warriors and spoilers by Willowbrook

Official art from the official Warrior Cats site (Illustrator: Wayne McLoughlin)

Willowbrook talks aboutthe series’s relationship with spoilers.

for the most part, spoilers, in other series, happen between people, or on the internet.
while this can happen in warriors, there is a way to get spoilers, without even realising. one thing easy to spoil in warriors is who becomes what/who. if you only recently started reading warriors, and are not up to the latest book, some books TITLES spoil the story. it would be like (spoilers for harry potter) if the last harry potter book, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows was called Harry Potter And The Boy Who Died!

this happened to me when i was browsing my local bookshop for warrior books, specifically super editions, mangas and novellas, and came across two books that spoiled the series, one of these, which luckily i have read the first series, into the wild to the darkest hour, is called firestar’s quest. for a person who has just started reading the series, this spoils most the plot. the only thing it doesn’t spoil is bloodclan, tigerstar becoming leader, silverstream’s death and anything after the new prophecy.

the other book spoiled a major plot point for me, as i still haven’t started the 3rd series. bramblestar’s storm. i assume that bramblestar is brambleclaw, and even then, none of the current leaders, as of the end of darkest hour/start of midnight, are named bramblestar. i wonder how bramblestar becomes deputy though. i’ve heard that graystripe is still alive after firestar’s death, so unless he retires to the elders den, why isn’t sandstorm and dustpelt? and if this isn’t the case, did graystar ever exist? i’ve never heard anyone, moonkitti, quiet rage, tunneli flowers, LZARD WZARD or bright guardian akira speak of him at all! it is a shame that it spoils the plot, because it persuades people not to read the warriors books.

at least with other super editions, like crookedstar’s promise, bluestar’s prophecy and tallstar’s revenge, we already know that they are the leader. i’m sorry to go on a rant, but these problems need to be addressed.

thank you for reading, and if you want to help out, please go to the fanfic page, go back only a few pages and read ravenstar’s hope.

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