Why did they have to die? by Gingerpaw

Art by Nova-Shadow26

Gingerpaw wonders why some characters had to die, and what would be different if they lived. Some spoilers for AVOS!

Hello! Thank you for reading this article. Hope you enjoy it! Today I will be talking about some dead cats. Dun dun dun! We will be talking about the death of these cats and what would’ve happened if these cats hadn’t died.
Bright Stream
In case you don’t remember, this lovely she-cat was Skystar’s mate and pregnant with his kits when the group set out during the Sun Trail. Unfortunately, she was carried off by an eagle and killed. It’s hard to believe that a cat who only appears in one book could affect so much in the future. For one thing, Thunderstar almost certainly would not have been born, as Skystar took Storm as a mate after Bright Stream’s death. However, who knows what Skystar’s unborn kits would’ve been like. Maybe one of them would’ve founded a clan, too!
You’ve probably never heard of Badgerfang unless you’ve read Yellowfang’s Secret, and even then, you might not remember him. Badgerfang was one of the victims of Brokenstar’s reign of terror as leader of ShadowClan. Apprenticed at three moons old, this kit formed a stronger bond with his mentor, Flintfang, then he did with his mother. Soon after beginning his apprenticeship, Badgerpaw was killed in battle. As Flintfang promised Badgerpaw he’d be a warrior in Starclan, Badgerpaw asked to be named Badgerfang, in honor of Flintfang, his mentor and father figure. It’s always sad when an apprentice or kit dies, but you have to wonder what Badgerfang would’ve became as a warrior, His enthusiasm and bravery make it hard to believe that he wouln’t have grown to be a great warrior.
This yong cat was Bluestar’s young kit, who froze to death while making the journey to Riverclan. What would’ve happened if Mosskit had survived? Well, we know that Stonefur and Mistystar grew to be strong, respectable cats. Stonefur got to be deputy, after all, and Mistystar is ( I think) the oldest cat in the books right now. Mosskit’s siblings were some of the most well-respected cats in Riverclan, so who knows what would’ve happened if Mosskit had made the journey to Oakheart?
What do you call a cat with the whiskers of a mouse? Mousewhisker. What do you call a cat with fur like snow? Snowfur. What do you call a cat with a heart like a fox? Berrynose. Jokes aside, this death really shocked me. Honeyfern was a young warrior and mate of Berrynose when she was bitten by a snake and died. It made me really sad because she loved Berrynose so much and could’ve even had kits! Cherryfall and Molewhisker would’ve probably never had been born, though, because Berrynose later had kits with Poppyfrost.
I just recently read Hawkwing’s Journey, and Hawkwing and Pebbleshine’s relationship is now one of my favorites. Hawkwing was devastated when Pebbleshine was carried away, pregnant, by a monster. Pebbleshine technically hasn’t been confirmed to be dead, as of River of Fire, so I can always hope she survived. I’m talking about what would’ve happened if she had raised Violetshine and Twigbranch. Of course, all three of them could’ve easily died. However, Pebbleshine was smart and determined. Maybe she would’ve raised them, and maybe the three of them could’ve even found their way back to SkyClan.
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Thank you for reading my article! Hope you enjoyed it!

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