Or the Dark Forest, if you want to count Darkstripe and Tigerstar). We had even seen Mosskit in Bluestar’s Prophecy when Bluestar was granted her lives! But, we had never, EVER saw Snowkit. He could’ve possibly been sent to StarClan for a short period of time, and somehow got sent to the Dark Forest from some weird message, or he was just really struggling about the fact he was deaf, and maybe some Dark Forest cats got rid of it so he could come with them. Or maybe he just went there for no apparent reason.

3. Many of the cats treat him very badly.
A lot of cats in the Dark Forest were a bit untreated with all the deadly fighting and whatnot, but Hawkfrost and Mapleshade seems to really hate Snowtuft. You might think, “Why is this such a big deal?” Well, Hawkfrost really hates ThunderClan (unless you’re thinking about Ivypool, which Hawkfrost really did fall for her tricks), and especially Stormfur, who he tries to completely eliminate from the Clans by pressuring Mothwing to lie about the sign she “saw” from StarClan. Also, Mapleshade just really started to hate ThunderClan for keeping her out. If you remember right, Yellowfang shows Jayfeather the Dark Forest. They both had walked past Hawkfrost and Snowtuft, who were really getting aggressive with each other. Hawkfrost keeps pressuring and pushing Snowtuft to go on. Hawkfrost then claws violently at him. Mapleshade had also told him, “Snowtuft! I might have known! You mangy pile of dung, get back into the fight and show some mettle.”, In the Forgotten Warrior (pg. 125). Also, Snowkit’s half-brother is Lionheart, which means that Tigerstar could’ve tried to test him since Tigerstar hated Lionheart for being chosen as deputy for a short period of time. This could possibly mean that Snowtuft could’ve been Snowkit from the beginning.

4. We don’t know!
Overall, we never got to hear Snowkit say anything, other than “S’all right.”, when he reacted to Cinderpelt and Fireheart’s treatment in A Dangerous Path on pg. 84. The only thing we saw him do was act strangely, and not hear others (and get scooped up by that hawk. RIP). So, we night not even find out, after all!

Okay guys, that is the end of this article! If you liked it or enjoyed it, please let me know down below! And, as always, may StarClan light your path!


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December 28, 2018 3:13 am

I don’t really think that this theory is true but I still enjoyed reading your article & thought it was great! Great job!👍🏻

Aster is Meowing for Chinese New Year!!! (Asterstorm/ Meowing Aster/ Astie)
Aster is Meowing for Chinese New Year!!! (Asterstorm/ Meowing Aster/ Astie)
December 28, 2018 8:04 am

Nice theory 😸! Though I remember it’s stated somewhere that Snowkit wasn’t Snowtuft, after reading your writing, I think there’d be still a small chance that this’s true 😉. I can see that you paid a lot of attention to small parts in the book. Good job 😺.

!!Running for senior warrior!!

December 28, 2018 3:49 pm

Very good article!! Although there are some flaws in the theory.

The age difference 😛 Isn’t Snowtuft a warrior? Last time I checked cats didn’t grow anymore once they died 😛

Also, Snowtuft has had conversations, which suggest he isn’t deaf. Although he could’ve gained his hearing as he came into StarClan, but what reason would he have to be in the Dark Forest then?

It’s a good theory, but it’s highly unlikely it’s true 😛

January 27, 2020 12:16 am

He could have been dropped somewhere, and the dark forest cats could’ve trained him. But the eye colors don’t match anyway.

Shimmering flame that dances in the stars flamestar
Shimmering flame that dances in the stars flamestar
June 26, 2020 1:33 pm
Reply to  Mike

Eye colors are always confused in the warriors series

July 30, 2020 7:33 pm

This is a really good article explaining the same thing, just with more points!

December 28, 2018 5:49 pm

Most people view this theory more as an alternate universe, not a solid theory. However, it is still cool to think about!

Ravenstreak is ready for spring
Ravenstreak is ready for spring
December 28, 2018 6:49 pm

One of the authors (I think) has confirmed that Snowkit is best friends with Mosskit in StarClan. I proved reason number 2 wrong so hhh-

December 29, 2018 12:44 am

The most plausible way I see this theory working, is that Snowkit survives the hawk attack and grows up to become Snowtuft while still alive. Not some other strange afterlife explanation. It would be really interesting if this were a novella or Super Edition, how an innocent deaf kit turned into the fearful Dark Forest cat we know today.

- Mellowix

The Raven does not celebrate Halloween so if you were expecting a new Halloweeny nickname then prepare to be disappointed (Raven || Ravenpaw/thorn)
The Raven does not celebrate Halloween so if you were expecting a new Halloweeny nickname then prepare to be disappointed (Raven || Ravenpaw/thorn)
November 9, 2019 7:33 pm

Here’s what i think about Snowtuft being Snowkit
So, lets say the hawk is dead because it found some poisoned fish and fed it to its kits. Again, at this point, Snowkit is dropped into the river to be found by some rogues. The rogues name him Snow, knowing about his deafness. Snow looks into the reflection of the waters and says its a suitable name. (The rogues literally just point to a pile of snow and Snowkit figured thats his new name). The rogues communicate with him by pointing to things with their paw for Snow to interpret. Snow has very good vision at this point and points out prey when the rogues go hunting. Most of the time, his rogue friends do the hunting for him, but they give him food becuase he was the one who found the prey. Unfortunately, the rogues taught him to fight everyone that is not them and kill anyone if they don’t flee quick enough. Snow is later separated from the rogues and joins WindClan, thinking its a killing force. A kittypet trespasses onto WindClan territory, and SnowTUFT kills him instantly. He kills a lot more tresspassers and then he dies in battle. ok thats why hes there.

Well, We cant exactly tie that Snowkit is Snow, because Snow might be Snowtuft. (Stupid rogues)

never ask 'who are you?'

The Masked Tterror (Shatteredmask)
The Masked Tterror (Shatteredmask)
March 24, 2020 8:34 am

I totally think this is true! There is no record of Snowtuft anywhere in Warriors, so I think this could be true. Also the Dark Forest would have given him a name.

armed with a newspaper

April 21, 2020 2:35 am

Though it’s a fun thought, I don’t think Snowkit is Snowtuft. Here’s why:
-Mosskit, who resides in StarClan, is still a kit. Now before you tell me “The Dark Forest might be different”, it’s not. The territory is different, having a dark river, marshy ground, mist, tall, bare trees, and a starless sky, that’s not evidence of the place of no stars being different. The only reason there’s no prey is that there’s nothing that would appeal to prey. Both StarClan cats and Dark Forest Cats fade and can be killed. Why can Dark Forest cats mature? Even Badgerfang, who took a warrior name, is still a kit. Name one Dark Forest Cat that aged.
-Name and “fursona”s mean nothing. Snowtuft is a white cat with blue eyes. Snowkit is a white cat with blue eyes. Snowfur is a white cat with blue eyes. Cloudtail is a white cat with blue eyes. Cloudstar is a white cat with blue eyes. Ivypool is a silver and white cat with blue eyes. Half Moon is a white cat with blue-green eyes. There are not many prefixes for white cats, the main ones being Cloud, Snow, and White. Also, Cinderpelt said that he was deaf, and cats with white fur and blue eyes are often deaf, meaning there were many white cats with blue eyes that were deaf.
-Mapleshade’s vengeance is not direct aftermath of DotC. I don’t think we see all the clans becoming what they were in Mapleshade’s vengeance. Dawn of the Clans shows us how the clans came to be. We have some novellas. but there’s a timeskip, where we see, or rather we don’t see, the previously mentioned deaf white cats with blue eyes. There is no reason to believe there was no timeskip between DotC and Mapleshade’s Vengeance.
-Not all cats are mentioned by name. Pick up any warriors book post-DotC. It has a full name list of it’s characters and rankings for it’s centered clan. But another clan won’t because that’s too much unnecessary effort. And unless the Tribe is in that book, it won’t have a full name list for the cave-dwelling cats. If I’m wrong (I haven’t actually read the entire DotC series) about Mapleshade’s vengeance, then it’s still possible for Snowtuft to not have been listed. And in those novellas, there are quite a few timeskips. Or he just didn’t exist at the very beginning, and was therefore not in the allegiances.
-Snowkit was just a kit, and had never done anything wrong in his entire life. It’s not like Mapleshade was desperate enough to recruit a baby. I mean, she was latching onto Crookedkit, but because she had no reason to believe he would die. And Crookedkit was sad because his mother wouldn’t love him. Snowkit was rather unaware of his surroundings that he couldn’t see, but his mother undoubtedly loved him. The only strange behavior ever exhibited was explained by being deaf. He wasn’t secretive, he didn’t have unexplained wounds, so he wasn’t being trained while alive. It’s just too farfetched to me. This was a nice theory, but it’s just a bit out there. Thank you for reading this and hopefully you understand I in no way think it’s a stupid theory.
With all due respect, Hollyleaf

White Ghost of Halloween Rabbit (Whitepaw)
Whitepaw (Whiterabbit)
September 2, 2020 6:17 pm

HollyleafTheGreat, I just wanted to say something about your first point. I think that Snowkit might have been smart enough to survive. If he survived and lived on his own, he could have been sent to the Dark Forest for abandoning his clan. Also, maybe the Dark Forest cats got to him and started manipulating him while he was outside of the clan. That’s my theory on this subject!

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