The first battles of the Dark Forest: Part 3 The theory of the post-battle by Littlepaw

Littlepaw continues their analysis of the Dark Forest.

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Uh! Hello, Littlepaw here, and I’ve been thinking too much with this theory for a long time. This is part 3 now, we reviewed SkyClan and WindClan’s representative for these plots I’ve been thinking about, and recruits for this whole thing (Crookedstar, Thistleclaw, Brokenstar, and Reedfeather), if you haven’t seen any of this, read the work of the past. If you have seen them, we still have a mystery to solve after being stopped by a unseen block of lack of information. Today, why it failed and what’s next.

Why did the Dark Forest fail like Napoleon Bonaparte? Allow me to say one thing: Support. If we had a way to control the clans, what would happen to each other? WindClan would purge RiverClan, and RiverClan to ThunderClan. This set cannot live together in a united way. Support is key to their success. How do you think all of the WindClan cats join the clans in the Great Battle? A dictatorship can only last with fear. Another boost of failure is StarClan, they had the 3 vision and were warned of the cause. A lot of causes made them fail, Firestar, Crookedstar’s life, and Reedfeather is still unknown. Brokenstar and Tigerstar would still be the same since Bluestar, who listened to Goosefeather’s absurd visions, which StarClan warned him. The Dark Forest was smart to stay in the game, but it came to shambles when Firestar came, and the code was hung on by Bluestar, Brambleberry, and Yellowfang.
What happened after the Dark Forest was defeated?
after the Great Battle, Hawkfrost, Tigerstar, and Brokenstar were killed. These three are the known leaders of the Dark Forest. Thistleclaw, Snowtuft, and sorta Mappleshade remained and likely became the next leaders until Mappleshade could fade as she was in the process. Only Thistleclaw would be able to become supreme leader in my opinion. Snowtuft is a coward, often getting shredded. Thistleclaw was still hating the clans for all of this. It seems in Crowfeather’s Trial, that the Dark Forest is still in action. This only scene of Crowfeather almost dying has no reason but to confirm the Dark Forest is not faded. It seems they might want more members to attack. The Dark Forest likely built up it’s forces since One-Eyes death in Dawn of the Clans. The Dark Forest might again try to do this all over again. They seem to want more. The first battle of the Dark Forest can last a long time. We have not seen the Dark Forest since. With history on the advantage of StarClan, the clans will fuel the Dark Forest, and know about them. Rock was right, they need to forget the cats and StarClan to rid of the Dark Forest. That was wave one. More on part 4.

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  • (I think Snowtuft is the last cat that would the Dark Forest’s leader. More like Silverhawk, Sparrowfeather etc. Snowtuft more of a punching bag then Darkstripe is.)

    Like you said yourself with the Crowfeather’s Trial example, the Dark Forest will probably attempt to rise again if nothing is done. However, it’s my personal theory that the “Ghosts” introduced in Vision of Shadows which the only Tree can communicate with, are the Dark Forest’s replacement. So to prevent History repeating itself, Starclan “created a new afterlife”, where instead of being enterally condemned to a disgusting forest, evil spirit are trapped on earth/living world where they hold no power. And they must remain there until redeeming themselves and eventually join Starclan.

  • I think that Thistleclaw and Darkstripe would be the new leaders of the DF, since Darkstripe was Tigerstar’s biggest fan, and Thistleclaw being his mentor. I would want to see the Dark Forest again in The Broken Code arc.

  • Well, thats true about Darkstripe being Tigerstar’s biggest fan but he wasn’t the strongest. As we see in the prologue of Sunset(Or was it Twilight? I forget) Darkstripe is scared and whining to Tigerstar, and he wants to stay with him. Then in the other books, we see Ivypool training in the Dark Forest, and from what I read, Darkstripe did little more then insult the trainees and sneer at them. I think that Thistleclaw would’ve been more likely. I liked the article, by the way