[Mapleshade lying down as she bleeds from a wound, saying "Leave me alone. I don't need anyone."]

Going over “Mapleshade’s Vengeance” by Sparrowfeather

Sparrowfeather shares their opinion on Mapleshade.

Art by Mizu-no-Akira

*Warning some spoilers*

Hello, It’s me Sparrowfeather (my first article) today I am going to review one of my favorite warrior cat’s vengeance. Mapleshade to be honest, I love Mapleshade and she was just avenging her kit’s lives. Patchkit didn’t deserve this. Well, based on my reading of it….I had to read this four times not kidding now! (XD) I wish that Ravenwing could have minded his own business though! WHY did StarClan send him that message? Those innocent kits were thrown out of the Clan, and Frecklewish is trying to claw Mapleshade to death, while she is comforted by Oakstar. I have only one question…..

Why did RiverClan turn Mapleshade away like that?

So, you see Mapleshade falls in love with Appledum- er Appledusk! (Appledumb), They become mates and meet in secret (AGAINST WARRIOR CODE *coughs*) and all of a sudden she has three wonderful kits for him, Patchkit, Petalkit, and Larchkit. And RAVENWING busted the whole party when he catches the three kits with Mapleshade outside of camp kinda swimming in the river.
And then Ravenwing starts going out at the poor queen. Yes, she mad a horrible decision to like about how they were BIRCHFACE’S kits. Also, mating with Appledumb, so Appledumb doesn’t know that she lied about the father (duh), and when her own clan TURNS her OVER and kicks her tail out of camp, she tries crossing the river to get to RiverClan.

Little dose she know, that her poor 3 kits can’t swim very well, I think. Well, that’s why they drowned. It’s extremely sad, how they just died…..and Frecklewish was watching but did NOTHING! Mapleshade was going in with them, and as she watched them drown, her feelings were as dreadful as her kits’. She tried to save them, as she dove in the river after them, poor kits. Why couldn’t Mapleshade take them 1 by 1 over the river? Just wondering. That would prevent her from being heart broken from Appledusk, and grief-filled from her kits’ deaths. The death of her kids were ONE HUNDRED percent ACCIDENT! But did Appledusk and RiverClan notice or care? ANYWAYS…… After they were drowned, and swept away by the current, Mapleshade jumped in trying to rescue them the kits were screaming and crying for help.

Appledusk and a RiverClan patrol comes, they find the kits’ bodies. All dead, soaked, wet, drowned…..and sad. Mapleshade is very devastated, as well as me. Patchkit didn’t deserve this! He promised to stay by his mother, MAPLESHADE PROMISED! And yet, her glossy black, reddish-ginger, and white fluffy yet sleek pelt didn’t press against Patchkit, and his happy and hangry mews.
Now did they? It was so sad! (Plz don’t cry)

LIKE OH MY STARCLAN!!! They go back to RiverClan, and Appledusk is claiming how, “Oh, I’m sorry I made a mistake, it’s my fault, Mapleshade should have been better, please forgive me I promise to obey the warrior code from now on,”
REALLY buster?! Ridiculous….!
Even Ravenwing wasn’t like this! Somehow, he forgives him the one who
1. Broke the warrior code (4 times)
2. Rejected Mapleshade
3. LIED to Mapleshade, had kits with Reedshine
4. Didn’t really do anything about the drowning kits, should have like I DUNNO helped more, got there sooner!
5. Gets forgiven over just his mate, Reedshine who RUINED Mapledusk/Appleshade (Mapleshade mates with Appledusk)
6. Lied to his leader
7. Killed Birchface, and it was his fault
7. Oh, right he lied to Reedshine! 🙂
You see, Appledusk deserves no one honestly!!!
THEN, Mapleshade was somehow kicked out, not even giving a scrap of anything good.

AND REEDSHINE is over here defending her new official, mate and she is growling at Mapleshade to go away. Yes, when did she step up! That is VERY unnecessary of her. Like, go get a live Reedshine! It makes me very angry that Appledusk and Reedshine did this.
Reedshine is a pretty neat and nice she-cat thou, but why her? Poor Mapleshade!
Meanwhile, she seeks revenge for her kits.

3 kits’ death
3 cat’s death
She shall now avenge her kits, yee. She kills Ravenwing while he travels to Moonstone with the other medicine cats. She gets revenge on the grey-black tom, who discovered her secret about Appledusk and her kits. >:3
Next is Frecklewish. Did Frecklewish deserve to die? Sure, she just watched Mapleshade’s kits drown, but why was she killed? She was angry since Mapleshade lied under her brother’s name, Birchface. I don’t think she meant to just watch Mapleshade’s kits perish.
So, Mapleshade sets up a plan. She manages to “trap” Frecklewish at snake rocks. The two cats snarl at each other, and the former queen, Mapleshade awakens the snakes in a small den behind her, and when Frecklewish leaps for Maple…………. BAM! Mapleshade ducks and runs outta the way and Frecklewish is tormented by blood-thirsty sinister-gazed snakes. When she cries for help,
“Help me!”
Mapleshade declines by saying (not exact words I think too lazy to get the book, :P), “Like you help my kits? No thanks!” she pads away, as Frecklewish screams in pain as her blood-soaked pelt (where the fangs hit in) is to the snakes now. The patrol catches up to Frecklewish and dose help her, but Ravenwing, their medicine cat is dead!!! Karma on ThunderClan. Frecklewish may have survived, but she will still be blind if she did/dose.
Frecklewish’s death was almost(equally sad) as sad as her brother’s and Patchkit’s, Larchkit’s, and Petalkit’s.

Next, her last dearly kit, Patchkit. Mapleshade spots Appledusk, Reedshine, and Patchpaw in RiverClan. When the two older warriors weren’t supervising the apprentice, she tackled down Patchpaw and muffled him. Patchpaw, a nice RiverClan apprentice was all like, “HALP ME!”

Appledusk come over and notices his ex-mate (basically) pinning and holding his apprentice hostage. He doesn’t want to fight Mapleshade (pfft now your nice), but Mapleshade will avenge all 3 of her kits! And her broken love! And what RiverClan had done to her! Along with ThunderClan! She kills Appledusk, blood seems to cloud my vision (not literally) as I read this part. Then Patchpaw busted up Mapleshade!
Mapleshade was dying of her dreaded open wound that was bleeding heavily, and then Reedshine’s exact words to Patchpaw, Mapleshade, or both,
“Let her crawl alone and die,”
And then, the two cats leave Mapleshade as she goes away. Myles, a cat Maple has met before (aka kittypet) tries to help Mapleshade, but the she-cat demands for him to go away.
She dies. :'(
But HOW dose she defeat 3 cats four times stronger than a apprentice, and get killed by one?! Sure, Patchpaw’s blow was a surprise and very ferocious, but how? So was Frecklewish’s claws vicious (eh)! Well, just a thought. She wakes up in the Dark Forest. She was just avenging her kits, and what about Bluefur and Oakheart? That is unfair.
Crowfeather and Leafpool to! Leafpool’s a med cat to!

Well overall, I enjoyed this book a lot! Many questions remained unanswered thou (XD). All Mapleshade wanted was a mate to love, strong and great kits to raise and have, and a clan to make and be proud of. I think Maple is innocent! She isn’t completely evil! She was getting revenge!

Welp, thanks guys! Hope you enjoyed this article and Mapleshade’s Vengeance to! Bye cya next time!

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  • Ok, I don’t like Appledusk that much, but I don’t think he killed birchface on purpose. Besides, cats get killed all the time in battles. You can’t blame Applefur for that. Also, Applesauce doing that caused four cats to die: Mapleshade, Applefur, Frecklewish, and Ravenwing. By the way, in Goosefeather’s curse, you find out that Frecklewish dies from that. So, that mostly is Applecider’s fault. In conclusion, I don’t like Applepie, Applecider, Applefur, Appledusk, Applejuice, Applebutter, Æbleflæsk, Applecrisp, Applechips, or whatever his name is. I don’t think his name’s Æbleflæsk.

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