[Mapleshade lays on a tree branch with a insidious smile]

Mapleshade’s story made shorter by Firebreeze

Firebreeze outlines Mapleshade’s story.

Artwork by Lunarkisa

Most people think that Mapleshade is evil, the only reason why she chose to kill the cats she killed will be in the article.

Mapleshade was once a warrior of Thunderclan but fell in love with a Riverclan warrior named Appledusk, moons later she had kits. The warriors of Thunderclan found out that Mapleshade was having kits so of course they would want to know who the father is, when Oakstar (I believe it is Oakstar but I am not certain) found out that she was having kits with Appledusk instead of a Thunderclan cat he was furious and banished her from the clan. Unlucky for Mapleshade and her kits their was a terrible storm. Mapleshade figures that she would go to Riverclan to be with Appledusk for he was her “mate”. So she swam across the river with her kits. Her kits were only just born and still in the nursery and had not yet been out of the camp. Mapleshade lost hold of her kits she was unable to get them back and they drifted off in the current and drowned. Later after she got on the River clan side she noticed that one of the Thunderclan cats Frecklewish (I think) was watching the whole thing a didn’t help Mapleshade at all or even try. Mapleshade was furious! So she quickly went to Riverclan wet and cold. When she got to Riverclan she found Appledusk and told him the story but he told his leader not to allow her into the camp saying that the only reason her kits drowned was because of her telling her that she was not his mate. So of yet another clan she was not allowed into. Cold and hungry she left yet another clan. Mapleshade tried to sleep but could still hear the cries of her kits begging her to save them as they drowned. Mapleshade was driven mad by the cries and thought that if she killed three cats that her kits would be avenged. So she killed Appledusk her “mate” for having her banished from Riverclan, Reedshine Appledusk’s Riverclan mate, and Frecklewish for not helping her save her kits (I believe Frecklewish and Mapleshade were friends in
Thunderclan). Later she went to the dark forest.

This is why Mapleshade killed the cats she killed, it wasn’t for no reason she was just trying to avenge her kits.

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  • Nice article! There is one flaw though, Mapleshad didn’t kill Reedshine, she killed Ravenwing because he told ThunderClan about her kits.

  • Appledusk never lied to Darkstar or told her to turn away Mapleshade. Here’s context from chapter 4:
    -“Three kits have drowned in the river. I…I am their father,” […] “Many moons ago, I met with Mapleshade in secret.” […] . “Mapleshade told me she would raise them in ThunderClan,” […] “Mapleshade’s Clanmates learned the truth and she had to leave. The river is flooded and the kits were too young to swim across.”

    – “I’m so sorry, Reedshine. Please forgive me.” […] “I will regret it for the rest of my life, and I can only beg for your forgiveness.” […] “I knew I had made a mistake so I said nothing to my Clanmates.” […] “I should never have betrayed my Clan by meeting with Mapleshade.” […] “I will never forget your mercy, Darkstar. Thank you. I promise my loyalty lies only with RiverClan, and my Clanmates.”

    He just states facts and later apologises for himself. Nothing was made-up or exaggerated, and literally nothing he said could’ve at all influenced Darkstar decision. Yes, he refused to stand up for her, but remember that he was an exposed traitor and showing any favouritism towards Mapleshade could’ve easily had him banished as well.

    And it’s understandable that Frecklewish didn’t get involved in the river. There was already a RiverClan patrol there (keeping in mind RiverClan are much more experienced swimmers), and she’s ThunderClan- she can’t swim. Getting involved would’ve with-out-a-doubt worsened the situation as she’d need herself getting saved, thus wasting the patrol’s time. It would be absolutely no different from rushing into a burning while there’s already firemen dealing with the situation.

    • One thing that upsets me about this comment is the comparison of is the comparison of a firefighter (who, by the way, receives pay for helping people) to a member of a religious cat cult that rivals with them. There was no excuse for Frecklewish not helping the kits, it is stated in the warrior code that, and I quote: ‘a cat may not neglect a kit in pain or danger.’

      • But you’re ignoring the fact, Frecklewish not helping is the best course of action. Since Riverclan cats were already there and she can’t swim, getting involved would of worsen the situation. Sometimes the best action is inaction. There’s a reason in real life, why when someone needs saving, only the most qualified people to do it while everyone else keeps out the way. Too many people trying to get involved unnecessarily would just blow the whole situation out of proportion and worsen it.

      • The comparison in my comment was just pointing out that in a dangerous situation, the best course of action is to let the people qualified for the situation handle it unless you want to end up worsening things. Frecklewish made the better decision by not not getting involved- she can’t swim and would’ve needed to get herself saved.

  • This seemed more like a summary of Mapleshade’s life than an actual opinion on her 😛 But that’s just me haha. I agree with Asterstorm and my mother (idk if I’m still her child though) in the comments.

  • This is a great article, and you make very good points, but my only problem is with the fact that you said most of us thought she was evil. If you went back like a year ago, there are like TONS of articles on Mapleshade. She’s a very popular topic.

    • She had killed the cats she had out of grief. You cant blame her for that, it was her kits who had died when they should have lived a long life.

  • I LOVE Mapleshade, and I really love this article.
    Mapleshade wasn’t selfish. She was just doing it for her kits. <3

    • Mapleshade is my favorite character. Also, don’t forget that Ravenwing, the Thunderclan medicine cat is the one that told Oakstar about the father of the kits and Mapleshade killed him too which is why Frecklewish died of the adder bite (because Mapleshade had killed the only medicine cat)

      Also, Mapleshade killed Frecklewish by luring her near an adder’s nest and Frecklewish gets bitten. Later, because there is no med. cat, she dies of the poison.

  • If you think about it Mapleshade’s story was sad. And a lot of the warrior cat villains became villains because of what had happened to them in the past