🎊The BlogClan Holiday Gift Exchange: Part 2 🎊

Once again, thank you to everyone who helped make this years Holiday Gift Exchange so great! It couldn’t have been done without you guys. 🙂 We got a whopping 67 gifts sent in!

And Happy New Yeas Eve to all!!! ❤ I hope 2019 brings you lots of love and laughter, BlogClan! 🌞


To Asterflame

To Silverlight

“Hi Silverlight! I’m sorry if this FanFic wasn’t exactly what you were expecting, but I hope you liked it! I thought I would try to do something uniqueish and I came up with this idea one day and I thought it would be fun to write. I really really hope you like it haha 😛 I’m not sure it’s one of the best things I’ve written, but I tried 😛 Thanks if you read it :P”


To Firepaw

To Shadefrost

To Potato

To Mapledrift

To Falconbreeze

“Hey Falconbreeze ! Merry Christmas ! And a happy new year ! (by the way your fursona is sitting inside a stocking…..)”

To Fawnspots
You accidentally got paired up twice, so enjoy two gifts!

“F: Fantastic

A: Awesome

W: Wondrous

N: Noteworthy

S: Selfless

P: Pleasant

O: Outstanding

T: Talented

S: Special

I hope you have a holiday as awesome as you, Fawnspots! 😀 <3″

To Misty Moors

To Mistystream

To Aspenpaw

To Willowstep

To Shiverfur

“The holidays are coming,”

The cry echoes through the woods,

To every little creature and all kittens underfoot.

“The holidays are coming,”

Come the wonderful words,

Causing every head to turn and alighting every bird.

“The holidays are coming,”

And they all prick their ears,

And every cat in Blogclan turns their head to hear.

“The holidays are coming,”

And all the cats gather ‘round,

Every Blogclan cat hoping to hear the sound.

“The holidays are coming,”

At that every cat leaps,

The joy in their heart tickling their feet.

And I’m sure we all know why these times are so dear,

Where friends come together and lose all fear.

Love abounds, hate snores,

Everyone is happy and the eggnog is poured.

You can see all cats of Blogclan are putting up the tree,

And decking the halls with lights and looking decidedly cheery

And then comes the time- Oh, how joyous it is!

When it’s time for presents to be exchanged, those dear gifts!

We all know how it goes, I’m sure.

At the beginning of each December,

We receive some sign, some way of know,

That tells us if we’re good to go.

And we work hard, oh yes, day and night,

And we hope they’ll see the gift in good light.

For though these people we’ve never truly met,

Friends in heart they are, friends in spirit.

So I hope you enjoy, as you play with your toys,

This holiday poem with you in mind,

And as I end all of this with a rhyme,

I will just say without further ado:


To Swanfeather

To Leaf Lost In Blizzard

To Moonbreeze

You accidentally got two gifts too, whoops!

“Happy holidays! I hope you like your gift 🎄


I can’t draw, soo I found a template and used it as a base to color it in:

it’s pretty painfully bad and very smudge-y, but I hope you like it! 😀

I also wanted to say, I was reallyyy happy when I found out you would be my partner for this thing. you were one of the first people I met on blogclan, and I’ve been looking up to you for a long time, wether you knew it or not 😉 I don’t think blogclan would be the same for me without you. this is a reminder that you’re amazing, I love you, and so does all of blogclan.

merry christmas, moon <3″

To Willowrain











Happy Cadvent Willowrain! You are wonderful, intelligent, lovely, levelheaded, outstanding, wise, radiant, awesome, imaginative, needed, and much much more! I hope your holidays are grand! You make BlogClan a better place and I don’t what we would do without you.

Lots of love,

Stormy (Stormberry)”

To Wolfpelt

“Merry Christmas Wolfie ! I hope you like the drawing, and you have a great new year !”

To Brightberry

To Bluebellpaw

“I was doing your fursona request (you probably know who this is now 😛) and I was helping out with last-minute gifts, and Sunny gave me your name. I had already done your fursona request, so this is the one that I originally meant to give to you, but if you want, I will definitely give you another one! 😀 (I like your SpoungeBob gifs 😉)”

To Gingerfrost

To Dewpaw


To Emberpaw

“Wow I just realized how much this looks like my old fursona… anyways, I hope you like it!”

To Aprilblossom

To Owlfeather

“Happy Holidays Owly! Have a great New Years with your friends and family and I drew you and sorry if some of the colors are off. Anyways Happy Holidays! From your secret holiday gift partner.”

To Flamepaw

To Brightpool

“Hey Brightpool ! Merry Christmas ! I hope you have a great time at new year, and have loads of amazing food to eat !”

To Thistletooth

Eleven Reasons Why Thistletooth is Awesome
1. She is always kind to others.
2. She is very welcoming.
3. She is loyal.
4. She is talented.
5. She is special!
6. She is strong.
7. She is fabulous. 
8. She is honest.
9. She is brave.
10. She is amazing.
11. And she is a great friend!

Happy holidays, Thistle! Have a happy New Year! 😀 ❤️

To Cloudsight

To Petalpaw

I misplaced your gift! My sincerest apologies. 🙁 Until I can retrieve it from your partner again and put it here, know this:

You are such a kind, incredible person, who we love and appreciate having around on the Blog. Never stop being your wonderful self! Your awesomeness is unmatched. ❤

To Bluepaw

“Happy Holidays, Bluepaw! I had a lot of fun drawing these. I hope you like them 🙂 I noticed your gravatar is a Leafeon, so I drew Leafglade, a warrior cat version of Leafeon I made up. And then I also drew your fursona. -Your Secret Santa/Snowflake/Whatever you want to call it 😛

To Juniperpool

“Happy holidays! I hope you have a great day!”



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