Did They Go Dark? Characters That Could Be In the Dark Forest, Part One by Tuliptalon

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Tuliptalon wonders who else could’ve be sent to the Dark Forest.

So.. some Warriors characters, such as in the Super Editions, are shown alive and currently are “living as of that book”. However, some of these characters are very sketchy to me, so I will share my thoughts.

Brightflower: Brightflower is the mother of Yellowfang, Rowanberry, and Nutwhisker. She appears in Yellowfang’s Secret, and despite her being a nice character, she did show signs of anger. She reprimands Yellowfang multiple times throughout the book, and the most numerous time as when Brokenstar told her Yellowfang murdered her two kits. She was furious and totally turned down her daughter- and her medicine cat. I would find that highly offensive in StarClan’s point of view, and maybe she was sent to the Dark Forest because of that.

Deerfoot: He is the kit of you guessed it- Lizardstripe. Lizardstripe was ambitious, and that made Deerfoot ambitious too. He appears to enjoy mocking poor Brokenkit, refusing to play his games and calling him “Badger-stinky” When Yellowfang intervenes,Deerkit looks awfully defiant.. He loves Tigerclaw when he comes to ShadowClan and supports him a lot. I really think he went to the Dark Forest because of his actions.

Stumpytail: You know Stumpytail: his mentor was Brokenstar, and he really loved Brokenstar’s ambitious nature. When Brokenstar was driven out he became a rogue and fought ThunderClan. And he supports Tigerclaw’s rise to power. Definitely the Dark Forest for him.

Lilywhisker: This WindClan elder was crippled when a cave-in occured while tunneling, while also killing Leafshine. Theories have flown around in my head for ages now, and I think this was no accident- it was murder. I think Lilywhisker was being secretly trained in the Dark Forest and wanted to murder Leafshine in a Mapleshade style. She must have done the cave-in on purpose, and she earned her rank there for sure.

Tangleburr- Of course, another kit of Lizardstripe. The queen’s ambitions reached Tanglekit and she did the exact thing that Deerkit did- mocking Brokenkit and refusing to play his games. She supports Tigerclaw all the way and fought to drive WindClan out. She must have gone to the Dark Forest for sure, if nothing else.

What do you think? Please share your thoughts down below. I’m waiting to hear from you, Kate!

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  • Deerfoot doesn’t support neither Brokenstar or Tigerstar- In fact during Tigerclaw’s fury, it’s Deerfoot who’s most suspicious and questioning of Tigerclaw.

    Deerfoot: “Why are you telling them this? These cats are no longer our Clanmates. They turned their back on the warrior code when they chose to follow Brokenstar. And this cat is not to be trusted. What are you planning, Tigerclaw? I thought your Clanmates would have clawed your fur off by now.”
    Tigerclaw: “”I chose to leave. ThunderClan is ruled by a kittypet now that Bluestar listens to Fireheart before anyone else.””
    Deerfoot: “I can’t imagine you giving up that easily, Tigerclaw.”

  • Oof bc I’m on mobile I’m not going to rant rn

    But maybe later

    I disagree with almost every cat listed, that’s all I’m saying for now

    • i agree with that as well. lilywhisker most of all. she just wanted to esape a cave in! she did nothing wrong, and there is no evidence that she staged it, or otherwise.

  • I agree with some of these, but I think only really evil and murderous should deserve the dark forest, not just bad tempered/mean cats 🙂

  • I don’t really think any of them have quite done anything bad enough for the Dark Forest. You have to look at the overall cat, not just one thing that could change someone’s view on them forever.

    The most ridiculous one I see in the list is Lilywhisker. What proof do you have that she started the cave-in? And it injured her, if she wanted to murder someone she could’ve done it better. And besides, she was a really nice cat.

  • I must say, with all due respect. That I disagree with all these thoughts. These cats weren’t evil. They did not kill, they were rather just mean and insensitive. Most of these cats, as well, were not the root of their behavior, but rather influenced by other cats that misbehaved. Your opinion on Lilywhisker, while plausible, is in fact, a theory. We’re not sure, and don’t know if Lilywhisker commited murder, or if she was trained in the Dark Forest. But I have to disagree with this, these cats don’t qualify as evil enough to be in the Dark Forest in my opinion.

    • Yes, I agree with this, we don’t have any REAL evidence or do we have any reason to suspect these cats, Deerfoot, Lilywhisker, and the others deserve to go to StarClan, they didn’t truly do anything wrong, at least, that’s what I think…. 🙂 Anyone else agree???

  • I’m pretty sure all the cats you listed except Deerfoot did go to the Dark Forest. At least it says on Warriors Wiki (but I know that’s not a very reliable source), and it says it was confirmed by one of the Erins (again, possibly not true though). However, I don’t think any of them deserve the DF.
    Edit: Wait nvm I can’t find that info anymore, though I’m 100% sure I read that somewhere. But don’t trust me.

  • Fun fact: Brightflower, Lilywhisker, Tangleburr and Stumpytail were listed as being in the DF on the Warriors Wiki but were changed later.

    Also I don’t believe Stumpytail, Deerfoot or Tangleburr should go because when an evil and powerful cat wants you to be their ally, very bad things could happen if you say no. I believe that most of the cats that decided to support Tigerclaw at first did so out of fear, and eventually were manipulated into believing and supporting him. Being manipulated and forced into following somebody who is evil out of fear does not make you evil. Deerfoot was ambitious and more susceptible to the manipulations because he was raised to be this way, and one of the biggest role models, his own mother, was like that, and it is natural for children to take after their parents. It is also in the warrior code to follow your leader, no matter how evil. With this logic, every cat in ShadowClan during Brokenstar and Tigerstar’s reigns should be in the DF for just following the leaders and the Warrior Code.

    It is also only natural for Brightflower to turn against Yellowfang. She had no other information to contradict Brokenstar’s words besides the only things that contradict these is that the warrior code, and to an extent, the medicine cat code forbids killing other cats, especially kits. It is also, like stated earlier, that the warrior code states that the leader’s words are law, so to not contradict Brokenstar would be slightly breaking the law, and a cat like him would definitely take this to extreme – we saw this with Yellowfang.

    I like our theory about Lilywhisker, but murdering another cat with a risk of killing yourself probably wouldn’t be a wise choice, no matter how much you hate the cat.

    I don’t hate this article, and I can see where you are coming from with these, but i just respectfully disagree. I also like how you didn’t include cats like Ashfur, because we all know about him.

  • It is a good article, but I disagree with almost all of the things you wrote.
    Deerfoot, never agreed with Tigerclaw/star. In Tigerclaw’s Fury, he is the only cat who objects and wants to reject Tigerclaw’s help.

    Brightflower, didn’t know that it wasn’t Yellowing who killed the kits. She believed her leader, as if I remember right it even is in the warrior code: ‘The word of the leaders is the warrior code.’ so she had all rights to believe that it was Yellowing who killed the kits.

    With Stumpytail I agree. I can’t really bring up anything that suggests that he deserved Starclan other then the fact that he was just maybe, a loyal warrior who took the leader’s word for the code.

    With Lilywhisker, it only is a theory that she killed her classmate in the tunnels. If she really wanted to kill Leafshine, she probably wouldn’t have risked her life, she would’ve murdered her herself.

    Tangleburr, can’t really be punished because she picked on and bullied Brokenkit. 1, she wanted to be like her mother (parents are usually a big role-model, like for me my parents are role-models) 2, she probably didn’t want to look weak, infant of his brothers who bullyed Brokenkit.

  • I disagree with these, and for Brightflower, why would she go to the DF and not Rainflower who was like 10x worse of a mother???

  • Okay thanks for the compliements! I’m trying my best, most of my thoughts I think are correct. But of course there’s bias and I understand why. This was my first article, and another upgraded version of this one is coming soon, With all regards, Tuliptalon