Analysing characters from crookedstar’s promise by Willowbrook

Willowbrook takes a look at the cast in Crookedstar’s Promise.

Art by CascadingSerenity

crookedstar’s promise was the first super edition i ever read. i’ve read/i’m reading the warrior books in a strange way, as after the first series, i started reading midnight, but then went back and read some super editions, and the sun trail. now one thing i want to address, before continuing is that there are a few mistakes in-between the super editions. an example of this is in the allegiances of bluestar’s prophecy, it says that lilystem was crookedkit and oakkit’s mother, and they where in the nursery at the same time as willowkit and greykit. rainflower is no where to be seen on this allegiance. this is the first time the allegiances of a book listed the kits of a queen. while crookedkit was still in the nursery at the same time as graykit and willowkit, oakpaw was already an apprentice. now thats out of the way, lets continue on the analysis.

although she is considered to be a bad mother, i personally think that youtuber, bright guardian akira, did a good job defending her as a mother who didn’t want to lose her son, but by the time she knew he would stay alive, it was to late, and she didn’t want to admit she was wrong, so avoided him as much as possible. one thing i think people forget is, it wasn’t just rain flower who persuaded him to run away. most of the clan, except oakkit and brambleberry tried to avoid crookedkit. he only ran away, in search of the moonstone.

he was a strong cat who tried to stand up for crookedkit, as seen when rainflower went to ask hailstar to change his name from stormkit to crookedkit.
he was a brave cat, and i find it a little ironic that shellheart, crookedjaw, oakheart, bluefur, stonefur and mistyfoot where all deputy at one point of there lives, and where all related.

i think she was a wonderful she-cat and i was upset when she died. although she was part windclan, she was very loyal to riverclan. i have made an oc who is her great-great-great granddaughter, who is very similar to her. it was a shame she, along with her daughters, willowkit and minnowkit died, shortly after willowbreeze gave birth. as a reader, your meant to hate mapleshade for it, but mapleshade was only a cat who was wronged. she fell in love with a riverclan cat, and had kits with him. willowbreeze’s mother did the same thing, and every riverclan cat knew about it, but unlike mapleshade’s leader/clan, she wasn’t driven out for this, then rejected from windclan. really, mapleshade didn’t do it, she just knew it would happen.

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  • I don’t think Rainflower is evil, she’s just a bad mom. I mean, I’m not even talking about the negligence. She did not discipline Stormkit. Whenever he put himself in dangerous situations, she would praise him. That is how you teach a child that doing dangerous things is good. And when she is faced with the consequences of raising her child this way when he finally hurts himself, she does not take any responsibility for her actions, claiming that it was the fault of a young, impressionable kit who SHE taught that it was ok to do these things and that ‘she shouldn’t have to deal with it’. She is a TERRIBLE parent. Even before Crookedstar broke his jaw and became ‘ugly’, she was showing favoritism. You remember how she would call Stormkit her ‘handsome young warrior’ and gave no such praise to Oakkit? SHE leads Crookedstar to believe that he was brave by doing these things, yet when he actually hurt himself doing these things, she says it isn’t her fault. What kind of logic is that? And if we go by Bright Guardian Akira’s theory that she was too worried about him dying (I was unable to find the video, apologies) then why, when he HAD survived, did Rainflower say to Brambleberry: ‘Is that all you can do for him?’ If she was worried he wouldn’t have lived, then why wasn’t she happy when she did? Sure, one could say she was ‘too proud’, but is ‘pride’ really a valid excuse for CHILD NEGLECT? That is all I have to say.

    • Haha! I SOBBED when she died! I think I would have loved Minnowkit, but (forgive me for this) Silverstream HAD to survive. I HATE Silverstream with a burning passion.
      I don’t exactly know WHY, but I think it’s for the way she talked to Fireheart, and the heartache-and-break she caused my poor Graystripe. I THINK that’s it, at least. Oddly enough, I adore both of her kits… I think it’s just Silverstream.

      • I thought Graystripe was the cause of Silver’s death I love silverstream and also she was nice to firestar.

  • i agree! I agree with the Rainflower part, and maybe since it was Crookedstar’s Promise, u could have talked about Crookedstar. Good article :3

  • I hate Rainflower but…

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      • I agree with Goldenfawn. We all need to be respectful of other people, and everyone gets opinions 🙂🙂🙂