Marrowfrost’s Least Favorite Characters in Warriors

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Marrowfrost lists their least favourite characters in the series. Spoilers for AVOS!

Hi, Marrowfrost here and I’m here to share my least favorite Warriors characters! Positive, I know. I do get quite salty in here, as I despise these characters to no end. Anyways, let’s start with number 5:

Number 5: Leafpool
Okay, I know some of you will come at me for this but hear me out. Leafpool is really annoying for me. Why? Well, she constantly gripes about breaking up with Crowfeather, when it was her decision to break up with him in the first place. She then hides the fact that they had kits, leading up to even more drama in the end of Power of Three and Omen of the Stars. Leafpool brought all this drama upon herself, and brought more on it because she decided to hide the important information of her having his kits. Leafpool’s behavior really irks me, as the majority is “Oh, woe is me, I’m so pitiful!” No. Leafpool brought all of this upon herself, but even then she barely got punished for it. ThunderClan/Firestar barely punished her, she only got the equivalent to a slap on the wrist. Yet Crowfeather becomes an outcast within his own Clan for running away from WindClan with Leafpool. I don’t get how I’m supposed to feel sympathy for Leafpool, as she ruined many other’s lives because of her mistake. (As in Crowfeather, Squirrelflight, Brambleclaw/star, Jayfeather, Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, etc) Don’t even get me started on the mistake that was LeafxCrow.

Number 4: Ashfur
I hate Ashfur. Yes, I’m aware hate is a strong word. Yes, my feelings on Ashfur are very strong. I don’t get how people label him as ‘misunderstood’ or ‘good cat’ at all. If he was misunderstood, that was in the first arc. The arcs we’re talking about are The New Prophecy and Power of Three, and he’s not misunderstood in those arcs. And if he was a good cat, there are several things that he could’ve done to redeem himself. For one, he could’ve accepted that Squirrelflight viewed him as a friend and stayed friends with her. He didn’t have to throw a fit about it. And in PoT, that battle between Ashfur and Lionpaw was unnecessary and uncalled for. Sure, it was partially Lionpaw’s fault but Ashfur should’ve known better as well. And I faintly remember a scene where Ashfur and Lionblaze actually fight after that part of the book. (Like, after Lionblaze was a warrior.) Firestar had to break it up as well. Not to mention the fire scene in Long Shadows, where he tried to kill three Clanmates- one a well respected medicine cat and the other two being strong warriors of ThunderClan. Then he tried to kill Firestar, his Clan leader, because he’s upset that Squirrelflight ‘rejected’ him. Obviously, Ashfur is completely selfish and doesn’t care what his actions do to affect others and his Clan, the Clan that respects him and is supposed to be his family. All he cares about himself.

Number 3: Sleekwhisker
So I really don’t like Sleekwhisker. At all. First off, her motives were never really clear. In River of Fire, we’re told that she was “miserable in ShadowClan”. I don’t get this at all, seeing as she stated this to Rowanstar, Tawnypelt, and Violetshine who have way more of a reason to be miserable than her. She said this to Rowanstar as she held his mate and Yarrowleaf’s innocent kits hostage while Rowanstar clearly hated himself and grew up with terrors Sleekwhisker could never imagine. (For example, Rowanstar grew up in the era of Tigerclaw/star. At the time he was an apprentice.) She said this to Tawnypelt, who’s been living her life around cats who believe her to be disloyal or always thinking about her murderous and evil father, Tigerclaw/star. How she said this to Violetshine, who was emotionally and mentally manipulated most of her life, separated from her only sister, being judged, and having to witness murders at such a young age that no cat should witness. Not to mention how Sleekwhisker bullied Violetshine as a kit when it was very clear that Violetshine wasn’t happy in ShadowClan and that no cat seemed to care about her. Her being ‘miserable’ is like blaming a crippled veteran when you have a stubbed toe.

Number 2: Onestar
Okay, he was a strong leader, I’ll give him that. But his behavior throughout the series? Nope. A big nope. In Eclipse (I think that was the book) he and Leopardstar team up to attack ThunderClan because of their impure blood. Why?? It wasn’t any of his business to begin with, and he’s basically attacking ThunderClan out of hate. Leopardstar is bad for even considering doing this with him, but I’m talking about Onestar. Afterwards, he spits out hatred for ThunderClan the rest of the series. Just because he was afraid of being weak it doesn’t mean that he wasn’t wrong for these actions. In Crowfeather’s Trial, he just gets even worse. He puts his pride above helping ThunderClan with the stoats, and if I’m correct he said that he wanted the stoats on ThunderClan territory. Why? Because he hates ThunderClan. During his meeting with Bramblestar, he brought up Bramblestar’s father, Tigerstar to rub salt in old wounds. Why was that necessary? Why? And during Crowfeather’s Trial, his Clan was constantly shown to have mixed feelings on his decisions. Onestar also decided to exile Crowfeather because Onestar knew he was in the wrong, for a watered down summary of what happened. And in Thunder and Shadow, ShadowClan is suffering from an outbreak of yellowcough, and lungwort is the cure. The only problem is that it only grows on the moors, which is WindClan’s home. ShadowClan is dying. They’re desperate. So, what does Onestar decide to do, like the responsible leader he is? He decides not to share the herbs and in the process, more cats die. His own deputy, Harespring/star ends up betraying his leader to take the lungwort to ShadowClan. Onestar’s sacrifice and confession doesn’t help my opinion on him change one bit. He made major mistakes, mistakes that can’t be so easily forgiven. Harestar is a refreshing leader for WindClan compared to Onestar.

Before I go on to my extremely controversial hated character, here’s my honorable mentions! Or dishonorable? I dunno, whatever:
Finleap (See my posts in the TRS spoiler page if you’re curious as to why I hate him so much. Spoilers at your own risk.)
Star Flower

Number 1: Ivypool
Oh boy, y’all are going to hate me for this. If you’ve seen me around BlogClan and seen my posts, then you’d eventually get the fact that I hate Ivypool. Yes, that dislike has turned into hate now. Why? First off, Ivypool’s overly rude to Dovewing in OotS/AVoS and is cold and spiteful to other cats as well. Most of her character revolves around being angry at Dovewing for something Dovewing can’t control at all. Just think about it. Every situation she’s in during OotS is about her being angry with Dovewing. First she’s jealous of Dovewing because Dovewing’s getting more attention than her. Then she joins the Dark Forest because she’s jealous of Dovewing. Then she gets in a fight with Dovewing because Dovewing likes Tigerheart and Ivypool hates that. Then she gets kitnapped because she followed Dovewing out of camp (Which is her own fault in the first place!). Then in AVoS, she doesn’t want Twigbranch to go find SkyClan because she doesn’t want Dovewing and Tigerheart going together. The list goes on and on… This makes Ivypool come off as a control freak. It’s like Dovewing has to meet these certain standards, otherwise Ivypool just can’t accept Dovewing for who she is. Yes, Dovewing broke the code but really, Ivypool was overly rude to Dovewing about everything. Once Dovewing and Tigerheart stopped meeting, Ivypool didn’t go “oh thank StarClan my sister won’t be hurt and tired everyday”, she was bragging about how right she was and hurting Dovewing in the process. Ivypool doesn’t seem to care one bit how Dovewing feels, everything has to be exactly how Ivypool wants it. During their separation of each other, at least Dovewing tried. Ivypool pushed Dovewing away, and was basically dooming herself from the start In Tigerheart’s Shadow, Dovewing was going to leave ThunderClan with her unborn kits and Ivypool basically says “I’ll only talk to my sister if you and her break up”. So Ivypool would rather her sister leave ThunderClan because Dovewing and Tigerheart are still together? Her entire logic is messed up right there. And her spying? No- that wasn’t even good ‘spying’ if you want to consider it that. Ivypool avoided giving away information to Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Dovewing when she was supposed to. Yes, Ivypool was pretty much forced to do it but she also agreed to it as well. She broke her promise to spy, and didn’t say anything until either The Forgotten Warrior or The Last Hope, I forgot which. This means that she had all these chances to help with the battle and actually prove she was spying and help save the Clans, but instead she decided that her own personal opinions/bias was waaaaaaaaaay more important than the lives of many cats. Ivypool’s always wanted to be special, but once she has a fate changing role to play she backs out of it? Now that’s what I call cowardly. Sure, Ivypool had to face the nightmares of the Dark Forest each night but so did other cats. Ivypool was never a good spy in the first place. She wasn’t a good sister either. But even then, she wasn’t the only spy. Tigerheart was spying too, so he probably could’ve given Dovewing information once they trusted each other enough with their secrets. We don’t know what could’ve happened, because Ivypool thinks of her opinions to be above everyone else’s and forces them on Dovewing. And Ivypool spying wasn’t even needed! Dovewing herself could’ve spied in what goes on in the Dark Forest in the afterlife! So Ivypool didn’t really play a vital role in the Clan’s survival either. But wait, there’s one more major thing I want to talk about that’s somewhat related to Ivypool. I hate IvyxBlossom. It’s toxic and unneeded- just because it’s not heterosexual it doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Blossomfall bullied Ivypool for almost the entire first half of OotS, and just because she supported Ivy once it doesn’t mean that they’re friends. It means they’ve moved on and forgiven each other. (Sorry about adding that last bit, but I just hate both of those characters and the ship itself so much)

Alright, so come at me if you dare, Leafpool/Ashfur/Sleekwhisker/Onestar/Ivypool fans. Any evidence you give me won’t change my mind, as I hate all five with burning passion (but I respect your opinions, I’ll just never agree with you on them is all). Anyways, do any of you agree? Or do you disagree, but see the point I’m making in this article? This was Marrowfrost, and I’m out.

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  1. Sunpaw
    January 12, 2019 at 11:12 pm

    I do see your point with Ivypool. I’ve said in the past that Ivypool started 100% of all arguments she had with Dovewing, and she really tried to make her miserable. However, I think she’s atoned for her sins. She’s somewhat bonded with Dovewing again(emphasis on somewhat), fought on the side of the Clans and proved her loyalty, etc. And yes, IvyBlossom sucks.

    I do agree with your opinion on Ashfur, Sleekwhisker, Onestar, Tom, Thistleclaw, Star Flower, and Blossomfall.

  2. January 13, 2019 at 12:26 am

    I don’t hate Ivypol or even really dislike her, but my feelings on her are…mixed, to say the least, for exactly the point you made in this post. Every time I re-read OotS, I see more and more how awful she was to Dovewing and how bad of a spy she was. At the same time though, I can relate to her feeling of jealousy…granted, I don’t actually take it out on people. I also admire that she’s one of the tougher female characters in the series and stays consistent in personality throughout both arcs she’s in, unlike so many others. I can also admit that there’s probably some bias on my part when it comes to my negative feelings towards her, since Dovewing is and always has been my favourite character and I find myself feeling negativity towards any character that causes her turmoil- Jayfeather, Tigerheart, Bumblestripe, ect…
    The way the fandom holds her to the light like she’s some kind of angelic saint doesn’t help at all, mind you; acting as if she was in the right to treat Dovewing (who literally never did anything to hurt her unless she couldn’t avoid it, ex; being pulled away by Lionblaze when Ivypool wanted to tell her about Hawkfrost) that way she did,and praising her for being ‘such a brave spy’ despite the fact she refused to disclose information at all until the last minute. Even the ‘official’ website doesn’t list her with any negative traits despite her many MANY negative traits, far more than some of the cats who WERE listed with them.

    So yeah, mixed feelings.

    When it comes to Leafpool, I think she’s been punished enough by the world for the mistakes she made as a cat-equivalent teenager, so I can’t find myself willing to hate her as much as so many other people do. She did some stupid things when she was younger, but she paid for them dearly and never once complained about her separation from her children, only offering quiet understanding and a desire for forgiveness.

    The other three, I can totally agree with, even if Sleekwhisker is one of the only female villains in the whole series.

    • Moonpaw- moon that lights up night
      January 14, 2019 at 3:04 am


      still waiting for TES: VI

  3. Moonpaw- moon that lights up night
    January 14, 2019 at 3:19 am

    Leafpool is pretty annoying. I love Ivypool, and I had mixed feelings about Dovewing until recently and I started hating her (sorry). Ashfur was ok until he went nuts. Sleekwhisker should DIE. I used to like Onestar before he became leader.
    your h.m. (whether I agree or not):
    Scorchfur- no
    Finleap- ok; twigbranch deserves better
    Bumblestripe- meh
    Leopardstar- yes
    Leafstar- rotfl yes
    Foxheart- I guess
    Tom- YES
    Thistleclaw- yes
    Sagewhisker- no
    Brambleclaw- why?
    Star Flower- yes
    Blossomfall- but why?

    still waiting for TES: VI

    • January 14, 2019 at 10:58 am

      Ooof. Personally I don’t think Dovewing deserves the hate she gets and Ivypool honestly doesn’t deserve the love she gets but that’s just me.

      Scorchfur – I despise him because of his disrespect of Rowanstar; he’s always found a way to drag him down and honestly? He was a huge jerk that didn’t deserve to be taken back into ShadowClan in my opinion. Purposely ruining someone’s self esteem is unforgivable.
      Sagewhisker – She did some very repulsive things, forcing Yellowfang to become her apprentice, losing her temper with Yellowfang all the time, how she got angry about Yellowfang carrying Raggedpelt’s kits…the list goes on.
      Brambleclaw – He’s a hypocrite and an idiot tbh. I also didn’t like how he literally neglected Jayfeather and Lionblaze during OotS. I don’t care if his feelings were hurt; he loved and raised them and shouldn’t have treated them so coldly when he did interact with them. It was uncalled for.
      Blossomfall – Honestly I found her incredibly whiny and annoying. I get that she was jealous of Briarlight, but she acts immature about it and just…I don’t like her at all and found her behavior/actions selfish and grating to read through.

      ketchup is a smoothie

    • Moonpaw- moon that lights up night
      January 15, 2019 at 5:32 am

      hmm nevermind about blossomfall I don’t like her either

      still waiting for TES: VI

  4. January 14, 2019 at 4:40 pm

    This is great. I like half the ones you don’t. Mrrows in amusement.

    Spotsy is coffee-ready!

  5. January 14, 2019 at 7:19 pm

    You’re a monster!!! Ivypool is my fav fo sho! Although I can kinda see your point. However, I think that Dovewing started a bit of it because she was acting bratty about how she had her powers, and she just ignored Ivypool.

    • January 14, 2019 at 9:23 pm

      Indeed I am. 😛 I’m like, one of the only few people on BlogClan who hate her. Like she rightfully deserves

      Actually, that’s false. Dovewing was called away from her sister all the time by Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and/or Firestar (something that she couldn’t control!) and could barely talk to Ivypool. Dovewing only started going on about how she was better than Ivypool because Ivypool started the arguments. It was never Dovewing who started the arguments; it was 100% Ivypool.

      ketchup is a smoothie

      • Foxtail (Foxie)
        January 16, 2019 at 1:13 am

        Agreed, Hazel/Marrow! *forms Ivypool Hate Dislike Squad*

        Faith it 'til you make it

  6. Forgotten Star (Starpaw/blossom)
    January 15, 2019 at 3:28 am

    I quite like ivypool, but I agree with you on everything else! Also I hate Tom, Foxheart, and Leafstar. I just don’t like SkyClan in general. Like, seriously? Billystorm?

    Forgotten Stars

  7. Viperfrost
    January 16, 2019 at 4:45 am

    I love Ivypool, but I agree on all the other ones! 🙂

    Sidenote: I don’t think it’s very fair to include a fandom-created ship in your description of why you don’t like a character. I mean, you can dislike Ivypool by all means, and I don’t entirely disagree with some of your reasoning, but the ship isn’t even canon and Ivypool has shown no signs of pursuing a romantic relationship with Blossomfall…

    reality is an illusion

    • January 16, 2019 at 9:10 am

      I feel like it was important to add however since some people have ingrained IvyxBlossom’s relationship into the characters themselves, which I find grating and decided to give IvyxBlossom its own little ‘section’ in the Ivypool spot. But I mean, I shouldn’t care about it because I hate both characters in it; the only reason I’d ship IvyxBlossom is out of spite for Ivypool and Blossomfall.

      ketchup is a smoothie

  8. Moondapple
    January 24, 2019 at 9:45 pm

    gud article, tho i like Leafpool and Ivypool. Leafpool truly loved Crowfeather and suffered so much, and it wasn´t her fault for falling in love. she was hated by all her kits and had nobody to support her except for Squirrelflight. Ivypool was brave and could´ve died spying. She chose her clan over the Dark Forest in the end, and her and Fernsong are so cute :3. and also, I hate Sleekwhisker. She is sooooo annoying, cold, and i just wanna punch her in the face. i dont care bout Onestar, hes a jerk.

    dingus bloodclan cat

    • January 24, 2019 at 10:10 pm

      Tbh Leafpool and Crowfeather wasn’t love; it was merely infatuation from what we’re given. Do they ever take the time to get to know each other? No. Do they ever talk before their confession? Barely, but it never hinted once at a relationship between the two.

      “First off, Leafpool just felt sorry one time for Crowfeather and he saved her from the cliff, that’s about all of the interacts I remember they had before pursuing each other. Then when Crow saves her, he’s apparently in love with her all of a sudden? And Leafpool feels the same? There was nothing leading up to this at all, and it’s completely random. Leafpool basically whined and got 10x more annoying towards everyone in ThunderClan during this. When they ran away, it was completely immature of them to do. First off, they barely knew each other. That makes it worse in this aspect. And two, their foolishness probably caused strain between ThunderClan and WindClan which wasn’t good. Like JayxHalf, it wasn’t love. It was purely infatuation. Plus, Crowfeather doesn’t love Leafpool any more.”

      As for Ivyfool…
      “Ivypool did not spy at all. If she was spying, she would’ve given the information to the Three before The Last Hope. When did she agree to this job? In Night Whispers. Meaning, all the information she had received during Sign of the Moon and The Forgotten Warrior would’ve been useful to know beforehand, meaning less cats would die because of her foolishness. And the DF cats weren’t watching her at every single moment- if they were then they would’ve killed her for agreeing to spy in the first place. And if we want to get more technical, they would’ve killed the Three so that way they wouldn’t ruin their plans! Ivypool wasn’t a good spy, neither did she actually spy. She might’ve had a good and loyal heart, but actions often speak louder than your thoughts/feelings/words. Ivypool was downright terrible to Dovewing, and she was not a good sister. Trying to control and change someone because they don’t meet your standards is inexcusable and disgusting. In Tigerheart’s Shadow, she refuses to go help her pregnant sister who is planning on leaving ThunderClan because Dovewing’s still with Tigerheart. When Dovewing leaves and Tigerheart talks to Ivypool, she legit claws at him while she knows he’s upset over this. She said some horrible things to him in that book. Ivypool isn’t a good person; she’s a complete jerk who needed a slap of reality that Dovewing is her own person and she can’t control/change that. Luckily in TRS she got that slap in the face (metaphorically of course, although I wouldn’t have minded it being literal) and realized, “Oh, my sister wants to be HAPPY for once and I’m being a jerk by trying to control her!” I reread OotS, and to me Ivypool’s behavior towards Dovewing seems like emotional/verbal abuse. Feel free to disagree with me, but manipulating Dovewing was awful of her and Dovewing felt like she had to change herself so Ivypool would want to be her sister again. Ivypool is a downright disgusting and vile cat in OotS/AVoS, and nothing changes my mind on that one. (She’s also just a cardboard character; jealousy of a sibling is something that makes people love a character and honestly, Ivypool wasn’t done that well.)”

      Ivypool agreed to spying, yes, but she never did her job and spilled the beans until she was forced to. Again, A JOB SHE AGREED TO DO. She’s still a jerk afterwards OotS, and doesn’t realize that she was being stupid about Dovewing until TRS. TWO ARCS. BASICALLY HER ENTIRE LIFE. I like IvyFern, but Ivypool’s still a jerk that actually needs to prove she isn’t a jerk onscreen for once.

      ketchup is a smoothie

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