Does Briarilight deserve to be reincarnated? by Wolfpaw

Wolfpaw wonders if Briarlight should be reincarnated.

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

Wolfpaw here with my second article. I was rereading the books where Cinderheart finds out she is a reincarnation of Cinderpelt and I started to think. Does Briarlight deserve to be reborn or not?
I’ll talk about whether in my opinion Briarlight should be reborn or not. I’ll first talk about the backstory of why Cinderpelt got reincarnated and then how the story of Briarlight is pretty much the same except of a few differences.
Cinderpelt became a warrior apprentice at first, her mentor was Fireheart. She was a lively apprentice and didn’t usually take no as an answer. When Tigerclaw tries to kill Bluestar by telling her to meet him by the thunderpath, but instead of Bluestar, Cinderpaw is the one who goes, even after Fireheart forbids her from going there. A monster (or as we call it a car) hits her and she just barely survives. Yellowfang cares for her, helping her recover from her injury. Her leg is crippled forever so she has to give up her dream of becoming a warrior. She later becomes the apprentice of Yellowfang and then a full medicine cat. (later training Leafpool, and saving Sorreltail from a badger while the queen is giving birth)
She got a second chance from Starclan because she didn’t get to live the life she wanted, and she couldn’t get a mate or kits.
Briarlight’s story is quite the same. She first starts of as a the lively apprentice of Thornclaw. This is all changed when, while the tree is falling into the camp, Briarpaw follows Longtail into the camp to stop the elder, who went in to get a mouse for Mousefur. But neither of them come back in time before the tree falls. Longtail dies, but Briarlight survives, but her backbone is broken, and her hind legs are paralyzed. While Cinderpelt becomes a Medicine cat, all Briarlight can do is sit in the medicine cat den because Jayfeather doesn’t want to make her his apprentice. Just like Cinderpelt Briarlight couldn’t live her dream of becoming a warrior, and all she could do was wait in the medicine cat den, but she is still cheerful and optimistic.
This is why I think that from all cats Briarlight deserves to be reborn. Maybe even more than Cinderpelt deserved because Cinderpelt got to be useful to the clan while Briarlight couldn’t do anything, other then sometimes sort herbs and play with kits. So this is why I think that Briarlight deserves to get a second chance from Starclan.

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  • I do wish that Briarlight could get reincarnated, however there’s one thing that concerns me:
    Technically Cinderpelt was possessing Cinderheart, so if we were to consider this to happen in the same way then how would Briarlight’s spirit be released from her reincarnation? After all, Cinderpelt was released when Cinderheart realized her true calling as a warrior, but Briarlight never really had a role within the Clan so how would she truly be able to release Briarlight from herself? That’s my main issue with her being reincarnated.

    • I feel like Briarlight never felt she was worth anything, even in her death. She died because she didn’t want to worry the clan more than she did. Maybe, when she got reincarnated, she would try to find self worth and understanding that everyone has their own calling.

  • this is a great article but I’ve literally written this exact same thing before on the blog 😛 (I think I may have had a different conclusion tho but idk)

  • It makes me wonder… what would she have had to do to prove herself? Would she have had known how she was going to die? Is that why she felt so useless in her last moments? Perhaps Starclan did test her the same way they tested Cinderpelt… but she failed. Maybe her lack of belief in herself was what caused her to fail.

  • I agree 100%!!! Technically, Briarlight was never confirmed as a StarClan resident, so I’d love for her to have a reincarnation!!! I ship Bumblestripe and Rosepetal, so if they ever have kits, maybe one of them can be Briarlight’s reincarnation? If not, maybe Blossomfall and Thornclaw can have another litter. (Cinderpelt was Cinderheart’s aunt, I believe.) You know how when she died in River of Fire she said she didn’t tell Jayfeather about her illness so she wouldn’t be a bother? What if StarClan sent her a dream that if she was strong enough to let go of this life, they would grant her another??? But would Briarlight’s spirit be freed from her reincarnation’s, like with Cinderpelt and Cinderheart, or would she be like Jay’s Wing and Jayfeather, and she would rest as her reincarnation? I hope it’s like the Cinders, because I would feel really bad for her family and friends otherwise.

  • Nice article! I like the idea of Briarlight being reincarnated. But I don’t really agree with it, because Briarlight had a terrible life. If she’s being reincarnated, the cat she reincarnate on will also have a terrible life. Briarlight survived from paralyzing, but that’s very rare, so the cat she reincarnate might not survive. Death is always terrible, so I don’t think Briarlight should be reincarnated.

  • This is a great article! Briarlight definitely deserves to be reborn, although not as much as Cinderpelt did. Otherwise, I definitely agree with you. She couldn’t really do anything with her life, but she still was very optimistic. If it was the same as Cinderpelt, then whoever Briarlight was reincarnated as would have all of her memories, and she would eventually take total control, or go back to Starclan. this idea has some minor flaws, but it is definitely worth exploring.

  • Nice article 😺! I think Briarlight deserves to be reincarnated. Though she’s being quite optimistic and satisfied with her life which we read from the books, we can’t deny that she’d be a bit disappointed with the fact that she couldn’t be a full warrior– every warrior in the series would think of the same if they’re facing the same situation. So I think she deserves to reincarnate and fulfill her dreams, but do it or not, it’s all her own choice 😉.

  • I mean, it didn’t seem to me that Cinderpelt was really reincarnated; she seemed to be possessing Cinderheart because her spirit leaves in the end.

    I think Briarlight does deserve to be reborn. However, I would not want a reincarnation plot again as I fear it will end up in another possession or something equally weird.

  • Exactly, like, who doesnt think Briarlight should get another chance?
    Ps. Am I the only one who cried when Briarlight died?

  • I think briarlight should get another chance. She didn’t even get to walk around. I mean come on, at least cinder pelt got to walk around the camp giving cats herbs and stuff. Briaight didn’t. Did anyone else feel bad for her to. 🥺

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