A Line of Five- Did Any of Them Do it Right? by Wishwhisper

Wishwhisper takes a look at five leaders from the series. Spoilers for AVOS!

Artwork by allepowerreal

We all know about the generation of three leaders: Tigerclaw/star, Bramblestar, and his nephew Tigerheart/star. But in actuality, the line goes back five leaders: Oakstar, Pinestar, and the aforementioned three. This could have been an amazing story, a young cat struggling to uphold the legacy of the leaders before him. Except for one tiny, infinitesimal issue: None of them were good at it. I’m Wishwhisper, and I’m here to count down this line of lousy leaders.


1. Oakstar
This guy was a tyrant, hands down. He lead raids on Twolegplace for no reason. Yes, this guy literally risked his warriors in unfamiliar territory so he could say he beat up some fat furballs. Not like you live with three other clans who would just love to kill you all and take your prey. Also, he banished two-moon-old kits! Mapleshade, sure. She deserved to be punished and was, y’know, AN ADULT. But Larchkit, Patchkit, and Petalkit? No matter what anyone thinks of Mapleshade, these three did NOT deserve to die. Sure, killing three of the next generation is a great plan, Oakstar.

2. Pinestar
And now we move on to the other side of the ‘view on kittypets’ spectrum. This guy left the clan he was actively leading and his three two-month-old kits and his wife so he could “have the peace he earned.” That sure did help Leopardfoot’s grief over Mistkit and Nightkit! That sure did help a soon-to-be tyrant find a reason to be evil! Here’s what that amazing choice of our wonderful wreck of a leader caused: Tigerkit to be evil, Nightkit and Mistkit to die, and not to mention a literal change in the warrior code, because it apparently has to be said that you can’t go sniveling up to one of the clan’s enemies when you think your life is too hard.

3.Tigerstar the 1st
I’m not even explaining this one. Instead, I’ll just casually list off the names of the people he killed/caused the death of: Bluestar, Firestar, Swiftpaw, Gorsepaw, Brindleface, Graypool, all the deaths Scourge caused(e.g. one of Brokenstar’s rouges, Whitestorm, Bone, Scourge himself, etc.) Not to mention causing Brightheart and Cinderpelt to be handicapped. That enough?

Ok, Bramblestar is NOT a bad cat. He’s just a bad LEADER. And if I recall, that’s what we were talking about. He constantly lets Graystripe run him over (like the Sparkfire incident), his naming habits are atrocious (Twigbranch, anyone?) and he does absolutely nothing about the NEXT cat mentioned forcing out Skyclan again. Also, he could’ve spent a little less time with Dear Old Dad. Ah, father-son bonding time of training in cat hell and plotting with his half-brother. Ah, family.

5. Tigerstar the 2nd
Oh, I have SO much to say here. Firstly, he’s such a hypocrite. “Dovewing betrayed me for her clan!!” he whines after agreeing that their medicine cat should die, attacking her sister in the Dark Forest battle, and choosing his clan over her three times. Secondly, he changes direction faster than a super ball on steroids. He is told his illicit mate is having kits and here is his thought process: “Oh no! But I must stay in Shadowclan. But I must go find her! Oh, but I have to do this one last thing for Shadowclan! Oh, she left without me, better go after her! Oh, it’s too hard, I have to go back! Oh, I just now realize I left my wife and unborn children to live in a dangerous Twolegplace instead of with clans of trained, battle talented warriors! Better go find her again!” Just make up your mind! Lastly, he’s such a Gary Stu! He gets to be the one to save the clans, Dovewing practically throws herself at him, Scorchfur and Snowbird worship his dirt, Rowanstar praises him for rebutting against his every sentence, AND HE IS LITERALLY BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE!!! He gets his entire life’s goals handed to him on a silver platter! And people call Firestar a Gary Stu? He spits on the shoes of everyone important (such as driving out Skyclan when the clans worked so hard to get them back, sure, Firestar’s hard work meant absolutely nothing) and never gets corrected for a thing!! Honestly, that has got to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Tigerheart/star is my least favorite cat. Seriously, this guy does NOT deserve to be a leader.

So which leader did you think was the worst at his job? Tell me in the comments. And if you don’t agree, please, go ahead and provide some evidence why. Hope you enjoyed reading this and have a good day!

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  • I read through all of the comments and just saying that not everyone has to agree with everyone 😛 Don’t worry I got upset too when people were arguing against my articles but hey, they had their own opinions and I had mine, and that’s totally fine. Sure it’s not the best feeling that someone disagrees with you. We all get that. But ya know there are people who will disagree with you on things and we just gotta respect that and let it go 😛 *starts singing* (don’t judge me lol)

    Anyway I don’t like Oakstar cause…idk I just don’t like him. Pinestar, I don’t have an opinion on. Now Tigerstar was a cool villain (so I liked him as a villain but he wasn’t a good cat). As for Bramblestar, oh my gosh I hate him so much lol. I never really liked him from the start and he just always got on my nerves, especially when he became leader. As for Tigerstar II, I like him because first off I ship DovexTiger, and second…..well idk I just like him? Haha idk. Welp that’s my opinion 😛

  • I agree with everything except for Bramblestar and Tigerstar II. For Bramblestar, he believed that he was helping his Clan and would go no further. He was a noble cat as well as leader, and the names he gives has nothing to do with them. Is there an issue with Twigbranch? According to Kate, the name came because Twigbranch grew from a wee little twig to a tall, mighty branch. I quite like the meaning.

    • Bramblestar was noble, sure, he just needs to be far more assertive. Also, Twigbranch’s name could have easily been Twigblossom and had the same effect. Ya know, I was actually hoping it would have been Twigflower, after the gentle nature both Twigpaw and Goldenflower share. I like the idea of Twigpaw reminding Bramblestar of his mother.

  • I agree with… most of these.
    But honestly, I think that Pinestar never really wanted kits. Also, the relationship between Pinestar and Leopardfoot was more than toxic. The age gap is as bad as Thornfur and Blossomfall. Also, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to live instead of die in a pointless battle for a Clan that he didn’t even believe in.

    • Pinestar is older then either of leopardfoots parents……

  • I agree with most of those, but..Bramblestar is a good leader! I disagree about you saying he’s a bad leader. But this is a good article anyway