The first battles of the Dark Forest Part 4. A theory on the true meaning of the Dark Forest by Littlepaw

Littlepaw adds another installment on their analysis of the Dark Forest.

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Well, as i’m writing right now, my theory has 1 reply on part 3. It had a good point. Snowtuft could not be leader of the Dark Forest. I don’t know why I chose him, but Sparrowfeather could set it up again. Don’t know what i’m talking about? Try finding the last three of my work on this theory.

Well, the time has come, we might have this the last of my theory chain, or we might need one more. My thinking changes all of the time. But i’m certain the Dark Forest still has a plot. I’m certain to try to expand your thinking on the matter. Today, we find out how this could happen again. The Dark Forest is not dead. That is prove in Crowfeather’s Trial. Lets hit the road now. And I speak for the clans today in this dire warning.

Rock. The ancient cat that was before the Tribe of Rushing Water. Rock has more knowledge than StarClan as we know. He blamed the Dark Forest on the whole of the cats for remembering the fallen. With that, that gave the Dark Forest power. So if that gave the evil cats power, then surly that must also involve StarClan. I believe that the two forces have to interact forever, or be destroyed in the process. So, if one fell, the others must fall. The Dark Forest wanted to replace StarClan. StarClan would still exist if they won, just as a divided group, but still there. However, what if StarClan’s power fell when its seasons changed? When StarClan was divided in Omen of the Stars, Greenleaf turned to Leaf-bare. So what would that do? If the Dark Forest won, StarClan would be stuck in a Leaf-bare, but would they exist? If yes, we don’t have a paradox, if they don’t, then when one falls, the others fall. So if StarClan did exist, would they flee to SkyClan’s? Would that matter in here? I don’t know. That could be something you discuses with us. But lets say StarClan is weak and shattered. The clans still remember them if the Dark Forest replaced them. Memory cannot be forgotten in this state. The power of fear with the cats are too much to forget. So with this, surly more cats fear the Dark Forest now than before. They might be defeated, but they still exist. They can still grow in power and get there recruits. However, they lost their power to submit others to their will. They are known. Fear would drive cats away. Mappleshade didn’t know the Dark Forest existed until she got there. So what would it be if it is seen by the cats. That would grow memory from an individual to the whole. I’m not sure how my confusing mess is working for you, but we might have a choke point. How would the Dark Forest grow in numbers again to challenge StarClan again? If the new arrivals of Brokenstar, Hawkfrost, and Tigerstar became leaders (For fan service), then what if that could happen again? If cats can be tricked, then can the tricked be to manipulate to join arms? So is the Dark Forest in a struggle forever? I think yes. But StarClan and the Dark Forest have grown in power, now so that SkyClan has returned. The Dark Forest can trick SkyClan into a plot, so expect a antaganest ( Can’t Spell) for SkyClan.

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