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My Favorite Warrior Cats and Why by Minnowleap

Minnowleap lists their favourite characters from the series. Spoilers for AVOS!

Art by NightmareSparckle


I will be sharing my top 3 favorite warrior cats, I could go all day long with this so I narrowed it down to these fantastic kitties! (There IS a possible chance for spoilers!!! be warned….) Also, this is my first article! ^^

1.) Gray Wing
Gray wing is my most favorite! The reasonings are, When his brother Clear Sky decided to leave the mountains he had a hard choice to make. He stayed with his mother because she needed him, his sister Futtering Bird was slowly dying, meanwhile his other brother, Jagged Peak was a curious little kit! So Gray Wing decided to stay with his mother. But of course Jagged Peak ran off to find the group of cats that were following The Sun Trail. This leads to my next reason, Gray Wing goes through 3 cats that he cared and loved for, The First Storm. After Storm rejected him, had kits with Clear Sky, and then got crushed by a boulder, leaving a tiny kit that he soon named, Thunder, he forgave Clear Sky and moved on. His second love, Turtle Tail gave him affection and never left his side. She then decided to go to the Twolegs with her friend Bumble (if I remember correctly) and had a forced and abused relationship with a tom cat named tom. When Turtle Tail arrived back Tom stole her kits, Gray Wing later finds out the Turtle Tail got crushed by a monster!! Poor Gray Wing. Finally, he meets Slate, I don’t see why people get mad about this because he moved on with Turtle Tail, bc if he didn’t he would still be grieving. Anyways Slate, his last and final love, they had kits and a strong romance. (skip ahead in time again) After Gray Wing falls to the ground in the snow, Slate tells him to go back into his den bc he needs rest. After all his family comes, and surrounds him, he thanks them, and sadly dies. Gray Wing is a very important cat in this series, without him the Clans would have never began, also after the rejection of his kits moving to different clans, he still forgave and kept a positive attitude, this is why I love Gray Wing!

2.) Bluestar
When I first read Bluestar’s prophecy I couldn’t stop reading it! Throughout the book you see how she fees and reacts to things in her P.O.V. I don’t like her just because she was a Clan Leader but bc of her Loyalty, Bravery, and going with her gut feelings. Im going to skip ahead in time by A LOT. Like when she had kits with Oakheart, she loved them as much as any mother besides Rainflower *glares* Anyways, she new deep down inside that she couldn’t let Thistleclaw be clan leader, some people think of this selfish..I see why you think it is but what do you think would happen is Thistlestar existed…*shivers at the thought* Bluestar met up with Oakheart and gave her kits back, she lied about a fox or something taking them, all the clan was horrified but her, and Goosefeather. Out of this, this makes Bluestar a TRUE leader, having to do what no other cats would even think of. She also risked her last life to help Fireheart(star) and at the last moment she saw her two kits, Stonefur, and Mistyfoot(star) and she told them the truth and how great of a mother their foster mother was, and that she was sorry and over them very much.

3.) Needletail
I will say that I’ve only read The Apprentices Quest and Shattered Sky. but Needletail is still my top 3…along with others. The reasons won’t be very convincing or long, one reason I like Needletail is bc she is basically a mother to Violetshine and she always looked up to her and followed her. Needletail was very loyal and fun to read on the chapters she was involved in (in my opinion!!) Her death was very brutal with Darktail (the kin) and I respect the fact that just bc she went on that quest with Alderpaw(heart) docent mean that she has to like him AND he’s a med. app so like…he can’t have a mate o.O. Needletail is a worthy Starclan warrior and I and Violetshine will always look up to her :3

Im vey sorry this was so long, it was my first soooo tell me your opinions about my article and the cats, say if you agree or not! Im okay with that :).
Questions to answer; Do you think Needletail deserves to be in Starclan, and explain why?
Do you think Bluestar was selfish to give away her kits for Clan Leader?
Did Gray Wing deserve to have so much bad things happen to him?


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  • Totally agree with you 😆! I love all these three cats very much, especially Bluestar 💙! I think Needletail deserves Starclan. It’s because though she’d been on the wrong side for some time, at least she found out what’s right and made the correct choice at last. She’s a very unique cat. (BTW, do you ship AlderxNeedle? I like this ship very much 😛!) I don’t think Bluestar was selfish when she gave away her kits for clan leader. She’s destined to be at that position and stop Thistleclaw from leading Thunderclan. It’s Starclan’s will, so she must listen to it. If she didn’t choose ose to be the deputy and then the leader at that time, not only her clan, but also her kits would be in danger. We could see that she loved her kits very much too, and it’s heartbreaking for her to give them away. So she’s not selfish. For Gray Wing, if I only look into his case, his life was really full of tragedy. But if I compare it to other cats’ lives, his live wasn’t worse than their’s so much. So, I’m not so sure 😅…

  • Needletail TOTES deserves to be in StarClan! One of the rules in the warrior code was to defend the Clan, even with your life. (Was it…?) Needletail died to defend the Clan, although she never had a true warrior ceremony, come to think of it. Help someone…?

    If Bluestar hadn’t given away her kits, then a lot of things wouldn’t have happened. Even though Mosskit died, if Thistleclaw had become leader, all her kits could’ve died anyway, if Thistleclaw had forced them into early apprenticeship and forced them to fight like Brokenstar.

    It was sad for Gray WIng to have all those bad things to happen to him, but if he had a 100% great life, he might’ve not have been the strong cat he became. Also, the Clans might’ve not have been formed, because he influenced it greatly.

  • I also like Bluestar, but I’m more neutral on Gray Wing and Needletail. I’m neutral on Gray Wing because while he has his good points, some of his actions and the things that he says are questionable (like with Jagged Peak). Needletail because she actually manipulated Violetshine, whether it was stated or not. And because Needletail blames the entire fall of ShadowClan on Rowanstar, when the blame mainly falls on her and the Kin.

    • How did Needletail *Manipulate* Violetshine?! She took Violetshine with her to the kin because she cared about her and wanted Violetshine to stay with her. She saw Violetshine as a sister. How is that Manipulateing?
      “All this that’s happening to me… Its my fault. Violetpaw. All the mistakes we made was mine.”
      “That doesn’t matter now. Don’t worry about anything. I’m going to get you out of here.”
      “Don’t take the risks for me, Violetpaw. You have to survive, any way you can.” °•Needletail to Violetpaw•°
      She admitted she made mistakes and paid the price for them. She cared more about Violetpaw than she cared about herself. I can’t see any manipulation in their relationship. Else, you have to show me them. She sacrificed herself for Violetpaw and always protected her. She DIED for her. If she was *manipulating* Violetpaw, why would she sacrifice herself for Violetpaw? Make that make sense. Needltail saved Violetpaws life more than once. She’s a very complex character with an interesting background. You can’t just blame her for everything. Especially manipultaing which isn’t even stated. Give me one quote that shows Manipulateing.

  • I agree with you on Gray Wing and Bluestar.Gray Wing is my absolute favorite character. I feel like he is such a good cat and he didn’t deserve all of that tragedy in his life. He is such an influential character and the clans wouldn’t have been what they are today without him. Bluestar is one of my favorite leaders. She was amazing and died an honorable death. I’m neutral on needletail though.

  • I like all of these cats, and Needletail totally deserves Starclan. She realized that her decision to join The Kin was wrong, and she sacrificed her life for Violetshine. Bluestar was kinda selfish for giving up her kits, but she had to do it or Thistleclaw would become leader. But the thing I don’t understand is that Squirrelflight had kits and she was made deputy.. and poor Gray Wing, he deserved nothing of the things that came to him.

  • This is an amazing Article. I’m thoroughly surprised that you went into this much depth describing your 3 favorite cats. I really like how you basically described each cat’s life and said why you liked them. This must have taken lots of thought. Overall, this is an amazing Article!!!

    (Have you read Moth Flight’s Vision???)

  • 1. Yes. If Ashfur was in StarClan… essentially, it shows that they aren’t picky. Also, she died to save a Clan cat, Violetpaw.
    2. Yes and no. They had a much happier life in RiverClan, and Stonefur would probably still have died. However, I don’t think TigerClan would have even been created if Thistleclaw, Tigerstar’s mentor, had become leader, as Tigerstar would have been loyal to him (probably, and even if he hadn’t been, Thistleclaw would have known how to deal with it)
    3. Of course not! He did have a problem with falling in love with other cats’ mates – Bright Stream, Storm and Turtle Tail – but he never acted on the feelings enough to make it bad. Furthermore, he helped Turtle Tail raise her kits, and basically acted as a surrogate father for them, but didn’t stop them from doing what they loved.

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