LGBT Headcanons in Warriors ! by Maplepaw

Maplepaw shares some LGBTQ+ headcanons about the series.

Hey BlogClan !
It’s Maple back with another article !
And this one will be a little different, so basically I’m going to start by talking about some head canons I have for warriors, and then this will all descend into some mess of discussing LGBT cats in warriors !
Let’s get straight into it with some of my personal headcanon !

(These aren’t in order of what is my favourite, I just like using numbers)
Another note, I’m leaving out Tall x Jake, Ravenpaw x Barley and asexual mousefur from this list and sharing a few more unique headcanons.

1. Non-Binary Puddleshine

Reason : I headcanon Puddleshine as a non binary cat, because a lot of their story revolves around being forced into a role that they don’t feel comfortable with, and having to learn a lot about themselves in a short amount of time. I like to think that as well as struggling with being a medicene cat, Puddleshine struggles with what gender they are. I feel like it really seems to fit in with their story, I also have little side things where Darktail’s rouges try to force them to go by he/him pronouns, but all the ShadowClan cats are kind of like. Hey we didn’t like Rowanstar but this is a step too far, and the rouges have to back down.

2. Asexual Aromantic Hawkfrost

Reason : I feel like even if Hawkfrost had lived he would never had felt romantically for any cat. Hawkfrost was quite a popular cat in his clan, and I can imagine that at some point some cat showed an interest in being something more than just a friend to him, yet Hawkfrost is never hinted at having any interest in any mate or kits. The only reason I can see him having kits is to try and keep Tigerstar’s legacy going. Even then I don’t see him being happy about it

3. Bisexual Leafpool

Reason : Well I’m not a massive Mothpool shipper, but I can definitely see how Leafpool instantly connected with she cats in her life. A few examples being Cody (who I headcanon as gay but she didn’t make it on this list apart from this one mention ), Sorreltail (Sorrel x Leaf for life) and Mothwing. She is also obviously close with Crowfeather, and I feel that it was an honest relationship, but just didn’t work out for them, it wasn’t abusive or anything like some people say. For these reasons I believe that Leafpool is bisexual !

4. Trans Redtail

Reason : Although I’m not sure about Running x Red (mainly because Runningwind is asexual in my mind and no one can change that) I do like the idea of Redtail of being a trans boy. He’s a tortoiseshell cat and a tom, which is extremely rare, so it actually makes more sense for him to be trans then a tortoiseshell. This does cause problems with Sandstorm, but I like to say she’s an adopted loner kit, and when it’s broken to her by Brindleface is when she starts being nicer to Firestar as she realises she doesn’t have warrior blood either.

5. Panesexual Alderheart

Reason : I definitely ship him and Puddleshine, as well as him and Needletail, and I think that Alderheart just kind of seems like one of those cats who doesn’t care what any cat looks like or whether they’re a boy or a girl (or non binary as I headcanon Puddleshine). That’s all I’ve got for reasoning here !

6. Gay Blackstar

Reason : Right. So. I checked the warriors wiki, and I do not believe that Blackstar took a mate. But that’s the warriors wiki so anything goes. But yeah I think Blackstar is gay, and I think that he fell in love with Sol, and that was one of the many factors that lead to him being more trusting of Sol’s words. Yeah so I don’t have much reasoning for this but in my mind, Blackstar is gay

7. Asexual heteroromantic Needletail

Reason: I can never ever see Needletail wanting anything more than a little bit of romance out of a relationship. Needletail and Rain I can only ever see as a romantic relationship and I don’t think they would have ever wanted to have kits together. (Also I headcanon Rain as a trans boy so they wouldn’t have been able to have kits but that didn’t make it to the list rip my headcanon)

8. Lesbian Sasha and Leopardstar

Reason : Firstly, I bunch these two together because it’s a nice big ship and yeahhhhhhhh. So before you point to both of these two cats and Tigerstar, I believe that they confused admiration for love, as Sasha’s picture that she had in her mind of Tigerstar never really matched with what was real. I first heard of this idea from the YouTuber Draiknator, and I really do love it ! I can definitely see them seeking comfort with each and that it hurt Leopardstar when Sasha left

9. Gay Smudge

Reason : I think that Smudge had a massive crush on Rusty, I’m not 100% sure why I headcanon this but yeah….. I do and it’s amazing

10. Demisexual Biromantic Ivypool

Reason : Sadly my asexual ivypool headcanon has been thrown in the trash can and been stepped on. So I headcanon her as demisexual, and biromantic ! I feel like she had a crush on Blossomfall but it was never going to work out so when she started to fall in the love with Fernsong she gave up on her little crush for the cats who would actually like her back

Some other mentions
– Asexual aromantic Heathertail (rip this idea)
– Trans boy Rowanstar
– Trans girl Twigbranch (don’t ask, I used to think she was a boy and this idea was born
– Asexual aromantic Icecloud
– Gay Kestreflight
– Queer Violetshine (she’s not 100% sure)
– Bisexual Whitestorm
– Panesexual Sorreltail
– Trans girl, lesbian Mothwing

Right now on to the discussion about some things that could be canon
I fully accept that basically all of these above will never ever be canon but what about some that could be !
I’m talking about Ravenpaw x Barley, Tallstar x Jake and Asxeual Mousefur, the most likely to be canon out of basically all of these headcanons
Now we know for a fact that these can’t be confirmed in books, but is there a chance that these headcanons are real even if it’s not stated in the books ?

Now first up, asexual Mousefur. I do think this could be canon. She’s never wanted to take a mate or have any romance. I believe that this actually is canon as there is no evidence against it

Right now, Tallstar x Jake. These two share very sweet moments, and it has been said (I think) that they visit each other in the afterlife. There always seems to be a little more than a friendship between them ! So I’d say that there is a chance that this could be canon, and quite a high chance at that.

Last but not least is Ravenpaw x Barley. Now this one I don’t see as much as the others, they are very sweet together, and I feel that it could be canon. But there is definitely less chance, mainly because we have seen less moments of them. Now I haven’t read Ravenpaw’s Farewell so that may change my mind, but there seems to be a lot less evidence to back this one up !

Another point I would like to make, is that some people get so mad over LGBT headcanons in warriors, and the thing is, it’s so uncalled for.
So what if you don’t think Mothwing is gay, this person does, and there’s nothing wrong with that. People also seem to get annoyed when people don’t have the same headcanon as them, and I don’t get that either. Just because you think something doesn’t mean that everyone else has to think that as well.

Another stupid thing that I’ve seen people say is – well I think you’re making too many cats gay. Like ? What ? If someone wants to make a cat gay or, trans, or any other gender or sexuality, it doesn’t mean you have to, their opinion doesn’t have to be yours as well !

Feel free to tell me any headcanons you have in the comments, and debate my headcanons with me if you like !

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  • we can all at least agree on these
    Hollyleaf – Asexual Aromantic
    Patchpelt – In a polyamorous relationship with willowpelt and goldenflower
    Ravenpaw – Transgender, gay boiii

  • 🐅🌟Tigerpaw/shine (Tiger Dashing Under Shining Sun/Tiger Shine/Tiger) (mae/mim/mair/mairself, rav/rae/raven/ravenself, she/her/her/herself)🐅🌟 says:

    Blackstar’s mate was Tallpoppy. Don”t ask me where I found that tho

  • hey small question, so i’m looking at some lgbtq+ headcanons for some aus i’m writing, but i just have a small question, how can wild cats be trans? they dont really have the medical resources for that and don’t get me wrong trans people are valid! but i’m just wondering so i can add the explanation into my aus!

    • Hello !!!!
      I’m the author of the article you may guess, and I’m also a transgender person so I’m here with an answer
      Being trans isn’t really about medical transition, whilst most trans people do medically transition, it’s not a necessity. Some trans people may not have any surgery or hormones.
      Basically all you need to be trans is to identify as a gender different to what you are assigned at birth. So for example trans girl Mothwing !! She would be assigned male at birth, but identify as female and that’s all she needs to do to be trans, as surgeries aren’t a requirement it’s not an issue that wild cats couldn’t get medical treatments
      So ya i hope that helped !!!! not all trans people transition so medical resources aren’t needed for people to be trans 🙂

  • I am not going to stop shipping hollyleaf x hazeltail I can’t I love this ship too much. But great article!! I agree with gay smudge he seemed to have a crush on rusty/firestar

  • I personally thing Fernsong is trans…and Pansexual & Panromantic. ALDERHEART X PUDDLESHINE FOR LIFE XD….(I know this was awhile ago but stil) I have alot of LGBTQ+ ship in the series. RavenXBarley is a thing! so is jakeXtall…But it just my opinion UWU

  • I agree with many but I personally think that Needletail was Asexual & Panromantic (Mainly because I ship Alder X Needle, Sleek X Needle, & Rain X Needle I guess.)

    • I agree with gay Sasha and Mothwing, I always felt like Sasha had a HUGE crush on Feathertail, Sasha x Feather FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Some of my head-cannons:
    1. Pansexual Jake.
    2. Bisexual Leafpool.
    3. Lesbian Rosetail.
    4. Gay Tallstar, Barley, and Ravenpaw.
    5. Pansexual Feathertail.
    6. Asexual Crowfeather
    7. Polyamorous Whitestorm. (In a relationship with Brindleface and Willowpelt.)
    8. Asexual Mousefur, bc why not.
    9. Lesbian Mothwing, Sasha, and Leopardstar.
    10. Polyamorous Nightcloud.
    11. Trans Redtail and Rowanstar.

  • More head-cannons:
    1. Bisexual Bluestar and Mapleshade
    2. Trans girl Hawkfrost (idk why I thought of this idea, I just did) and Nightheart
    3. Non-binary Daisy (they are always described as a CAT in the books, not a she-cat)
    4. Lesbian Blossomfall and Ivypool

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