Going over “Mapleshade’s Vengeance” by Sparrowfeather

Sparrowfeather shares their opinion on Mapleshade.

Art by Mizu-no-Akira

*Warning some spoilers*

Hello, It’s me Sparrowfeather (my first article) today I am going to review one of my favorite warrior cat’s vengeance. Mapleshade to be honest, I love Mapleshade and she was just avenging her kit’s lives. Patchkit didn’t deserve this. Well, based on my reading of it….I had to read this four times not kidding now! (XD) I wish that Ravenwing could have minded his own business though! WHY did StarClan send him that message? Those innocent kits were thrown out of the Clan, and Frecklewish is trying to claw Mapleshade to death, while she is comforted by Oakstar. I have only one question…..

Why did RiverClan turn Mapleshade away like that?

So, you see Mapleshade falls in love with Appledum- er Appledusk! (Appledumb), They become mates and meet in secret (AGAINST WARRIOR CODE *coughs*) and all of a sudden she has three wonderful kits for him, Patchkit, Petalkit, and Larchkit. And RAVENWING busted the whole party when he catches the three kits with Mapleshade outside of camp kinda swimming in the river.
And then Ravenwing starts going out at the poor queen. Yes, she mad a horrible decision to like about how they were BIRCHFACE’S kits. Also, mating with Appledumb, so Appledumb doesn’t know that she lied about the father (duh), and when her own clan TURNS her OVER and kicks her tail out of camp, she tries crossing the river to get to RiverClan.

Little dose she know, that her poor 3 kits can’t swim very well, I think. Well, that’s why they drowned. It’s extremely sad, how they just died…..and Frecklewish was watching but did NOTHING! Mapleshade was going in with them, and as she watched them drown, her feelings were as dreadful as her kits’. She tried to save them, as she dove in the river after them, poor kits. Why couldn’t Mapleshade take them 1 by 1 over the river? Just wondering. That would prevent her from being heart broken from Appledusk, and grief-filled from her kits’ deaths. The death of her kids were ONE HUNDRED percent ACCIDENT! But did Appledusk and RiverClan notice or care? ANYWAYS…… After they were drowned, and swept away by the current, Mapleshade jumped in trying to rescue them the kits were screaming and crying for help.

Appledusk and a RiverClan patrol comes, they find the kits’ bodies. All dead, soaked, wet, drowned…..and sad. Mapleshade is very devastated, as well as me. Patchkit didn’t deserve this! He promised to stay by his mother, MAPLESHADE PROMISED! And yet, her glossy black, reddish-ginger, and white fluffy yet sleek pelt didn’t press against Patchkit, and his happy and hangry mews.
Now did they? It was so sad! (Plz don’t cry)

LIKE OH MY STARCLAN!!! They go back to RiverClan, and Appledusk is claiming how, “Oh, I’m sorry I made a mistake, it’s my fault, Mapleshade should have been better, please forgive me I promise to obey the warrior code from now on,”
REALLY buster?! Ridiculous….!
Even Ravenwing wasn’t like this! Somehow, he forgives him the one who
1. Broke the warrior code (4 times)
2. Rejected Mapleshade
3. LIED to Mapleshade, had kits with Reedshine
4. Didn’t really do anything about the drowning kits, should have like I DUNNO helped more, got there sooner!
5. Gets forgiven over just his mate, Reedshine who RUINED Mapledusk/Appleshade (Mapleshade mates with Appledusk)
6. Lied to his leader
7. Killed Birchface, and it was his fault
7. Oh, right he lied to Reedshine! 🙂
You see, Appledusk deserves no one honestly!!!
THEN, Mapleshade was somehow kicked out, not even giving a scrap of anything good.

AND REEDSHINE is over here defending her new official, mate and she is growling at Mapleshade to go away. Yes, when did she step up! That is VERY unnecessary of her. Like, go get a live Reedshine! It makes me very angry that Appledusk and Reedshine did this.
Reedshine is a pretty neat and nice she-cat thou, but why her? Poor Mapleshade!
Meanwhile, she seeks revenge for her kits.

3 kits’ death
3 cat’s death
She shall now avenge her kits, yee. She kills Ravenwing while he travels to Moonstone with the other medicine cats. She gets revenge on the grey-black tom, who discovered her secret about Appledusk and her kits. >:3
Next is Frecklewish. Did Frecklewish deserve to die? Sure, she just watched Mapleshade’s kits drown, but why was she killed? She was angry since Mapleshade lied under her brother’s name, Birchface. I don’t think she meant to just watch Mapleshade’s kits perish.
So, Mapleshade sets up a plan. She manages to “trap” Frecklewish at snake rocks. The two cats snarl at each other, and the former queen, Mapleshade awakens the snakes in a small den behind her, and when Frecklewish leaps for Maple…………. BAM! Mapleshade ducks and runs outta the way and Frecklewish is tormented by blood-thirsty sinister-gazed snakes. When she cries for help,
“Help me!”
Mapleshade declines by saying (not exact words I think too lazy to get the book, :P), “Like you help my kits? No thanks!” she pads away, as Frecklewish screams in pain as her blood-soaked pelt (where the fangs hit in) is to the snakes now. The patrol catches up to Frecklewish and dose help her, but Ravenwing, their medicine cat is dead!!! Karma on ThunderClan. Frecklewish may have survived, but she will still be blind if she did/dose.
Frecklewish’s death was almost(equally sad) as sad as her brother’s and Patchkit’s, Larchkit’s, and Petalkit’s.

Next, her last dearly kit, Patchkit. Mapleshade spots Appledusk, Reedshine, and Patchpaw in RiverClan. When the two older warriors weren’t supervising the apprentice, she tackled down Patchpaw and muffled him. Patchpaw, a nice RiverClan apprentice was all like, “HALP ME!”

Appledusk come over and notices his ex-mate (basically) pinning and holding his apprentice hostage. He doesn’t want to fight Mapleshade (pfft now your nice), but Mapleshade will avenge all 3 of her kits! And her broken love! And what RiverClan had done to her! Along with ThunderClan! She kills Appledusk, blood seems to cloud my vision (not literally) as I read this part. Then Patchpaw busted up Mapleshade!
Mapleshade was dying of her dreaded open wound that was bleeding heavily, and then Reedshine’s exact words to Patchpaw, Mapleshade, or both,
“Let her crawl alone and die,”
And then, the two cats leave Mapleshade as she goes away. Myles, a cat Maple has met before (aka kittypet) tries to help Mapleshade, but the she-cat demands for him to go away.
She dies. :'(
But HOW dose she defeat 3 cats four times stronger than a apprentice, and get killed by one?! Sure, Patchpaw’s blow was a surprise and very ferocious, but how? So was Frecklewish’s claws vicious (eh)! Well, just a thought. She wakes up in the Dark Forest. She was just avenging her kits, and what about Bluefur and Oakheart? That is unfair.
Crowfeather and Leafpool to! Leafpool’s a med cat to!

Well overall, I enjoyed this book a lot! Many questions remained unanswered thou (XD). All Mapleshade wanted was a mate to love, strong and great kits to raise and have, and a clan to make and be proud of. I think Maple is innocent! She isn’t completely evil! She was getting revenge!

Welp, thanks guys! Hope you enjoyed this article and Mapleshade’s Vengeance to! Bye cya next time!


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  • Alright, her comes the Appledusk defense squad:
    It was Mapleshade’s fault as much as Appledusk’s for taking a forbidden mate. Appledusk was right to reject her, as she’d tried to cross the river with young kits, knowing that the river was dangerous and shouldn’t be crossed. Appledusk wasn’t there. He didn’t know what happened like us, the readers do. For all he knew, Mapleshade could’ve murdered their kits. And he cared very much about their kits. He immediately goes to help find them after the RiverClan patrol finds Mapleshade and brings her to shore. He promises that he’ll save them. Earlier, when he finds out he’s a father, he’s ecstatic. When he finds out Mapleshade deliberately had her kits cross the river, he’s angry because she got them killed. There are so many better options she could’ve done, yet she chose the most dangerous one. Being blinded by grief isn’t enough to excuse her actions. She still was a major contributor to the death of Petalkit, Patchkit, and Larchkit. Appledusk is angry about this, because Mapleshade put their kits in danger and got them killed. So apparently he doesn’t care about his kits? This evidence shows that he cares about his kits.

    Appledusk is allowed to have more than one mate, is there a rule in the code stating a cat can only have one? Crowfeather, Dovewing, Tigerclaw/star, Willowpelt, and others have taken more than one mate. Yet Appledusk isn’t allowed to have more than one, even after it’s shown that he’s broken ties with her beforehand? He knew what he and Mapleshade were doing was wrong, and was right to try and find love in his own Clan afterwards. He doesn’t have to care for Mapleshade anymore if he wants to. Appledusk found love with Reedshine, and was moving on from Mapleshade, a forbidden mate of his from a Clan that hates him.

    Appledusk was more careful about this than Mapleshade, and we are reading this all from Maple’s biased POV. Of course it’s going to seem like he’s some horrible fox-heart for leaving her, even though she brought the kits’ death and the exile from her Clan upon herself. She didn’t try to move on, leading to the Clan to be slightly suspicious because the kits’ father was never officially revealed, and then her exile because she never said anything, so that’s why she was exiled so quickly. Appledusk sacrificed his life saving Reedshine and their kits from Mapleshade. It doesn’t matter if it was an accident or not, she directly was intent on killing Reedshine and their kits because of her obsessive love towards him and not wanting him to move on with his life. Mapleshade deserved what happened to her because of her foolishness. She killed cats because of her grief. Just because she was grieving it doesn’t mean you try to “avenge” that person (people)’s death. Think of it this way in human terms. Your children die because of a mistake you did, such as causing a car accident or something like that. Your spouse rejects you because they’ve moved on from your affair, and mainly because your own mistake caused your children together to die. They tell you to leave them and their new family alone, causing you to be heartbroken. Do you go on a murderous spree to kill the people who you think helped kill your children, to avenge them? No. But that’s what Mapleshade did, and she paid the price for it. No one was in the right in the whole situation, and everyone was stupid during it. But Mapleshade was the dumbest of them all, and caused most of the chaos to the Clans later on because of her foolish actions.
    But she still took them across the river in the first place. Her kits noticed the danger of the river, and if a kitten can see that the river wasn’t a safe option, then Mapleshade should’ve too. Even if she wishes it could’ve been her, it’s still her fault and nothing can change it. She made her choice, and there was no going back. All of her actions after finding out she was expecting Appledusk’s kits in ThunderClan led up to her kits death. Her regrets and remorse doesn’t change anything about the fact that she deliberately took her kits across the river without thinking about it properly.
    Mapleshade still murdered cats. Avenging someone does not, I repeat DOES NOT justify murder. Even if the ones someone is avenging are kits.

    • Yep there is no warrior more dangerous/fierce than a queen…….run for your lives lol

      Anyway yes I agree! I think both Mapleshade and Appledusk were in the wrong. They both were doing only what they thought was right (even Mapleshade’s victims). However I love Mapleshade because she’s just a great villain 🙂 This doesn’t mean I hate those involved in her backstory though (except Oakstar). Appledusk, Ravenwing, and Frecklewish weren’t innocent but yet they mustn’t be fully blamed either.

  • Great article, twinsie! It’s me, Spottedpaw/fern(Spotsy!) The cat who welcomed you on the “Say Hi!” Page!? I want to keep speaking to you, but it’s kind of hard when I can’t find your comments! Go to Cadvent day 6, picture two! I have a Clan! We can chat there! This was amazing! I am a Maplshade defender, too! I hate Appledusk, but I love his name! Reedshine is a cute name, but I…


    Okay, we’re good. I am done ranting about ….her! Go to Cadevent 6 pic 2. Anyone else who sees this, feel free to join also!

  • Not gonna lie, I DID like Mapleshade a lot, but after a certain Super Edition, I STRONGLY dislike her. For anyone that knows what I’m talking about, basically she was petty enough to go follow Appledusk’s innocent great grandchild and murder EVERYONE they ever loved (excluding one person.) It made me so angry, especially when the cat’s life she ruined is probably one of (if not) one of my favorite characters!
    Ugh, I get that it feels bad, and she deserved vengeance, but she didn’t deserve the right to ruin a poor kit’s life.

    For anyone who wants to know what Super Edition, it’s ——————————-> Crookedstar’s Promise

  • I agree with you tbh. I’m a Mapleshade lover, and honestly it saddens me to see so many people off and attacking a poor mother who was HALLUCINATING. HALLUCINATING, I REPEAT. Bluestar had a mental condition at the end of her life and went to StarClan even though she made bad choices, but Mapleshade goes to the DF even though she was being affected by hallucinations. These days I can’t even manage to type out a paragraph defending her tbh because it doesn’t seem to stick in people’s mind that she was hallucinating, so even if I write a long paragraph no one cares. :p but great article!

    • …But she wasn’t hallucinating before she went and took her kits across the river and accidentally got them killed? She still tried to take young kits across a raging river when there were other options. (E.g. Mapleshade could’ve went in a different direction instead of towards RiverClan with her kits, Mapleshade could’ve left Clan territory with her kits, etc. She wasn’t very smart tbh.)

      • She was ragged, desperate, and trying to get to her mate. If anything, Oakstar was stupid, forcing a queen and her three newborns out into a storm just because he was spiteful.

        • But she committed the crime she was banished for in the first place. She wasn’t innocent from the start. Not to mention she hardly even tried to keep the secret hidden. She brings the kits to the border and lets them swim around in the lake just to speak with Appledusk, literally putting their RiverClan traits on display. Appledusk even warns her to refrain from visiting him again, yet she continues to obsess over him, even briefly mentioning him while at ThunderClan camp. It was behaviour like this that gave everything away to Ravenwing.

          Oakstar may have made a bad desicion that affected Mapleshade, but that doesn’t automatically mean Mapleshade isn’t responsible for her own actions.

    • But it her fault for having hallucinations in the first place, because she caused her kits to drown by recklessly crossing the river. Literally, if Mapleshade were a real person, instead of getting pity for that, she would be in prison.

      • See my reply to Hazel. 🙂 and no, moms don’t get in prison when they’re forcefully kicked out by someone with her newborns into a storm. The person who kicked them out goes to prison, in this case, Oakstar. 🙂 None of it was Mapleshade’s fault.

        • In Human terms, it would a Father-in-law, Oakstar kicking a mother and her children out of his household, after finding out she lied about the father, being his son’s killers instead. Then the mother, Mapleshade going onto getting the children killed in a Car crash or something similar. It would still be deemed the Mapleshade’s fault through manslaughter by gross negligence, which is definitely a crime.

          The Father-In-law wouldn’t be deemed reasonable. As a more-distant relative and the mother is alive, Oakstar doesn’t have custody over the children, therefore, not reasonable for caring for them. It’s up to the Mother, Mapleshade to find her children shelter. If she couldn’t, they’d be forced into adaption.

          If the Warrior Cats had a more developed legal system then just the vauge rules of the Warrior Code, I’m sure Mapleshade would be found somewhat reasonable for her kits’ deaths, like she would be in real life.

        • oh so your saying moms who murder 3 innocent people plus their children and betrayed their family dosent go to prison??????

    • Everything was brought upon herself. She committed a crime, had little competence at hiding it, made her three kits swim a flood, and in the end, she was made to suffer the consequences of her thoughtlessness. Mental illness has its limits. Mapleshade can only commit so many crimes before that excuse is cancelled out, such as when she attempted to murder innocent heavily-pregnant Reedshine, who had nothing to do with the kits’ deaths.

  • I feel like the majority of the fandom has unreasonable demands for Mapleshade’s victims, believing that they should’ve put one reckless/untrustworthy individual above their friends and kin or even entire Clan. Ravenwing is the prime example of this, as he is bashed on for siding with his Clan above one untrustworthy liar. Most people seem to disregard that he only had the choice to pick one side, and let’s just look at the sides clearly:
    Mapleshade- A code-breaking traitor and a possible danger to the Clan. She could have leaked valuable information to Riverclan, trespassed on RiverClan territory just to meet Appledusk, ect, ect. And she already showing signs of supicious behaviour like that; by bringing her and her kits so dangerously close to the border in broad daylight just to speak with Appledusk. This was literally one of the reasons Ravenwing uncovered her lies in the first place.
    And his entire Clan- They had no reason not to know and he wasn’t going to become a lying traitor himself to protect one cat. Especially as a lying medicine cat has never ended well: Yellowfang’s forbidden relationship led to Brokenstar’s downfall/corruption and Leafpool’s forbidden relationship led to Jayfeather’s blindness, and Hawkfrost mistreating/abusing and manipulating Mothwing, his medicine cat sister, is one of the reasons he’s in the Dark Forest.
    Appledusk gets a similar treatment from the fandom. There is a lot of key-facts and information ignored in the whole claim that he ‘cheated’ on Mapleshade. Even in the Warriors universe, it’s not uncommon for a feral cat to take on more than one mate at a time, especially when the so-called ‘cheater’ is a forbidden mate: Dovewing, Crowfeather, Bluestar, ect. This mainly because forbidden mates have the best reason to take on another family, since it is covering up the fact that they have illegal families. Mapleshade herself did this, but only to a very small extent, lying about who the kits father was but still obsessing over Appledusk. Appledusk however, took this a step further and started a whole new family from his own Clan.
    And even while ignoring all this, why he is he signalled out from the multiple other cats who took on more than one mate at the same time, such as the ones I listed above? And Appledusk had every right to reject the forbidden mate who killed his kits through her recklessness. Yes, it was an accident, but Mapleshade is still very much responsible for it- all her thoughtless actions led up to it. She decided to take the kits to the border and let them swim around in the water, allowing them to show-off their clearly RiverClan traits and skills. Appledusk himself even warns Mapleshade to refrain from visiting him again, simply for the protection of the kits. He visibly cares for them.
    “I think this one’s worn out from all that swimming,” he commented. His eyes burned into Mapleshade’s. “You took a risk, bringing them this close to our boundary. I don’t want to see you or these kits anywhere near the river again ,” he meowed. – Chapter 4, Appledusk to Mapleshade after helping Patchkit out of the water.
    Yet Mapleshade continues to obsess over Appledusk, even mentioning him at ThunderClan camp, with no subtlety:
    “I wish I could be there to see that too. Make sure you tell them that I’ve had three perfect, strong kits who are going to be great warriors!” she told Frecklewish. “ Especially Appledusk. Tell him first ” – Chapter 3, Mapleshade to Frecklewish about her kits.
    It was Mapleshade’s suspicious behaviour like this that gave Ravenwing all of the clues he needed. Yes there’s the argument he received an omen, however it was incredibly vague. Three reeds in a river. It could of been anything. Yet Mapleshade gave it all away. And, unlike Appledusk who felt guilty for breaking the code and even apologised and begged for forgiveness, Mapleshade refused to feel any remorse for her crimes, despite the lives they affected. And after that, she made the foolish decision of making the three kits swim through a visibly swollen river unaided (she foolishly swims behind them), without even the ever so attempt of a safer alternative, such as calling for a RiverClan patrol, waiting the storm out, looking for a safer route, Ect. Arguably she might of been in a state of panic while in exile, but she had literally JUST left ThunderClan camp, thus was in no such hurry that such a dangerous idea was the only form of escape. Patchkit even protests against it, wailing that there is ‘too much water’. Mapleshade has little excuse if the dangers were visible to a kit and even pointed out to her. And not to mention that Appledusk SAVED Mapleshade and straight after attempted to SAVE the kits (I’m not sure if you’ve read Mapleshade’s Vengeance within recent memory but you literally claimed Appledusk didn’t help save the kits, despite that being not the case at all). Not only did Mapleshade kill the kits through her recklessness, but she almost got herself, Appledusk and the patrol Appledusk was with killed. Honestly Appledusk’s reaction of no longer wanting to be with a partner as careless as that is completely justified if you ask me.

    And I’m aware that Mapleshade believed she was avenging her kits, but that honestly isn’t a good enough motive for me. I understand why she might’ve been angry at her victims, but she still refuses to take any responsibility for her role in the kits’ deaths. Her reasoning for blaming her victims ignores important information and facts, and is mostly built on nonsense, simply because she childishly doesn’t want to take any responsibility for her actions. She even chooses to ignore that she was the one who put them through the fatal dangers in the first place. And I understand she wasn’t in her best mental state yet mental illnesses still have their limits. Mapleshade can only commit so many crimes before that excuse is cancelled out, such as when she attempted to murder Reedshine, who played no part in the kits’ deaths and was also heavily pregnant. I also personally don’t have much pity for characters if their circumstances were self-inflicted/their fault. Mapleshade brought everything upon herself. She committed a crime, had absolutely no competence at hiding it, made the the kits swim a flood unaided, and in the end, she had to suffer the consequences of her thoughtlessness as well as the innocent kits.

  • If anyone tries to defend Frecklewish she literally broke the warrior code because Mapleshade’s kits weren’t her brothers. The warrior code says ‘a warrior cannot neglect a kit in pain or danger.’ So she’s really just a bitter hypocrite.

    • But there was a RiverClan patrol getting the kits, and Frecklewish can’t swim. Is she RiverClan? No. Can she swim? She might be able to, but she’d most likely drown because ThunderClan cats aren’t good swimmers. Did it ever say that she was watching the kits’ demise without doing anything, and smiling? NO. Mapleshade put her own kits in danger anyways, and she’s the bitter hypocrite because we have her biased POV. Mapleshade and Appledusk broke the code by starting the whole mess, but Mapleshade made it worse so yeah, I’m going to defend Frecklewish here.

    • Frecklewish is a ThunderClan, hence she cannot swim. Getting involved would’ve worsened the situation as she would’ve needed herself getting saved by the patrol, wasting their time and lessening the chance that they would’ve been able to save the kits.

    • But then again, there was already help on the way, and since she’s not RiverClan, she can’t swim, her attempts to save the kits would be useless and futile.

    • actually he did it cause i think like the clan was at battle with the kitty pets cause back then the kitty pets were not the soft ones we see today

  • I like Mapleshade, she’s a great villain, and debatably better than other main ones. I don’t like certain characters in the book, but some comments may have changed some minds 😛
    I don’t like Oakstar, I mean he threw newborns out into a raging storm, but I think he was blinded by grief. Similar to Frecklewish, you did just find out that someone has been “lying” about your dead brother/son. Except, Mapleshade wasn’t really lying, Frecklewish did assume and Mapleshade never said yes or no. I don’t really think I’m ever going to like Appledusk, but I think it’s simmered to a dislike, instead of hate. I don’t really like Reedshine, she just acted like she was better than Mapleshade, and was rather bland.
    But I really wish Mapleshade had let that tom in the barn help her, she could have redeemed herself, and gone to StarClan.
    But Mapleshade going to the Dark Forest, means that a certain gray tom, who “loved to much”, should have gone as well. (In my opinion) Just because he failed at murdering more cats than Mapleshade, doesn’t mean he should be excused.

  • i hate mapleshade. She could´ve just carried her kits across the water 1 by 1! And why would Riverclan care? She was just exiled from the clans! And ravenwing was innocent and did the right thing by telling Oakstar. Also with her visions, how could she think that was from Starclan? It was so… dark and evilike. Also, she made Crookedstarś life terrible and killed poor Spottedleaf! Plus, Appledusk died defending his mate and apprentice. The fandom worships this cat wayyy to much. She is my least fav character, believe it or not. hate on me all u want.

  • Mapleshade is a complicated one. I have some opinions on her 😛

    In her life Mapleshade is misunderstood. I mean, come on! She’s like the only cat that was ever exiled for having forbidden romance! Crowfeather wasn’t, Leafpool wasn’t, Greystripe wasn’t, Bluestar wasn’t, Fallowtail wasn’t, Reedfeather wasn’t, Gorsetail wasn’t, Beechfur wasn’t….
    The point is, none of them were! Extreme much, Oakstar?

    OMG Mapleshade has to be the best villain ever! She is clever, manipulative, sneaky, good at fighting, just generally amazing at her job! She has manipulated so many cats in her afterlife, and I believe that every cat that Hawkfrost snagged counts too because that has Mapleshade written all over it. I bet Mapleshade made that plan.

    A villain through and through.

  • I really like Mapleshade, she’s super cool, but it was kinda her fault that her kits died, and she chose to murder some cats, because she didn’t want to take responsibility. First up, even though Frecklewish just stood by and let it happen, I’ll get to her later, Mapleshade CHOSE to bring her tiny three kits across a flooding, dangerous river. It was obviously not safe, by she did it anyway, and ended up with her kits being dead, witch was SO sad!!! Anyways, she tried murdered three cats: Ravenwing, Frecklewish, and I think ether Appledusk or Reedshine. Okay, first off, just because someone did something mean to you doesn’t mean you have to be mean right back. Revenge does nothing but start a cycle of hate and anger, for if you get revenge on someone…they probably will want to get revenge on you, and the cycle will continue. I don’t really know how to “not get revenge if someone is mean to you, or something like that”, cause I’m only 12 years old, just turned twelve the other day, but my best advice is to just live with it. Okay, I’m getting off track again:

    Ravenwing: I personally think that they (can’t remember if they’re a girl or a boy) thought they were just doing their job. My memory is a bit bad right now, cause I don’t really remember that much about this part and I don’t have my book with me right now. But, put yourself in their paws. You get a message of the stars that one of your clanmates have had kits with another clan cat. Back then this was a very big thing, as cats like Bluestar, Crookedstar, ext didn’t exist yet. Graystripe got of easily since Bluestar didn’t want him to suffer the pain she had…or she was just indifferent to the position. So, obivously, she would tell her clan leader, Oakstar. Cinderpelt did the same, telling Firestar that she thought Sqierrlepaw and Brambleclaw might destroy the clan, and no one hates on her! Ravenwing also didn’t know that her father would send three little babies out in a dangerous storm. (If I got this all wrong, please tell me 😉 )

    Frecklewish: To be honest, I don’t really remember this cat, so I can’t really say much about them…

    Appledusk and Reedshine: I hate Appledusk, and sympathy on Reedshine. Maybe hates the wrong word…I dislike Appledusk very much. He literally does nothing, not even helping Mapleshade, a heart-broken queen who just lost her beloved kits. Instead, he tells the leader to not let her stay, for even one night, and I have no idea why! Maybe he wanted to prove his loyalty, but that is not the way to do it. If Graystripe was in ThunderClan, Silverstream had his kits and survived, and she wanted to stay in ThunderClan, of coarse Graystripe would support her! I really think that Appledusk’s and Graystripe’s positions were kinda the same, and if Silverstream needed shelter like Mapleshade, Graystripe would act right and let her in.
    And finally, Reedshine. I like her way more than Appledusk, and she never really did anything wrong! I don’t think she knew about Mapleshade and Appledusk, so it really isn’t good to try and kill her.

    Done! I can’t remember why I did this, maybe defending and not defending Mapleshade? I don’t know, XD, but if you read all this, great job!!!