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My Top Five Favorite Warrior’s Couples by Featherstorm

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Featherstorm lists their favourite couples in the series. Are any of these cat-sanovas pulling at your heart strings?

I know that the main characters in Warriors are cats, but I feel their love and heartbreak as strongly as if it was my own. Today I’ll be discussing my top five favorite Warriors couples in order from least loved to most loved!
5. Crowfeather and Feathertail
Feathertail died to save Crowfeather. Isn’t that the ultimate act of love? Maybe, maybe not, but I still think that their relationship was just too underdeveloped for many people to really feel the pain of losing Feathertail. If they had been together for longer, then I feel like I would’ve felt Crowfeather’s pain. Instead, when I read the book I just thought, ‘Oh, she’s gone now.’

4. Leafpool and Crowfeather
Their love story was the most tragically heartbreaking of all the ones I’ve read. Leafpool was intrigued by the dark, brooding warrior from a different clan. He was grieving over Feathertail, and when he and Leafpool fell in love, he must have been afraid of getting his heart broken again. He was brave enough to try to seek out a life with Leafpool, away from the clans. She was brave enough to go with him. She knew that her role as a medicine cat would prevent her from being with Crowfeather, not to mention the fact that they were in different clans. Crowfeather’s worst fear came true when they returned to their clans, and a short while later, Leafpool told him that it was all over, that she was a medicine cat and her only duty was to ThunderClan, and that he should focus on regaining the loyalty of his clanmates, because he had lost it when they had run away. Her harsh words only the pain of losing him, but she knew she had to push him away so that they could both lead the best lives possible.

3. Thrushpelt and Bluefur
So I’m aware that Bluefur never actually loved Thrushpelt, but he loved her very much. This one’s mostly about Thruspelt. Even when she was expecting kits and he knew that neither he nor another ThunderClan tom was the father, he loved her enough to offer to be the kits’ pretend father. When Bluefur told the clan that a fox or badger had stolen her kits, he played the part of a grieving father so well that I wonder if it was even an act. Perhaps Thrushpelt loved Bluefur so much that he loved her kits, too, no matter who the father was. He respected Bluefur’s wish to remain friends and was a loyal and kind clanmate until he died.

2. Breezepelt and Heathertail
I just love this couple because of all the pain they suffered to get to where they are now. Breezepelt was rejected by his father and clanmates over and over again. This drove him to the Dark Forest, where he trained hard to make Crowfeather and his clanmates pay. In the Great Battle, he was the only warrior who continued to fight for the Dark Forest after all the cats found out what was happening. This, along with his prickly attitude, made most of his clanmates dislike him and doubt his loyalty. Heathertail loved Lionblaze when they were both apprentices. She often met with him in the tunnels that ran underneath ThunderClan and WindClan territory. After they rescued a few WindClan kits, Lionblaze knew that they couldn’t continue to meet. After that, when WindClan and ThunderClan battled, Lionblaze almost killed Heathertail when he thought that she had given her clan information on how to invade ThunderClan. After the Great Battle Heathertail grew close to Breezepelt, defending him from his clanmates. She seemed to be the only cat who had any faith in him. It’s no wonder that they are now mates and have two daughters, Smokehaze and Brindlewing.

and finally…
1. Jagged Peak and Holly!
Jagged Peak, brother to Clear Sky and Gray Wing, traveled with the rest of the journeying cats to the forest. He then chose to live with Clear Sky’s group under the trees but was soon cast out after a fall from a tree crippled him. He went back to the moor and was treated like a kit because of his useless leg until Holly arrived. She understood him. She cared about him. And she didn’t act as if he was a moon old! Their love grew until they became mates. Holly then had three kits: Storm Pelt. Dew Nose, and Eagle Feather. Holly and Jagged Peak were meant for each other.

I hope you all enjoyed this!

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  • I agree with most important of them, ESPECIALLY LeafxCrow (one of my OTPs), except CrowxFeather (I don’t like Feathertail) and JaggedxHolly (haven’t read Dawn of the Clans). Remember this is MY opinion, and you don’t have to agree with it. With that said, otherwise great article.

  • I’m a BIG Jagged Peak x Holly hater. She turned into into an arrogant jerk. He hurted Gray Wing so much, and the only thing Gray Wing could feel was guilt. And in Moth Flight’s Vision, both Jagged Peak and Holly have the AUDACITY to belittle Moth Flight’s unborn kits, just because they’re also Micah’s. I hate what Holly has done with him.

  • Yeeeesss I love Jagged peak x holly! Finally!!! Also, I still don’t understand rainswept x jagged just because they never had feelings for each other

  • I ship Bumble x Turtle Tail, Half Moon x Jay’s Wing, Lion’s Roar x Half Moon, Bright Stream x Gray Wing, Gray Wing x Turtle Tail, and Jagged Peak x Rainswept Flower. I definitely love the Thrushpelt x Bluefur ship.

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