The Lost Cadvent, Part 2

More found pictures from Cadvent 2018

In case you missed the first Lost Cadvent, this is what it’s about: Sometime in December, my email app decided that messages from BlogClan were junk and started hurling them into my Junk folder. Which meant I didn’t see them until I went looking for lost files today. I’m SO sorry if your pic didn’t make it into Cadvent, so here’s a post-Cadvent Cadvent with all the lost pics.

Here they are, in no particular order.

Here’s Shadowpaw/moon’s gorgeous cat, Moon.

“Shadow is super duper late BUT she’s welp so she’s postin’ Moon here VERY LATE: (This might wind up in The Lost Cadvent, Part 2? :P)
Moon is my very awesome ninja kitty! Moon is a Flame point Siamese/Ragdoll cross. His blue eyes occasionally glow red when he is in the dark and they reflect light, also on camera. We got him from somebody who was giving her cat’s kits away because there wasn’t room in their house for them. His former name was Sky, given by his former owners. We got him from a litter of 8 (AHEM Warrior cats why is the max litter number 4? Hmmmmmmm).
He loves to play with straws (yes, straws) and wrecking carpets (literally, a part of the carpet on our stairs is completely reduced to wood). He doesn’t like to show affection by licking, but by head-butting and rubbing. He does NOT like to be picked up, as several scratches and failed attempts have taught me. Almost all the toys he has (or, rather, HAD) are WRECKED! (Get the feeling he likes his claws?) He sleeps in the CUTEST positions! <3 Instead of responding to his name, he seems to like this tsk tsk (but in a sweeter, slower way) sound that I can make. :/
BTW if this becomes a secret page MINE OR ELSEEEEEEEE :P”


A wonderful BlogClan picture drawn by Sparktooth next.

“This is a traditional art picture I drew for fun, a little holiday picture for BlogClan, and here’s the product with everyone who wanted to be featured in it! 😀

Left to Right: Frosto, Handbellpaw (I hope you like your Magic Conch Shell 😛 ), Wavey, Cheetahspark, Lionfire, Sparky (Me!), Icy (with your coffee 😛 ), Skykit (My little sister), Fireleap, Shadey, Winterwatcher, and last but not least, Frosty (Frosted Gingerbread). 

Merry Christmas! (Please do not reload or repost without asking me first and giving credit to me, had to mention it! 😛 ).”

And here is Hawthornclaw’s beautiful cat Bilbo.

“Here is a picture of my cat, Bilbo (she is a girl), ruining the Christmas decorations.”


And here’s another lovely cat, this time, Maplepaw’s.

“This is my grandma’s cat Max, he moves around a lot so that photo is a bit blurry. I’ve given him the warrior name Pebble wind!”


And here is Cloudymoon’s Kessem. What big eyes she has!

“Meet my pretty kittypet, Kessem! This she-cat is twelve years old. I’m still struggling with a warrior name for her, here are some that I tried: Fuzzychest – because she has a white chest; Softstep or Softfoot or Softpad – because she has very soft paws; Owlspark – she sometimes reminds me of an owl; or Frostwhisker, because her whiskers are white and long. What’s the best?”


And let’s finish today’s post with a dog! Here’s Foxtail’s gorgeous pup, Jemma.

“This is Jemma, the famous corgi I have told you all about! My sister and I always try to put antlers on her every Christmas and she wears it for a while until she shakes it off and starts chewing on it…… 😂 Yes, we love her, can’t you tell? 😛


The third and final part coming soon!


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