Character Suggestions for The Broken Code by Ravenmist

Ravenmist suggests some characters who could be the stars in the new arc, The Broken Code. Spoilers for AVOS!

Hi, this is Ravenmist here with my very first article! It’s about who I think should have a point of view in the seventh arc, called the Broken Code. The description says:

“For the first time, all five warrior Clans have settled into their true homes in the territory around the lake. But when a shockingly harsh leaf-bare season descends on the forest, a new darkness begins to spread—a shadow that threatens a beloved Clan leader, the cats’ connection with their ancestors in StarClan, and the very warrior code they live by. Packed with action and intrigue, the beginning of this sixth Warriors series is the perfect introduction for readers new to the Warriors world. And dedicated fans will be thrilled to discover the new adventures that unfold after the events of A Vision of Shadows.”

So I think that each Clan should have a point of view. For ShadowClan, it should be Shadowkit, as he played a fairly major role in The Raging Storm, and he should be apprenticed to Puddleshine (obviously.)

For ThunderClan, I’d like Twigbranch’s POV to be continued. I don’t hate TwigxFin, but I certainly liked it better before The Raging Storm, where Finleap was annoying and pushy. (Sorry, but it’s true.) However, Finleap did apologize, so I guess it’s okay now. But I don’t think Twigbranch and Finleap should have kits. I’ve always wanted a she-cat character in Warriors who had a mate but no kits, and she was fine with that. However, (ack I used that word twice :P) I want them to find some random abandoned kits and raise them as their own. 😀

For SkyClan, maybe it could be one of Violetshine and Tree’s kits. It’d be really cute if he or she were yellow, black, and white. There’s usually a prophecy, so maybe they’d be part of it??? Shadowkit would most likely be, but I don’t think Twigbranch would be, so maybe one of the kits she and Finleap adopt, which is one of the reasons Bramblestar lets her keep them.

For WindClan, I have no idea who it would be, because in The Raging Storm, they have no apprentices, queens, or kits listed in the Allegiances. But I was thinking maybe Harestar, since he used to train in the Dark Forest but is now a Clan leader, and I like the idea of an older cat having a POV.

For RiverClan (my favorite Clan!!!), I’d really like Minnowtail to have a POV, because she’s my favorite minor character.

Now a brief list of the next kits in every Clan.

ShadowClan: too many kits and apprentices already XD
ThunderClan: Rosepetal x Bumblestripe. She defended him when Dovewing was being rude to him, and Blossomfall even said she’d put in a good word for Rosepetal.
SkyClan: I think Violetshine x Tree is enough. I’d love for them to have the maximum amount of kits possible, which is 4? 5?
WindClan: Featherpelt x Hootwhisker. They were so cute together as apprentices in Crowfeather’s Trial!!!
RiverClan: Shimmerpelt x Sneezecloud. I don’t know why, but it’s cute. And maybe another Duskfur x Reedwhisker litter? I can just imagine Reedwhisker being absent from a Gathering even though he’s deputy to stay with his mate and new kits. THIS SHIP NEEDS TO BE CONFIRMED!!!! 😀

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  • I like all of those ideas, and I think a complete silence from Starclan would be a cool idea. It would definitely shake their faith, especially if the medicine cats go to the half moon gathering and have a silence from Starclan. I think we would still see them in prologue’s but it would be cool to see no Starclan for an entire arc only being resolved in book 6.

  • Nice article! 😀
    One thing though, with TwigXFin’s kits, I think it should be different from how Twigbranch grew up, you know, like having some variety 😉

  • I think Hootwhisker and Featherpelt are related… But I agree with you. (My favorite character is Littlecloud. He’s minor, but a major character for ThunderClan are Goosefeather, Jayfeather, and I loved BrightxCloud.) I think WindClan needs a POV. Harestar would be fun, he would be the first leader POV since Firestar. And I think Breezepelt would be nice to. But we can’t hold on to the last forever.

  • A Warriors Arc novel is typically equivalent to approximately 20 chapters, meaning that the protagonists would only have four chapters to develop their character. Personally, altering the perspective to focus on two specific clans would give protagonists a proper chance to embellish themselves for what they are and what they stand for, and divert confusion for the writers because it is an arduous task composing compelling chapters while maintaining 3-4 character perspectives while simultaneously keeping everything consistent. Look at how River of Fire turned out!

    The clans the book would center around would be preferably SKYCLAN and RIVERCLAN. Skyclan is a new clan with diverse ethnicity and mentality, and they are currently struggling to “fit in” with the other clans. Readers would not only find this relatable, but enjoyable, for they can apply the principles attained in the novel to their own life, since Warriors’ target demographic is young adolescents. I also advocate for Riverclan because their clan has not been thoroughly explored or explained. There is a cer tain grace and caliber of humanity within them(especially Mistystar). You constantly see logistical contemplation portrayed in Riverclan cats; how they use their advantage and adaptations to defend themselves, in how they educate eachother, and especially with reasoning with other Clans. Usually, Riverclan cats wish to benefit themselves without the other Clans falling out of balance, and without acting irrationally. You can see this when Mistystar’s warriors escort patrols to camp in Shattered Sky and Darkest Nights, and many other sectors in the books. It would interesting to see Riverclan reclaim the spotlight. It’s been years since Crookedstar’s Promise!

    But what about Shadowclan?
    If the Broken Code’s plot is about the clans losing faith in Starclan, then the writers shouldn’t select a Shadowclan protagonist. Why? Well, Shadowclan has a prominent history of fluctuating faith(many traditional and modern Shadowclan cats disobey the code, and their faith has already been explored for many series. Ex: Darktail and Sol.) It would seem redundant of the Erins to focus on Shadowclan for this predicament. However, I might enjoy a Super Edition with Shadowclan functioning strongly and proudly as Atheists, while concurrently maintaining logic.(I can’t believe Shadowclan lost their religion then and there when that Sol fleabag arrived.) It’d be nice to see them grow strong again as individuals who face their own challenges instead of praying desperately to Starclan. It could add for wonderful development in characters!

    Why not Thunderclan?:
    Thunderclan has eclipsed the other clans in the Warriors Series to a monumental degree. All other six arcs are written with a Thunderclan protagonist. If you are a new fan who is taking an interest in the noble Thunderclan, read the other six arcs. It’s recommended to read them in order to prevent confusion.

    W H Y N O T W I N D C L A N ? ?
    Windclan is another obscure clan; a clan the Erins haven’t pivoted to since Tallstar’s Revenge. All in all, Windclan is great, and I love Crowfeather!(That’s a topic for later. Watch Bright Guardian Akira’s Analysis). I would actually love it if the Erins implemented Windclan into a main arc!! The dynamic between Breezepelt and Crowfeather desperately needs to be explored. I’m particularly curious about Sneezecloud. Harestar is a rational and logical leader and Nightcloud is an enthralling mystery, I’d also enjoy observing how the Clan functions; whether its old mentality resurfaced from what is described in Code of the Clans and Secret of the Clans, or is changed anew. Either Riverclan or Windclan could work in the quality of the book’s favor!

    I concur with the author about TwigXFin, and I agree that their relationship got distorted in Raging Storm. (I’m still reading Raging Storm) I’d like to see Twigbranch adamantly state her honest opinion about having kits with Finleap,(or if Finleap tries the tatic of persuasion,) have Twigbranch make the choice between forcing herself into labor against her will, or breaking up with Finleap.

  • i bet its going to be about a bunch of clan leaders that die and all the clans go in chaos and stop believing in starclan and in the warrior code
    but this is my guess

    • Oh my gosh! I’m reading this article after three books in the series have come out, and Shadowsight does have POV! Also, one of Violetshine and Tree’s kits, Rootspring has one and I don’t know how you’re so good at guessing, Ravenmist!

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