Controversial Characters – Onestar and why I love him ! by Maplepaw

Maplepaw shares why they love Onestar. How do you feel about him?

Artwork by Evi1Wo1f

Hey BlogClan !

With my ideas for minor characters articles running a little dry, I thought I’d begin a new series of articles, but don’t worry, minor character articles will still happen !

So Onestar.
Most people have this burning hate for Onestar, where as I am part of the minority that love this character and his development.
So, why do I like Onestar, and why should you like him as well ?

(Side note : When I said to Cheetah I liked Onestar she immediately thought it was sarcasm)

Let’s get into this !

First off, many people say that they like Onewhisker, but not Onestar, but in my mind, that character shift, is one of the most interesting things about his character. I believe that Onestar’s situation is very much like peer pressure, when cats around him expect him to conform to these certain traits and moral decisions.
Onestar is previously shown to be a kind cat, and one who wishes to keep friendships among other clan cats. However after he becomes leader, he is shown to be cruel and harsh to the other clans, discouraging friendships and being very strict to the warrior code. Who does this remind you of ?
Half of Onestar’s clan wanted Mudclaw as a leader and felt that Onewhisker was too lax, so under the pressure of his clan mates, he began to create a fake personality which wasn’t as fierce as Mudclaw but a much harsher leader. And I know this all too well, but when you begin to fake a person, you slowly become that person, acting more and more like that everyday.
I sympathise with Onestar. If Mudclaw hadn’t been so popular and the cats were happy to accept a kinder, more welcoming leader, then what would have been different ?
I’m sure Onestar would have been a kind and incredible leader, but sadly, due to peer pressure we lost our chance to see him as that cat.

Another reason people hate him is the fact that he abandoned the rest of the clans in the fight with Darktail.
But imagine this event in your life.
You know you will die if you get too badly hurt. That in itself is terrifying. But now a cat who you thought dead has returned, and is threatening to spill a secret you have tried to hide, and possibly now regret.
What do you do ?
If you fight, you will loose all the hard earned respect, which you had to become a completely different person to gain, and may possibly die, along with many of your friends and family.
If you don’t, you buy yourself time to make a plan to run, protecting your leadership and your clan mates.
Some may say this is Onestar being selfish, protecting himself over others, but I think that in life, sometimes being a little selfish is deserved.
What he did may have doomed other cats, but if the secret came out from Darktail, there may have been another revolt in WindClan, which would have broken the clan. Hearing it from Onestar’s mouth was much better as it showed he understood his mistakes.
Think of it as doing the greatest amount of good for the greatest number of people. Onestar believed he could save himself and his whole clan, if he didn’t fight. And if he fought, he felt that him and many other clanmates would die, and that wasn’t a risk he was willing to take.
So why do I love Onestar so much ?
Well he is a very well developed character. Onestar has many obvious flaws, his main being fake, single minded and cold. But at the same time he is brave, determined and often quite smart. He is by no means a good character, and obviously one who has made many many mistakes, but his character arc is fascinating.
And for all those people who say he was always selfish and didn’t feel a bit bad for the problem he caused with Darktail, then why didn’t he run when he had the chance ?
Onestar felt guilty, so agreed to fight, and take out his evil son once and for all ! I like to think that this battle ended with Onestar killing Darktailm and then drowning, not the other way around.
Some of his acts were not good. Attacking ThunderClan, although it showed he wanted to break away, was not morally correct. But it’s what his clan mates wanted. Keeping the herbs for himself, selfish though it is, could have just simply been because he didn’t want to risk his clans safety. Mudclaw would have kept the herbs as well.
I think Onestar spent his entire life trying to be Mudstar, and I like to think that in StarClan, after his death he could finally be who he really was again.
And as for being a strict leader in Crowfeathers Trial, well here we have a cat who has betrayed you multiple times, and just starts running off to other clans. Yes you needed the help but Crowfeather is prone to leaving ! He left with Leafpool, he left with the six cats, and at one point did consider moving to ThunderClan after he was exiled. That’s not something you would consider if you hadn’t thought about it before. Thinking about it from Onestar’s position, he wants to see what Crowfeather will do, if he is kicked out of WindClan. Will he move to ThunderClan ? And if he does well then you got someone disloyal out of your clan. If he never returns well the same again. And if he comes running back you know he’s loyal to his heart.
It was the perfect test of character for a cat that really needed it.
Now don’t get me wrong, I love Crowfeather, but he was disloyal, and people need to look behind their love for him and see that. Onestar may not have been 100% justified kicking him out as a single act, but I believ this was more of a loyalty test than anything else.
Onestar is also shown to be very supportive of the dark forest clan mates, mainly Breezepelt. You see, although this may not have seemed a smart move, the reason they began to train in the dark forest in the first place was because they felt neglected and unwanted in their clan and felt as if they needed to be a better warrior. Now there’s still some dark forest cats left, so they could return to train them.
Onestar had the perfect solution. Make these cats feel wanted, and accepted into the clan, make them feel as if they are the best they can be. Then they don’t need to train with other cats. ANd it all comes back to Crowfeather being kicked out. Crowfeather was the one thing that was missing from Breezepelt’s life, the thing that pushed him over the edge in the first place. And the thing that threatened to again. So Onestar tried to make Crowfeather accept his son, for the safety of his clan.
And you may all scream THATS STUPID HOW WOULD THAT HELP, but you see, it’s not just Onestar doing this . He is actually being just as smart as STARCLAN. They are trying the exact same thing. Before you all cry IT WAS TO HELP MAKE THEM ALL HAPPY. Crowfeather was happy. He was perfectly fine living his life without Breezepelt and nightcloud. Breezepelt was the upset one. And why would StarClan care if he was upset ? The dark forest might return.
So they also do the same thing as Onestar, slightly more gently but still the same.
Proving my point that Onestar is :
A) Smart
B ) Justified in trying to force Crowfeather to love his child

Now this about wraps up my points on Onestar, who is more a scared, guilt filled, peer pressured child, than a careless, selfish, cruel one.
I am not saying his actions of attacking other helpless clans for no reason were right, I’m just saying there’s more to him than just cruel
(Side note 2 : I was on a plane when I read his death scene and nearly cried, I got a few funny looks)

Now you can debate with me over him in the comments, but bear in mind that I will still love his developed ness even if you convince me against some of the points I have made !
Soooo yeah no one can make me stop loving my precious Onestar child 😛

That’s Maple, signing out !

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  • I’m… neutral on him. On one hand, what you said is true, on the other… he acts too much on his fear of what his clanmates think. If he hadn’t been so bent on what his clanmates thought of him, he would be a WAY better leader. His actions were still morally incorrect, but knowing why helps. Great article!

    • Thanks !
      Yes, I do believe he bent to the will of his clan too much, but to me that makes him a really interesting character !
      I’m glad you like my article !

  • Yes!!! I love Onestar! I recently wrote an article about my favourite cats, and he was on it! I completely agree. He is so flawed and so complex, and he has great development!

  • Right, I read up to the Crowfeather’s Trial part because I despise that book and refuse to read or acknowledge anything related to it.


    Good article, pretty much agree! 😉

  • Oh my gosh this article was absolutely amazing!!!!! 😍😍😍 I totally agree with you and I too actually love Onestar! I actually didn’t know why I liked him at first and wondered why I did but this article really helped me decide on WHY I actually liked him 😀 In this article, I loved how you compared Mudclaw and Onestar and how Onestar’s change in personality could have been because he was trying to be Mudclaw – the cat (almost) every WindClan cat wanted to be leader. That pressure on him must have been hard and so he acted that way to earn his Clanmates respect (since they all seemed to love Mudclaw’s ambitious personality) and later he became it.

    Awesome article!! Do you think I could post/share it on the Warriors Amino?? (I’ll definitely give you credit!) I feel that more people need to see how Onestar really isn’t that bad (and how his character is actually really interesting). If you don’t want me too, that’s fine! 🙂

    • Oh my gosh ! I’m so happy you like this so much !
      I’d be perfectly ok for you to post it on amino, as long as you give credit ! Maybe link BlogClan as well so people can directly find the article and comment if they like !

    prior to this article, I only knew one other person who actually liked him :’)

    On that note, there’s one thing I disagree with. I feel like Onestar became more harsh and cold because that’s the kind of leader Windclan needed at the time and he recognized it & filled the role, not because of peer pressure. Otherwise, I totally agree!

  • I love Onestar with my heart. It seemed realistic to have doubt of almost everything. But he used that in a harsh way, which is realistic, it’s kinda like me. Another example is Bramblestar here. He seems too much doubtful because he didn’t do anything to change it. That is why I don’t like his leadership. Onestar did it right.

  • Here’s what I posted about Onestar on Marrow/Hazel’s article 😛

    I think he did horrible things and just all around acted badly, so I understand why a lot of people don’t like him, but I think he’s an interesting character, and honestly, when it comes to his redemption, I do really like how he actually admitted what he did and that it was wrong, because I think his biggest flaw is his pride (which quite a lot of these characters have, but Onestar might be one who has it even more), which is probably why he acted that way with Crowfeather and never said anything about himself, but when he finally admitted it all to all the Clan cats, I think it really shows a lot, because it must have been really hard for a cat like him to do that, so that’s just the one thing that I really have to kind of admire about him. And then when it comes to his whole sacrifice, people say Onestar’s death didn’t make up for everything that he did, but my biggest question would be “Do you think that Darth Vader’s sacrifice made up for what he did?” because Darth Vader did way worse things than Onestar, and he redeemed himself by sacrificing his life, and no one really says that it wasn’t enough, but people say that about other characters who didn’t even do as bad things but also did something to make up for them. Anyway, I’m not trying to say everyone has to like Onestar, but I just really wanted to make a point about Darth Vader being redeemed, because if he can be redeemed, then who can’t?

  • I used to hate Onestar because he reminded me of a teacher who bullied me, but after reading this article, I love him! I love how you defended him but acknowledged that he isn’t the best cat. Onestar is awesome; great article!!!

  • I agree with the peer-pressure bit that led to his particular style of leadership, and I really like this article! Great job! 🙂

    However, I still don’t really like Onestar, or even Onewhisker, because of Darktail. Not because he ran away from the fight with Darktail, but because he CREATED him.

    He was in Twolegplace chatting up Smoke and telling her about how great Clan life is and particularly how great HE is (because his stories to Smoke essentially amounted to “Oh, yes, I saved the Clans! And I catch the largest piece of prey every single day! And I am respected and worshiped by all my Clanmates! And, uh…I’m Firestar!”).

    No wonder that Smoke thought she should join Windclan and have the kits brought up by warriors. She thought his life was amazing, far better than hers, and that their kits should have the best of everything (as any parent would want). When he turned her down, did he actually tell her he had been lying? No, I don’t think he mentioned telling her at all. Now, Onestar liked to talk about how much he regretted it, and how terrible it was, but how exactly did Smoke feel? Smoke had been listening to how great his Clan life was, and now he was saying he couldn’t claim their kits as his own? Were they not good enough for him or something? Were the two of them just a side-life for Onewhisker, and he couldn’t bear to bring them home to his REAL life? Those are a few guesses at what she might’ve thought.

    She went away, to raise her kits alone. But she tried once more with Onewhisker, when Darktail was old enough to be an apprentice. Darktail was her ONLY surviving kit. She had most likely worked so hard to raise Darktail right, to make sure he was good enough, to give him all the attention his siblings weren’t there to receive. And then she took him to his father, to plead that at least their son could be accepted into Windclan. And once more, they were rejected. That broke Smoke, in my opinion. All of Smoke’s other kits had died. She had probably devoted a lot of her attention to Darktail, trying to make sure he had a better life, a life like his father’s. And now Onewhisker couldn’t even bear to take his kit home with him? To give him a chance at that better life?

    She swore that she’d raise the kit to hate the Clans, and his father. And what did Onewhisker do? Nothing. Actually, why exactly would he think Darktail was dead? He just left his son in Twolegplace, festering in hatred, throughout all the years. He must’ve been so relieved when they moved away to the lake. He created a separate family, mating with Whitetail and creating Heathertail. He was actually quite similar to Crowfeather, since he doesn’t really seem to be close with Whitetail in ANY of the books, including Crowfeather’s Trial, or acknowledge Heathertail as his kit at any time. Heathertail was essentially Onestar’s Breezepelt, the proving of his loyalty, except she doesn’t really seem to care. Darktail himself is more like Breezepelt, growing up hating his father and training for revenge. And then Onestar had the gall to chastise his nephew Crowfeather for having a mate that was against the code, for having kits against the code, for not treating Breezepelt like he was his offspring?

    So I can understand why you like Onestar. You have very valid reasons. I simply don’t like him, or Onewhisker, because they are not two separate entities. Even before he became Onestar and had to become this harsh leader, when he was Onewhisker and was friendly as could be, he was leading a double life with Smoke. He was rejecting his pregnant mate’s request, then rejecting his son’s desire to just once be acknowledged. When he was having that great friendship with Fireheart, he had all that lurking within him. And speaking of Firestar, did any of that sound familiar? Remember when Princess asked Fireheart to take Cloudkit home to Thunderclan, and he did? Yeah. He had less credibility and less respect than Onewhisker, and was an ex-kittypet. But he took Cloudkit home anyway, because he was his kin. That’s what loyalty to your kin is; potentially forsaking your reputation so that you can give that kit a chance. Rant over! But seriously, I really liked this article and I appreciated the detail, even if I didn’t necessarily like where you went with it. 🙂

    Bonus Headcanon: Did you notice how Whitetail, Heathertail, and Darktail all have the same suffix? I headcanon that at one point, Onewhisker was legitimately close with Whitetail. Either Smoke or Darktail spied on Onewhisker and thought they were already mates, and adopted the suffix to spite him by taking the suffix of someone he actually cares about and claiming it.

    • smh i can’t believe this
      how COULD you do this to me viper
      how very dare you
      i just
      i’m in shock

        • Lol, starclan Viper 😛 your not gonna die, were you a mod at that time?

          • SDFOSIJDFSDF, i was not a mod! this was back when i wrote a ton of articles; i became a mod three or four months after this C:

          • honestly this long essay was a testament to the depth that our friendship would eventually grow into
            now that you’ve FINALLY replied, please hold while i write PART TWO of my essay, where i analyze your life and how onestar sucks

  • I’m nuetral on Onestar. He was such a cinnamon roll as Onewhisker, and his relationship with Firestar/heart was pretty nice. I think that when Onestar realized that he was gonna become leader, he decided to toughen up since he was leading his own clan. He did sacrifice himself to save the clans from Darktail, but he was pretty selfish during AVOS and Crowfeather’s Trial. I like how he didn’t take sides with the whole ‘not trusting Dark forest cats’ thing.

  • i really love onestar and always have. people think he is super evil i think he is just mis understood