Silent Thaw Spoiler Page

Hold on to you hats….

The Silent Thaw will most likely be published Nov 2019; no official date has been set at time of posting, but I know you’ll be eager to discuss it, especially once you’ve read Lost Stars

(btw, I think you’re going to love this arc.)

Feb 12th, 2019: Page updated with cover! This is now a spoiler page!

Feb 15th, 2019: Sorry, BlogClan! We’ve received word from the head honchos of the Erins, and we have to take down the cover as they are not yet finished or ready for the public. This will remain a spoiler page, but a placeholder image will be displayed until further notice!

May 6th, 2019: The cover is now back up, seeing that Harper Collins and Barnes & Nobles both have them up 🙂 Enjoy!

Note: We know you’re excited to continue reading about the lives of these characters, and love the world that the Erins have set up, but Kate is very busy and may not be able to get back to you regarding specific questions you may have – and she certainly can’t answer questions that spoil the next books! If a moderator or Kate tells you that they can’t answer your question, then we ask you to respect that answer. Thank you for your understanding! 🙂

Official cover art


  • Hey, Kate, once again, can you answer? Goodreads says that the third book will be called The Scorching Earth. Is that true? If so, I really need you to start a spoiler page for that, because I need to get my theories out. Or can I put them in here?

      • Tigerstar has become really mean since TRS. I hope being your favorite this means he will get better?

        Does Harestar turn evil or become mean or does he just have no personality? What makes him dislikable?

        • I love that Tigerstar is so tough and yet so fallible. I get the sense that he is strong but always a little out of his death and putting on a tough front. And Harestar just seems to be selfish. He makes rash decisions based only on what’s good for him. His lack of altruism irks me.

  • -What if Rootpaw became Rootthaw? Idk, because Bristlefrost and Rootthaw? It’s cute!!
    -What if Spotfur and Bristlefrost became best friends??? YEEETTT
    -I need to know Shadowpaw’s name.

  • So this is a bit off-topic but-what do you think Twigtail(the medicine cat)looks like?I think he is a black tom with white paws,green eyes and a extremely thin tail 😛

  • What books are planned for 2020? Based on my knowledge, I’m going to explain what’s possible. Please reply and feed me your opinions.

    SE 13 = Reedwhisker’s Valor
    TBC 3 = ???
    Novella 6 = This is because they come out 3 times an arc. #1, #3, and #6.

  • What does Ashfur have to do with Bramblestar?

    Also, where does blogclan find these theories or find things out? Do they come up with them themselves or find them from other people or have people somehow read the books before they’ve come out or have I missed something

    I have never been caught up on the series like this so I am very confused help me 😛

      • I mean I guess it could make sense… It could be possible…

        But hasn’t that already passed? 😛

        Surely he’s gotten over it 😛 If Squirrelflight spent ages in StarClan they must’ve talked 😛 Unless that rekindled his feelings but still 😛

        • There’s no question it’s Ashfur. All the hints in Lost Stars point to him and no one else such as the way he talks and treats Squirrelflight and how the voice is a StarClan tom. It’s obviously him. I could go on and on

        • I mean, he sure didn’t get over Squirrel x Bramble when since Twilight/Sunset when he tried to burn Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf alive in Long Shadows so I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s not over it still 😛

  • Hey Kate,

    You said you start the fourth book of The Broken Code at the end of April. When you start it, could you tell us the working title for the book? As well as the working title for The Broken Code Book #3?

    I love titles. Gives us fans a lot to speculate on, even if it’s not the final one. 🙂

      • In Dawn of the Clans, Shadowstar makes her first deputy Sun Shadow (or, I presume you remember). Unfortunately, Sun Shadow’s life is taken from him by dogs in Shadowstar’s Life (I am still very upset about this. He deserved better.) Shadowstar eventually makes Raven Pelt, a former rogue who joins her group in the final Dawn of the Clans book, her second deputy. She loses her final life not long after that in battle, and the readers are left to assume Raven Pelt will take her place as leader. We never actually see it happen, though. So that’s why Spinestar is asking.

      • Raven Pelt was confirmed to become ShadowClan’s second ever leader in Shadowstar’s Life. He was first introduced in Path of Stars.

  • Hey guys. The Warriors website is letting us vote for Rootpaw’s warrior name, which he’ll receive in The Broken Code #3!

    P.S If you love Jaysnow, you’ll help #TeamRootwing succeed!

    (I personally wanted his full name to be Rootclaw, but if I can’t have that, I like Rootwing, because it’s a nice tribute to his grandfather. The first half of his name is for his dad, and the second half is for his granddad.)

    • Although I voted for Rootspring, if it hadn’t been there I would’ve voted for Rootwing.

      (Smh I really wanted Rootskip tho)

      • I voted 4 Rootspring as well! Last time I looked, Rootsrping was winning!

        Sorry Jaysnow, Rootwing was my 2nd

        • ROOTBEER 4EVA!!!!!!! #Bestnameonplanet

          Kate, please add Rootbeer to the list of names we can choose from or tell whoever manages the warriors hub to. I want to see how it turns out.

      • I had Rootspirit as my first because it’s not a very common suffix, and it seems to fit him.
        Rootspring was my second because it’s also not a common suffix and kind of fits him.
        Rootwing was my last though, because I don’t think -wing is really a super interesting suffix (though there are plenty of good cats/names with it), and it’s used a lot, and yeah… 😛

  • Love how we can choose Rootpaw’s warrior name! Kate please do more of these kind of things. It would be awesome if we could also choose which cats can get more attention (cough Reedwhisker) and which ones should die ( imo Mistystar) 🙂

    • I’d love the vote for which cats get more attention, but definitely not one for which should die. Imagine the drama if a cat that half the fandom likes and half the fandom dislikes were voted to die

  • Kate, please kill Graystripe in this new book. PLEASE! He has lived for about 100000 moons. Firestar lived shorter than him, and he had nine lives to live. And please let Bramblestar get rabies! Mindless killing, yay!

      • The ultimate villain all along
        Henry was the one who actually created BloodClan, he helped the Dark Forest rise, and he’s the new villain
        11/10 would read

        • Kate will Jayfeather have a Novella or SE in the future? I think it should be called Jayfeather’s Path or Jayfeather’s Future oh wait… i feel a W.A.S coming on.

            • I got the idea from the B&N scene. Can Lionblaze have one then called “Lionblaze’s Roar” or something. Hold it– you guys managed to let him have a POV in Power of Three and Omen of the Stars!! How is it harder to make a SE
              for one book about him (which would start with the bonus scene from B&N btw) and his loss of his mother if he has a POV and is featured as a main character in at least 12 previous books!!!

              A few more things…
              1. Please but Rootbeer on the list of possible poll names (i have already said this and am reminding you) for the warriors website. i want to see the turnout.

              2. Also, keep the Lionblaze thing in mind. Maybe you could republish Hollyleaf’s Story and the Three grandchildren of Forester would get novellas together. It would be cool if you could have this done.