My Thoughts On Crowfeather, Nightcloud, Breezepelt, Lionblaze, and Heathertail by xxravenshadexx

Art by Wayne McLoughlin

xxravenshadexx shares their opinion on Crowfeather and his family. Spoilers for Crowfeather’s Trial!

I just finished reading Crowfeather’s Trial a couple of days ago, and I am about to buy the newest release in the Warriors series! 🙂 Before I do that, though, I feel like posting my thoughts on a few characters. I’ll create individual sections for each characters. I think my view on Crowfeather and his kin has changed since reading this book, and I’ll tell you why.

Crowfeather himself has always been my second favorite character (the first being Jayfeather). I’ve always loved how he was shy, but in a more complicated way. He’s always been a character that preferred to keep to himself, and he only lashed out because he held everything in.
It’s interesting to know that he had wanted to have closer relationships with other cats, but had always been afraid to. It’s something that makes sense, especially after what he’s been through. He attempted to be a good father at first, only to realize Nightcloud loved Breezepelt to the fullest. I think Crowfeather personally thought that Nightcloud flooding Breezepelt with love was enough for his son, and it also made it easier for Crowfeather not to have to worry. I also think that if Nightcloud would’ve agreed to being mates in Crowfeather’s Trial, he would’ve been a better mate than before.
I like how he’s on better terms with Nightcloud, Leafpool, and Breezepelt now. Even Lionblaze, sort of (more on this later). I also think the fact that he was angry about Hawkfrost killing Hollyleaf proves he wants to know his ThunderClan kin better. I’m really glad he has a book from his point of view!

I used to hate Nightcloud. I hated her for always getting jealous of Crowfeather, even though she only used him to have a kit. But after reading Crowfeather’s Trial and seeing more about her personality, I realized she’s actually an alright character. She loves Breezepelt deeply, and she’s a loyal warrior to the Clan. The only reason she didn’t get along well with Crowfeather is because he had been apathetic and afraid of love, and she wanted him to care for not only her, but her son.
Eventually, Nightcloud understood they weren’t meant to be mates, as did Crowfeather, but she just wanted him to love his son.
I like that she finally tries to understand Crowfeather, and wishes to be a close friend with him, even if they’re not mates. She seems to have matures in regards to how she feels about the other Clans as well, and isn’t constantly jealous of Leafpool. In fact, she seems to be on good terms with the ThunderClan medicine cat!

I’ve never disliked Breezepelt. Even though he attacked Lionblaze and tried to kill Jayfeather, I could understand his motives. He joined the Dark Forest for approval that his father had never given him, and was glad that they believed he would be a good warrior. He wanted to kill his brothers not only because he was furious, but because he wanted to obey the Dark Forest cats and gain more approval. The only reasons he did the things he did was because he was extremely lonely , as well as corrupted by the Dark Forest cats.
In Crowfeather’s Trial, he smartens up a bit, and is able to connect better with his father at the end. He’s overall happier, and he is devoted to proving himself to the Clans. He also apologizes to Lionblaze about attacking him, even after Lionblaze made a bunch of terrible remarks about him.
By the end of the book, despite everything, he proves to be a better warrior. And he’s ready to start a fresh new life with Crowfeather, Nightcloud, Heathertail, and the Clan.

I used to like Lionblaze a lot more. That’s before I re-read the series, and carefully evaluated the characters more. After reading it, I feel as though Lionblaze is a bit of a jerk,
For starters, he decided to be close to Heathertail, to the point where they loved each other. Then he decided to ditch her for the Clan, which deeply hurt her. And he knew this. Then he decided to hate her because WindClan discovered the tunnels, despite the fact she told him it was the kits that told WindClan about them, not her. He then has visions about killing her that scare him, yet he still hates her. Then he takes Cinderheart as a mate without even caring to patch things up between him and Heathertail. Even though she’s a WindClan cat, I think he should’ve done something to make things right between them.

I think Heathertail is one of the best characters in the series! She cares about cats themselves more than rules and laws, which I think is a good quality to have. I also think it’s unfair for Lionblaze to have loved her only to ditch her and hate her forever. She deserved much better than how he treated her. She was nothing but a good, caring, loyal friend to him!
Her loyalty to Breezepelt later is the sweetest thing, and I like how she sees things in him that other cats do not. I think she’s a great character, and that there should even be a book from her point of view.

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  • I agree with Crowfeather and Nightcloud; I actually wouldn’t have minded if they became mates after reading Crowfeather’s Trial. Breezepelt shall always harbor a slight dislike from me, but I liked him enough in CT. However I disagree with the point you made about Lionblaze and Heathertail.

    If I remember correctly, after Lionblaze and Heathertail stopped meeting, both of them showed at the least mild dislike for each other after that until it was all left behind. From the looks of it, neither needs to patch things up and they’ve let things stay in the past. Heathertail truly moved on after falling for Breezepelt, and Lionblaze truly moved on after becomes mates with Cinderheart. If they’ve both moved on with new mates and having a life outside of each other, then I think that means they left it in the past. Lionblaze doesn’t have to patch things up with her, because they sort of did this in a way in Long Shadows when Lionblaze goes to get some catmint for Jayfeather. Was it a whole and complete patching up? No, but that doesn’t mean it was an attempt to solve it. Staying away from each other seemed to help them move on from their feud and was a wise decision. And I don’t think Lionblaze ever loved Heathertail, and vice versa. Not even almost. They were just friends at the most from what was written. And Lionblaze deciding that he needed to stop seeing her for the sake of his Clan was a wise decision- both could’ve gotten into serious trouble if they continued their relationship, plus Hollyleaf, Tigerstar I, and Hawkfrost knew about this which most likely made him uncomfortable. And Lionblaze doesn’t know what we the readers know about Heathertail and the tunnels. I don’t think it’s confirmed if Sedgekit told everyone about the tunnels or if Heathertail lied. But even if she didn’t, Lionblaze doesn’t know what happened and he had (somewhat) of a good reasoning to hate her for this and jumping to this conclusion. After all, they were the only ones who’d known about the tunnels beforehand. Sedgekit wasn’t with them. Heathertail and Lionblaze had a rocky relationship from them breaking it off, with both of them being jerks to each other (indirectly if not directly to each other). The evidence seemed to line up to Heathertail telling WindClan about the tunnels to Lionblaze after what she had put him through (I’m not saying that he was also a jerk to her, it’s just that she also was pretty rude as well). I just think that Heathertail wasn’t exactly best friend to Lionblaze either after they stopped meeting. Either way, good article 🙂

    • I don’t think it would make any sense if Heathertail lied about the Tunnels. It contradicting of her character:

      “Go, and don’t come back, you can take the catmint. I’ve no quarrel with ThunderClan; I don’t want to see cats suffer, whatever you might think. Just be careful you don’t end up a bully like your kin, Tigerstar.”
      — Heathertail to Lionblaze in Long Shadows, page 248
      Heathertail is a bigger person, then to purposefully set up a battle on a whole Clan, just to get to one cat. If this were true, some fans would consider that Dark Forest worthy like Willow Tail.

      Yet here she is, letting Lionblaze, who by that point, had already tried to kill her and her mentor, to take Catmint that was rightfully Windclan’s, to save the lives in an enemy Clan.

      If Heatherpaw had set this all up just for Lionpaw, you would think she’d actively seek him out herself. She had plenty of time to do it. By the time, they had their encounter, it was already far into the battle. Yet it’s Lionpaw who does that, shoving others aside to specifically get to her. And when he finds her, Heatherpaw isn’t pleased/angry to see her ‘traget’, she’s shocked and panicked. Not the kind of reaction you’d expect of someone “seeking revenge”.

      Lionpaw charged through two WindClan apprentices, shoving them aside. Behind them Heatherpaw reared up on her hind legs, her blue eyes wide with shock. Lionpaw lunged at her and grasped her scruff between his teeth. She struggled, wailing, as he dragged her through a wall of ferns and flung her to the ground in the small clearing beyond.

      “You told them about the tunnels!” he hissed. “I can’t believe you betrayed me. I thought I could trust you to keep your mouth shut.”

      “It wasn’t me!”

      Rage surged beneath his pelt. “So why is my forest filled with your Clan?”

      Heatherpaw struggled to escape from his grasp, twisting and biting him hard on the foreleg. “I don’t lie,” she growled. “It wasn’t me! It was Sedgekit!”

      “Why would he do that?” Lionpaw couldn’t believe it. “I saved his life!”

      “He was boasting to Weaselfur about the tunnels he found, and then every cat in the Clan knew.”

      Lionpaw stared down at her, stifling the urge to shred her fur. “I don’t believe you,” he breathed. “You’ve never forgiven
      me for wanting to be a loyal Clan warrior.” He leaned closer and dug in his claws as she tried to wriggle away from his
      hot breath. “I’ll never forget this, Heatherpaw. I will be your enemy forever.”
      Literally a second later. How would Heatherpaw, an apprentice, come up with such a convincing and specific “lie” in that amount of time? She even names drops certain Clanmates as well. Like displayed earlier, Heatherpaw isn’t willing to drag Thunderclan cats into her personal quarrel with Lionpaw. So she definitely wouldn’t scapegoat her own Clanmates, especially a kit. Considering the violent brute Lionpaw is and it’s a battle, if Heatherpaw framed them, she’d endanger them from Lionpaw. He almost killed Mosspelt during that same fight, to I wouldn’t put it past him to go after Weaslefur.

      And if Lionpaw could manipulate/threaten Weaslefur and Sedgekit, later as a young apprentice, in order to confirm Heatherpaw was telling the truth or not. If Heatherpaw was lying, by name dropping, she was leaving massive loose threads, who don’t know they’ve been used. So it would be quite easy for them, mostly Sedgekit/paw, to expose her without even knowing it.

      Also, Lionpaw’s arguments about it not being Sedgekit, because he should be grateful for saving his life, can also be used for Heatherpaw. They were both close friends who went against their Clans just to play together and had growing romantic feelings. Heatherpaw would also be grateful to for the happy memories. She’s far more likely to simply cherish them, instead of ruining everything just becuase he didn’t want to see her anymore. Lionpaw had to think very lowly of his old friend, to atomically assume she’d go for the most extreme reaction, just for the extremely pretty reason of stopping the meetings. To the point, he fantasises about killing her and going out his way to be aggressive towards her, even for years afterwards. Despite Heatherpaw giving a believable alternative explanation.

      Finally, there’s constant references to how angry Lionpaw is in this scene, of course, he wouldn’t believe her. It probably doesn’t matter what Heatherpaw said to him, it wouldn’t be believed.

      • Yeah, I agree with you. I never said I believe Heathertail lied about the tunnels, but some people do. Lionpaw was pretty angry in the scene, so there wouldn’t be any reason for him to believe her.

  • Loved this article!! I agree with you on a lot of these things!! For starters, Nightcloud is one of my fav characters! I know lots hate her but I love her. 🙂 And I haven’t even read “Crowfeather’s Trial” yet! I also love Breezepelt and Heathertail. 😛 Great article! 😀

  • I personally dislike Crowfeather, Nightcloud, and Breezepelt. Yes, they have matured in Crowfeather’s Trial but I still dislike them. Crowfeather is a moody, depressed cat who is a terrible parent and mate. Sure, he doesn’t abuse them in anyway he’s not really doing anything to them. However, it’s what he’s not doing. He doesn’t ever praise or comfort his son or communicate with Nightcloud unless it’s in argument. Nightcloud is a little more understandable because she had a mate that completely ignored her and her son, but that still doesn’t give her the right to feed Breezekit/paw with lies that his father hates him. Again, though I think she’s the most tolerable out of the three for me. Now, Breezepelt, well Breezepelt is just full of issues. Part of it has to do with Crowfeather ignoring him, causing him to be bitter and angry, but you know what? He can make his own choices. Take Crookedstar for example; his mother was far worse to him than Crowfeather was to Breezepelt, plus his parents argued a lot as well. Crookedstar had it far worse than Breezepelt and was in a similar situation than him when he was a kit. Also Breezepelt tries to kill Poppyfrost- a pregnant queen at the time which is totally not okay. I still don’t like these characters for their past actions and I think Breezepelt’s “redemption” was kind of unrealistic. As for Lionblaze and Heathertail…. I dislike Lionblaze, and I think he’s a bit bland compared to his siblings. He’s also kind of a jerk and annoys me in general. For Heathertail, I love her and think she’s underrated.

  • I agree with everything you have said. I hope now they will be happy independently, but still find time to be with each other.

    However, something I don’t understand is the fact of, “even though she(Nightcloud) only used him(Crowfeather) to have a kit(Breezepelt).”
    I have no idea where this fact came from, but it just doesn’t add up with the main arcs.

    For one, if she just used Crowfeather as a baby machine, why didn’t she just ignore him after they had their first kit? She could’ve just seperated from Crowfeather (Which to be honest, isn’t all that uncommon), and taken care of her son in the nursery. The excuse, “But he was still a kit!” doesn’t work because it is shown many times her trying to nuzzle him or gain his affection during Breezepaw’s apprenticeship!

    Secondly, she complained constantly that Crowfeather didn’t spend time with his family, which are strange remarks considering she supposedly only used him to make kits. So this is kinda void if it doesn’t make sense within the actual story.

    • I believe she just wanted him there for Breezepelt’s sake. She knew he’d want a father, so she was hoping Crowfeather would at least be there for him, if not for her. It looks as if she always wanted a whole family, but unfortunately the love wasn’t there. Without feelings of affection he was just there for her to father his son, not for her to love and care for.