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Ivystone’s Favorite Warriors Characters

Ivystone lists their favourite characters from the series. Are any of them on your list? Spoilers for AVOS!

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Ivystone is back! I’m sorry for giving you that very long and controversial article on my least favorite characters, so I thought I’d make up the negatives by giving you my favorite characters in the Warriors series (still extremely long)! Today I’ll be listing my top five favorites, because I don’t want to drag this on too long. Let’s get started, shall we? First, here’s my other five because I think y’all should get a chance to see them:

10. Rushpaw (From Battles of the Clans, I really grew to love her in the book)
9. Jayfeather/Lionblaze (This one’s a tie for me because I love both equally)
8. Hollyleaf (Well this one’s obvious 😛 )
7. Ravenpaw (Just look at my Flames of Fury Story on Wattpad/FFN/Ao3. You can tell how much I love him just from looking at the characters/tags on it.)
6. Squirrelflight/Lilyheart (Both are a tie because Lilyheart used to be my 4th favorite, but that has changed a lot. Plus, I love Squirrelflight a lot.)

Now without further ado, let’s get into the juicy bits of information!

Number 5: Nightcloud
Not sure if many of you know this, but Nightcloud’s one of my favorite characters in the whole series. Why? Well, she’s a very strong character, as shown in Crowfeather’s Trial. In it, she’s shown as a loyal and respected warrior in WindClan, and through Crowfeather’s eyes we learn that he’s always respected her. Not to mention that Crowfeather also states that he hadn’t appreciated how good of a mother Nightcloud had been. Yes, she was overprotective at times. But really, can you blame her? Out of her litter, only Breezepelt survived, which sounds horrible and upsetting for any mother. Crowfeather was distant from Breezepelt and Nightcloud mainly because he was too scared to love again, only to lose it once more (i.e. Feathertail, Leafpool, Ashfoot). Nightcloud tried her best to make up for Crow’s absence, and although she might’ve seemed to be clingy at times, there’s no denying that Nightcloud definitely has a strong, passionate love for those she cares about (Breezepelt) and would die nine times and over for them. Definitely a cat you wouldn’t want to get on their bad side. Shhhhhh but Crowfeather’s Trial also made me lowkey ship NightCrow but I also ship NightPickle so shhhhh

Number 4: Hazeltail
For some reason I’ve always loved Hazeltail. It might have to do with the fact that I have an OC named Hazel and that I’m currently making a fanfiction centering around Hazeltail, but enough of that. I’ve always seen Hazeltail as a calm and collected cat, at times very friendly and other times snappish. I believe that she was a sort of mediator between her littermates Mousewhisker and Berrynose, and tried to keep the bond between them from falling apart. Of course, after her death (I’m still so salty about that) the two brothers would’ve drifted apart and kept their own ways. Now, I really love Hazeltail even more after reading an AU about Hazeltail, Mousewhisker, and Berrynose being the Three instead of Hollyleaf/Dovewing, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather. Basically, she has Jayfeather’s powers and I think it really suits her, idk why. Trust me when I say I plan on writing this AU one day 😛 But back on topic, I really love Hazeltail and I really wish she’d gotten more development. And she needs more love. And Hazeltail x Foxleap needs more love too (Another one of my favorite ships).

Number 3: Twigbranch
She’s a really inspirational character along with her sister in my opinion. Despite being raised in ThunderClan, she never felt that she belonged. When she joined SkyClan, she felt like she’d finally found the missing part inside of herself that was yearning for family. For all of her life, she’s been wondering where she’s from, who were her parents, and where she came from. Put yourself in the paws/shoes of an adopted kit. This is Twigbranch (and Violetshine)’s case. The major difference is that Twigbranch grew up in a loving Clan that accepted her, while Violetshine had not. This explains why Violetshine felt more connected in SkyClan than Twigbranch as well. Twigbranch expected that she’d feel complete with having her kin with her, and finally being with the family that she’s yearned for all her life. But…she doesn’t feel like she belongs. She feels like SkyClan, or her new family as you could say, doesn’t accept her and that she doesn’t feel like she belongs, as she feels out of place and disoriented because of growing up in a stable environment that she was familiar with and supported her, compared to a stable environment that she wasn’t familiar with and somewhat supported her. People tend to stick with what they’re familiar with, even if it’s not the best for them. And Twigbranch eventually realized that her real kin isn’t always as important as the kin who raised her and helped shaped her into the cat she is today. The kin that was always by her side and that she knows by heart, making her strive to become a loyal warrior ThunderClan can be proud of. She stands up for what she believes is right, as shown as when she brings SkyClan back to the lake (twice!) and stands up against Finleap’s rude behavior towards her in The Raging Storm. Twiggy’s really grown since the beginning of AVoS, and maybe one day…just one day I might get my Twigstar…

Number 2: Violetshine
Like I stated above with Twigbranch, she’s also pretty inspirational. Along with Twigbranch, she was adopted by ShadowClan while Twigbranch was adopted by ThunderClan. The major difference is that Twigbranch lucked out here. Violetshine got ShadowClan, the Clan that pretty much hated her. The only reason they wanted her was because of a prophecy they possibly weren’t even part of, and because Needlepaw/tail felt like ShadowClan deserved to have one of the kits out of her selfish desires. The two sisters are two good examples of adoption in my opinion. Twigbranch was taken into a loving, caring Clan while Violetshine got the unloving and selfish one. Now I will say that not all of ShadowClan was bad to her as a whole, but this is in perspective and overall, ShadowClan was pretty horrible to her. This made Violetshine doubt herself a lot, and made way for a lot of conflicting emotions/decisions later on in her life. During this time, Needlepaw/tail seemed to be the only cat who cared about her, and so she grew to trust Needlepaw/tail because of this. Violetshine became…overly attached to Needletail, if I’m being honest. In Thunder and Shadow when Darktail drives out Rowanstar, Tawnypelt, and Tigerheart from ShadowClan, correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Violetshine originally want to go with her leader to take refuge in ThunderClan instead of staying with the rogues? Needletail was the one to convince her to stay with her, and Needletail guilt tripped Violetshine into staying with her. Meaning, Needletail took advantage of their “friendship” so Violetshine could stay with the rogues, and we all know what that led to. Despite the multiple betrayals from her closest friends, Violetshine manages to push through it all and still care. She still cared about Needletail despite everything she’s done to her. She still cared about Twigbranch, even after being left behind by her multiple times. Violetshine also tried to poison Darktail and his Kin to help the prisoners escape, and to help the Clans beat Darktail. And after all of this, Violetshine tries her best to be a loyal warrior to SkyClan, despite all of her struggles. And once she finally meets Hawkwing and SkyClan, she immediately jumps on the chance to feel accepted, loved, and at peace with her family/Clan. Violetshine also helped bring Tree to the Clans, which was helpful in passing on the message of the missing cats of ShadowClan onto the Clans. Later in The Raging Storm, she’s shown that she has grown and matured like Twigbranch, and has shown a few leadership qualities as well, though they need to be honed first. (I still really want my ThunderClan Twigstar and SkyClan Violetstar)

Before I reveal (the obvious), here’s some honorable mentions that didn’t make it onto this list, but that I love as well.
Honorable Mentions!
Violet Dawn
Holly (DotC)
Slate (DotC)
Shadowstar/Tall Shadow
Sun Shadow

Number 1: Dovewing
(Oh boy this is going to be a looooong paragraph 😛 ) For those of you who didn’t know prior to this article, Dovewing is my favorite character in the Warriors series. I love Dovewing because of her compassion and kind nature towards the other Clans. Such as after the journey to unclog the beaver dam, Dovewing found herself worrying about the cats she went on the journey with. One scene I remember is when Dovewing goes to WindClan in secret to check on Sedgewhisker (I don’t remember what happened to her though) and drags Ivypool along. Even though I get how foolish and immature this is, it really shows that Dovewing has always had a place in her heart for other cats, even if they’re in other Clans. She often looks past the borders and sees the cats on the inside, and tries to see the good in them. I think this is also another reason as to why she fell in love with Tigerheart/star as well, as she seems to try to find what’s on the inside of a cat. She’s also very caring towards cats that often don’t deserve her care at times. Such as Ivypool, for instance. Ivypool was really horrible and rude to Dovewing in OotS and even carrying on into AVoS, and yet Dovewing still cares for Ivypool. Dovewing tries to connect with her sister, despite Ivypool pushing away her every attempt until it’s too late. She does the same with Tigerheart/star in Tigerheart’s Shadow. This shows that Dovewing cares too much about cats, and will keep going until they realize just how much she truly cares. Another thing is how she pushes through her trials in life ands still manages to keep going. For example, she had to deal with having no support from Ivypool, Jayfeather, or Lionblaze because of the prophecy. So much was expected of her, put on her shoulders, and she was so young at the same time. And then again, at the same time barely anything was expected out of her by older cats and so little of her was expected at the same time by others. Yet she pushes through and manages to get through even the darkest of days because of her will-power, no matter how small it may seem to her or us, the readers. Another reason why I lovewing Dovewing is because of how much I can relate to her. NOTE: I mean, get Ivypool’s self-esteem but I can’t really relate to her’s in specific, just for clarification 🙂 Now, I can relate to Dovewing because of the reasons above, but there’s another side that I’d also like to touch here for a moment…Dovewing never really had friends in ThunderClan, did she? Sure, she talked with a few cats every so often, but that was it…she never seemed to be happy in her Clan, and struggled to stay so. She was constantly told that if she didn’t do her duty right being the third cat, it would basically be her fault for losing lives of many, many cats. Her powers were something she had to rely on, and then they’re suddenly taken away from her, and she feels pretty much helpless and worthless to her Clan after that. Along with the pressure that Bumblestripe placed on her, I’m not surprised why she moved to ShadowClan. Dovewing took the action into her own paws to get away from ThunderClan and move to ShadowClan since living there was making her that unhappy. Dovewing’s much better off in ShadowClan for the most part, since she’s with her loving mate, has kits, and has a possibility to start anew in ShadowClan and make close bonds/friendships with her new Clanmates. As long as Dovewing’s much better off, it’s a relief for me because I don’t know about you, but I didn’t want her to stay in ThunderClan if it made her unhappy 🙁 I would’ve been fine with her becoming a kittypet if it was for the best and made her content. I can honestly relate to Dovewing in so many ways, which is why you see in my signature, “Two Words: Lovewing Dovewing” because I always will love her. But I also relate a lot to Twigbranch, Violetshine, and Nightcloud, don’t get me wrong. I just relate to Dovewing the most.

So what are your favorite warrior cats and how do you relate to them? Do you share some of the same opinions as me, or no? I’m interested in seeing the comments below! 😛

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    I’m very neutral on Dovewing and Nightcloud nowadays and Hazelwing is my favourite

    I might rewrite it but ehhh I have fanfictions to write and I don’t have motivation to really write articles unless it’s on ships…and because I’m not really into Warriors much anymore so-

    DOVEWING…Dovewing is WHINY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

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