In Defense of Blossomfall by Ravenmist

Art by Nifty-senpai

Ravenmist defends Blossomfall. How do you feel about this ThunderClan warrior?

Hello, this is me, Ravenmist, and today I’ll be defending a character that is not very popular, Blossomfall! Lots of Warriors fans say that she’s bratty, mean to Dovewing, mean to Ivypool, unjustified, and unsympathetic to Briarlight. A lot of BlogClanners hate her for training with Brokenstar in the DF, and for being jealous of the attention her injured sister Briarlight gets from their mother Millie. True, Bumblestripe didn’t react the same way, but at the time he had Dovewing. Blossomfall already felt excluded by Millie, we don’t see much of Graystripe interacting with her, and Bumblestripe was too caught up in his crush on Dovewing.

Here are some quotes that antagonize Blossomfall.

1. ” “No way!” Blossompaw’s horrified mew took Ivypaw by surprise. “She’s not properly trained! Can’t I have Dovepaw? At least she can hunt.” ” (Fading Echoes, page 125)

2. ” “I hate myself for feeling jealous of Briarlight,” Blossomfall confessed, not looking at Ivypool. “I can’t bear seeing her suffer and I know Briarlight would give anything to be better and whole again. It’s all so unfair!” Scoring her claws across the rock again, she added, “But I can’t help what I feel, and that proves I’m not a good cat.” “(Sign of the Moon, page 246)

” “No. A good cat wouldn’t be jealous of an injured littermate.” “(Sign of the Moon, page 246)

3. “Blossomfall’s ears shot straight up in surprise. “Excuse me, but who’s your littermate?” she muttered. “You could show a little loyalty, you know.” ” (The Forgotten Warrior, page 198)

Here I’ll defend her.
1. Blossompaw(fall) wants to do well at her apprentice assessment. This is even before Briarpaw(light) got crushed by the tree, so this suggests that Blossomfall’s nature is that she likes praise and feeling she’s good at something. This isn’t brattiness or begging for attention, it’s natural that people (or cats, in this case), want praise for their work, especially from those close to them, like their parents or siblings.

2. I know a lot of you hate Blossomfall for being jealous of Briarlight when Blossomfall’s actually the fortunate one. But at least she admits she’s wrong about that. Do you know that feeling when you’re jealous of someone whose problems seem worse than yours, and you’re jealous because now your problems seem unimportant and you feel you can’t talk about them? This feeling gets worse when everyone focuses their attention on the person with worse problems. (Briarlight). Then you feel like a horrible person for being jealous because you’re actually quite lucky. I understand Millie was concerned about Briarlight, but she could’ve spent some time with her other kits too. And at least Blossomfall admits she’s wrong in this jealousy.

3. Blossomfall is jealous. Millie has shown that she cares the most about Briarlight, so Blossomfall tries to turn to her brother Bumblestripe for love, but he’s too caught up with Dovewing to notice that his sister wants to spend time with him.

And Blossomfall doesn’t hate Briarlight. Here:

“Blossomfall bristled. “Briarlight has to have the softest nest,” she insisted. “She can’t feel thorns sticking into her, remember? If she gets a wound, it could get infected before she noticed.” ” (Tales from the Clans, Dovewing’s Silence, page 264)

In conclusion, Blossomfall is one of the most realistic and relatable characters in the Warriors series. I hope this article made you feel more kindly towards her, and I look forward to reading your opinions in the comments!

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