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Hold on to you hats….

The Silent Thaw will most likely be published Nov 2019; no official date has been set at time of posting, but I know you’ll be eager to discuss it, especially once you’ve read Lost Stars

(btw, I think you’re going to love this arc.)

Feb 12th, 2019: Page updated with cover! This is now a spoiler page!

Feb 15th, 2019: Sorry, BlogClan! We’ve received word from the head honchos of the Erins, and we have to take down the cover as they are not yet finished or ready for the public. This will remain a spoiler page, but a placeholder image will be displayed until further notice!

May 6th, 2019: The cover is now back up, seeing that Harper Collins and Barnes & Nobles both have them up 🙂 Enjoy!

Note: We know you’re excited to continue reading about the lives of these characters, and love the world that the Erins have set up, but Kate is very busy and may not be able to get back to you regarding specific questions you may have – and she certainly can’t answer questions that spoil the next books! If a moderator or Kate tells you that they can’t answer your question, then we ask you to respect that answer. Thank you for your understanding! 🙂

Official cover art


    • I hope he is! I’d love to see some focus on him, or perhaps even POVs. It would be cool to have a major character (that is not in ThunderClan) having POVs in the whole arc; Flametail was a change, but it only lasted for Night Whispers, if I can remember correctly.

    • I think the imposter is ash fur because the imposter seems to love Squirrelflight and he has blue eyes like the imposter also the imposter said “I did this for u, I came back for u Squirrelflight” he also has no idea what to new territories look like

  • Lost Stars New blurb is out!

    In the midst of the coldest leaf-bare any warrior can remember, the Clans have lost their connection with their warrior ancestors, and only one ShadowClan apprentice can still hear their voices–or their warning about the new shadow rising within the warrior Clans

  • Kate, are you still planning on including ReedxDusk? I hope you do, especially if there’s rumors that Reedwhisker might be getting a super edition.

  • I’ve looked up the cover, and I’m noticing something. We can tell that the primary cat, (Giant Cat Head) and underneath on the left, it’s a darker cat, which I’m going to assume is someone like Shadowkit, and the cat on the right looks faded, as you can see right behind them, so it’s definitely a spirit cat. Maybe the cat on the right is a main character.

    • The giant cat head on Lost Stars seems to resemble the cat on the bottom of The Silent Thaw (the one that isn’t the ghost cat, obviously). I think both are Shadowpaw. A popular theory is that the spirit cat is Ashfur, and I agree.

      I’m so pumped for this arc.

        • Obviously Tree and Violetshine? How is it “obvious”? And why would any of them look like a ghost? It seems to me that their stories are over. No reason for them to be on the cover.

          • It would be Interesting to see Violetshine, for all I care, Tree can go off on his own path, maybe Violetshine will die, but that has a low chance. I’m have tons of questions!

        • I have to agree with Jaysnow, and if it WAS Ashfur, then wouldn’t he be gray? Ashfur’s description has always shown him as gray, not orange. Even with the lighting the main cat (ginormous head) would be it’s normal coloring. The head is Orange, not Gray.

  • Hey, Kate. Have you and/or the editing team ever considered making Super Edition point of views in the first person rather than the third? I feel it would be a better chance to connect the readers to the character. I’ve been curious about this for a while.

    • That would be really interesting, but I don’t think it would be wise to mess with a formula that already works so well.

  • Squirrelflight might be becoming leader? I was against this idea lots of months ago but now I think of it, she would be a very great leader!

    • As much as I’d like to see Squirrelflight become a leader, it makes sense for her not to be leader. I think she will step in, since Bramblestar won’t be in the best mental state to lead.

  • I personally think that Ashfur, where he had no set up as a main villain, (and by shown I mean showing dark intentions.) after Power of Three’s ending was shown to be a villain, I think this arc, if the spirit is Ashfur, will either give him redemption, or establish him as a villain.

  • Kate,do you think it matters if an oc shares a name with a canon cat?I had an oc named Violetshine and people always tell me to change it 🙁

  • Apparently an antagonist from the past (whether recent or not) will return to this series, so here’s what I think, and are some theories I have on what villain it may be.

    A. Ashfur. Perhaps, though Ashfur is in StarClan, he is deemed one of those troubled spirits suddenly in the series. Like Needletail, who could be seen by Tree, or Ashfoot, who couldn’t cross the border. Maybe he just feels troubled enough to leave StarClan? I really have no idea to be honest, but hey, maybe it’s possible?

    B. Sleekwhisker will return. I think it’s more than likely for her not to be finished with the Clans. She may have some pretty evil plans for them yet.

    C. Sol may return. This pretty much follows the same thing as Sleekwhisker’s theory. He’ll probably want to return, as his whole purpose was to destroy the Clans, as was Darktail’s. Who knows, maybe they’ll both return?

    D. Darktail never died. Apparently he had “a thing” for water, and it was even mentioned in Shattered Sky that he shouldn’t be able to fight near water, as he’d have the advantage. Maybe like Berryheart, he survived when every cat thought he drowned. Onestar may certainly be dead, but perhaps Darktail just killed him off in the water, or swam off while Onestar couldn’t.

    • I like the first three ideas! But I don’t really think Darktail will return (or want him to). I think his death in Shattered Sky was the best way for him to die, and it would be kind of weird for him to all of a sudden return, but I do think he could return as a ghost and maybe send Sleekwhisker and some of the other rogues back to the Clans again or something… Maybe Darktail’s ghost is working with Ashfur’s ghost. But that’s just what I think. 🙂

      (Oh yeah, and Sol could be doing something with them too…)

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