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My Thoughts on Pinestar by Tinykit

Tinykit shares their opinion on Pinestar. Spoilers for Pinestar’s Choice!

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(Spoilers for Pinestar’s Choice)

When I started to call myself a dedicated Warriors fan, I use to hear “rumors” about Tigerstar being evil because he had a father who abandoned Clan life because he wanted to live a life of a “soft” kittypet. I sort of get why Tigerstar was an evil cat after that. But we are not talking about Tigerstar, we are talking about his father, Pinestar.

So I didn’t like him at first, as you can see. Until I read Pinestar’s Choice. That’s when I completely changed my thoughts on Pinestar. He wasn’t just a soft cat. In fact, he remained strong and loyal even after becoming a kittypet.

When Pinestar was an apprentice, he was saved by a kittypet. Yes, a kittypet. From a few vicious foxes. He didn’t know who she was then, but only impressed by her, as then all Clan cats rejected kittypets.

He saved her too, and her litter of kits. That’s when he realized that not all kittypets are soft and weak, that they are courageous just like Clan warriors.

He was deputy, then leader of ThunderClan after Doestar. He made kittypet friends. I liked the fact that he felt like he could share anything with them. His troubles being the leader, good things and bad things. He had two kittypet friends – Jake, and Shanty. Whom he’d fell in love with.

Most of all, he didn’t just become a kittypet because he was tired of patrol after patrol and battle after battle. He did it because he wanted to do something good for his beloved. Shanty. She died on the Thunderpath, which also took away him – Pinestar – ‘s second life. Leaving him with only one. He knew how her housefolks would feel. He’s caring, and sympathetic. Her housefolks took him in, as a result, and he decided to call himself Pine, just Pine.

Too bad that ThunderClan never found out the truth, too bad that ThunderClan never realized kittypets have loyalty and pride as well as any cat. Pinestar left with their scorn and pity. But I admire him, Pinestar’s choice was not just to become a kittypet, but to let his son, Tigerkit live. Even though he had been foretold that the only tom of Leopardfoot and his litter was going to bring disaster to the forest.

As long as one believes one has made a good choice, it is the right one.

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  • I know that most fans believe that he loved Shanty but it wasn’t confirmed. Also, what? Pinestar should have just treated Tigerkit kindly and the way he would have treated any other kit, and not abandoned Tigerkit and his mother! Why does NOBODY consider how Leopardfoot and Tigerkit must have felt then? All anyone says is “Oh, poor Pinestar. He just wanted a kitty pet life! He is so innocent!” But how would you feel if, at just 5 years old you’ve already experienced the loss of your sisters… and then your dad just up and leaves you, your group, and your mother for some other life because he’s “tired?” Do you know how hard it is to even be a single mother, especially one who’s already lost two daughters? And do you understand how betrayed Tigerkit must have felt? Pinestar definitely is the reason why Tigerstar became the cat he is, at least in some part, because the first thing Tigerkit experienced that was related to kitty pets was his father abandoning him and his young mother AND his Clan for “relaxing and joy.”

  • You know what, yes. I understand people’s complaints about Pinestar, but after reading his novella and seeing his perspective, I also understand his choice. The cats he left behind certainly have a right to be mad at him, but I fully respect his reasoning, and I like him as a character. He did not want to keep leading cats to their death in a seemingly endless cycle of bloodshed, he was being pressured by StarClan to kill his own kit, he felt he could no longer trust his own Clanmates, and of course one of his best friends (I’m not sure about the love part) died on the Thunderpath, leaving her Twolegs devastated… all of this came together to push him away from his Clan. I will admit he wasn’t perhaps the best leader (though up until he left, I think he did a pretty good job, even when he ended up leading his Clan into a pointless battle because he listened to his medicine cat like Clan leaders are supposed to), or the best Clan cat, but he never chose to be leader, and I never liked him because he necessarily made the right decisions. I can understand and relate to him, and that’s why he’s one of my favorite characters. I also don’t think that he was the primary reason why Tigerstar became evil. At most, he might have contributed to his son’s hatred of kittypets, but that doesn’t explain his ruthless ambition, his willingness to murder ThunderClan’s deputies and leader, or his decision to take over ShadowClan and RiverClan and to execute half-Clan cats.

  • I love Pinestar as a clan leader, always facing things differently than others like Firestar. He was wrong to leave Leopardfoot and Tigerclaw, but he could of been confused with everything. It was weird first seeing him leave for some odd reason in Bluestar’s book, but now I see it well. Sunstar lived up to his old leader.

  • I really like Pinestar.
    His Novella is one of my favourites, although it was a bit messed up.
    But so was Mapleshade’s Vengeance, and idolizes that one.
    At first I was’nt too fond of Pinestar and thought he was a coward for leaving ThunderClan.
    But Pinestar’s Choice changed my opinion completely.
    He knew that he was’nt made for clan life, and was brave enough to comfirm it.
    I loved the time he spend with the kittypets in twolegplace, and I personally think that he was in love with Shanty.
    But sadly she died,(
    That was definetely one of the most heartbreaking moments in all the books, because it was so sudden and unexpected.
    R.I.P Shanty

  • I dislike Pinestar. He left his clan to live with twolegs. Once a warrior, always a warrior. He was a leader! You can’t just leave the clan! But Tigerkit was destined to be evil.

  • This is an amazing article! I defend Pinestar and I completely agree with the things you said!

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