Who Should Own Sunningrocks? by Creekdapple

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Creekdapple wonders who should’ve owned the Sunningrocks.

When the Clans were forced to leave the forest, the conflict over Sunningrocks was finally over. This is a good thing, of course, as it put an end to the otherwise endless cycle of conflict and bloodshed for both Clans that claimed the rocks, but it does leave an important question unanswered: who should Sunningrocks belong to anyway? Personally, I’m on team RiverClan. Here’s why.

The most common arguments for ThunderClan’s claim to Sunningrocks are that
1. StarClan changed the course of the river so that Sunningrocks was on ThunderClan’s side, so they must have wanted Sunningrocks to be ThunderClan territory,
2. ThunderClan can get more use out of the rocks, because they use them to hunt while RiverClan just uses them to bask. There are other places on RiverClan territory where cats can easily bask in the sun.
I’m very sorry if I’m strawmanning either of these, or if there are other arguments on the ThunderClan side that I’m unaware of. Please feel free to let me know if I got anything wrong or if there’s something you’d like to add to the arguments for ThunderClan owning Sunningrocks.

Assuming these are accurate representations of the main arguments for ThunderClan, I’ll try to refute them and explain why I think Sunningrocks should belong to RiverClan, or at least why RiverClan should be the ones deciding what to do with them.
Counterargument 1: Sunningrocks was on RiverClan’s side, undisputedly their territory, until a flood came and changed the river’s course so that there was nothing between the rocks and ThunderClan territory. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re on ThunderClan territory; Clan borders may be created based around a certain landmark, but they don’t change just because said landmark changes its position. There’s a much stronger case on ThunderClan’s side when we bring in the argument that StarClan intentionally changed the course of the river, but we can’t know for sure that the flood was StarClan’s doing, and I find it hard to believe that they would use something as destructive as a flood to take a part of RiverClan’s territory away and give it to ThunderClan, especially when they didn’t even warn RiverClan first. And even if they for some reason did, that still doesn’t make it justified, and ThunderClan is not entitled to RiverClan land simply because StarClan, without RiverClan’s permission, decided that they were. Sunningrocks was originally RiverClan territory, and they never gave up their claim to it.

Counterargument 2: I respect the argument that ThunderClan has more use for Sunningrocks than RiverClan does, and I somewhat agree. However, if it can be said that RiverClan has plenty of other rocks for basking, then it can also be said that ThunderClan has plenty of other spots for hunting. In reality, Sunningrocks wouldn’t provide much of an advantage for ThunderClan, as they’re a small group of mostly-barren rocks in a large, lush forest territory, and, while they do provide hiding spaces for prey, so do more vegetated areas which also provide food sources for ThunderClan prey. Yes, ThunderClan does have a slight territorial advantage with Sunningrocks, but that doesn’t give them the right to take them from RiverClan. Unless we accept that the flood was a mandate from StarClan, this is hardly any different from, say, ShadowClan invading ThunderClan and claiming a little-used piece of their land because it gave them an advantage over their current territorial claims. Again, I say: Sunningrocks was originally RiverClan territory, and they never rightfully gave up their claim to it.

What do you think? In the forest territories, should Sunningrocks have belonged to RiverClan or ThunderClan?

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  • Prey > Sunbathing
    Just because ThunderClan has other places to hunt, that doesn’t mean that they can’t have Sunningrocks. Eating is an extremely important thing, going to be lazy and getting sunlight on rocks when you’re outside all the time anyways and get sunlight to warm you up wherever you go is not. After the flood, it fell right into Thunderclan’s lap. surrounded fully by only their territory and then the river which forms the border to RiverClan on every side except that part? That’s like giving snakerocks to ShadowClan despite it being circled by ThunderClan territory. Honestly, Sunningrocks is a sign of how petty RiverClan is. They’ll fight to the death over some rocks they only use to sunbathe. In leaf-bare, RiverClan can’t sunbathe on the rocks unless they want to freeze to death, and Sunningrocks makes an excellent place for mice and water voles to nestle for their winter’s sleep. Since prey is scarce, ThunderClan needs Sunningrocks for its prey. You can argue RiverClan needs it too, but RiverClan doesn’t use it unless you’re a cat called Hawkfrost who wants to piss off ThunderClan cats. You could say that Sunningrocks belongs to RiverClan for new-leaf and green-leaf and to ThunderClan for leaf-fall and leaf-bare but that’s just utterly stupid. Why constantly change borders when only one side makes good use of it and it’s clearly right in one Clan’s territory? Besides, after the last time ThunderClan won, RiverClan didn’t do anything about it for a good few books.

    PS. I do know that this was from a long time ago, i jsut found this and decided to share my opinion.

    • Dewii,
      I agree completely! But mostly, why they fight over bunch of rocks? It’s just…..eh. It seems like a fight for nothing. RiverClan always loses so why would they keep trying just to be warm?

  • I always believed RiverClan should have rights to Sunningrocks, in Greenleaf. I want RiverClan to let ThunderClan use the rocks in Leafbare. In the old forest, it could have happened if the clans were not so stuck up.

  • What’s the point of sharing if when RiverClan has it their just going to sunbathe? If they won’t use it properly, then they shouldn’t get it! At least ThunderClan is using it for a good reason, unlike RiverClan.
    not trying to cause hate! Have a great week everyone! 😀