What if Shadowkit was evil by Lunaheart

Lunaheart makes a prediction for a future if Shadowkit was evil.

Art by daisyrazors

So before I begin I would like to thank alpacatuft for the idea! So in a vision, puddleshine sees spirekit as the medicine cat apprentice instead of Shadowkit. Tigerstar the II takes Shadowkit aside and tells him that somethings aren’t ment to be. Pouncekit And lightkit attempt to comfort him and their relationship grows. Shadowpaw, like Alderheart, is not very good at being a warrior, like having a vision while stalking prey, fighting etc. The mentor gets a little exasperated at shadowpaw and the other apprentices tease him. On top of that, spirekit isn’t very good at being a medicine cat apprentice, like hollypaw. He forgets the herbs, and freezes at the sight of blood.When Shadowkit is squeezing dead mice as a punishment for letting a younger apprentice beat him in fighting he finds and steals some dried yew berries and slips them in spirekits prey. Spirekit dies, And Shadowpaw becomes the medicine cat apprentice in his place.
So I really like this idea! But in my opinion, Tigerstar the II will eat the poisoned prey and shadowpaw will confess. I really want to see some arguing with Tigerstar the II or dovewing as not being the medicine cat apprentice has made him reckless. I want to see some more of pouncekit And lightkit, as TS was mostly about Shadowkit. Along with a evil Shadowkit POV I’d like a pounce/light kit POV to see how they think of their brothers brooding/evil. An accident might happen and because spirekit froze up the cat was scarred like Brightheart or Briarlight or maybe dead. (I wouldn’t want this do happen as Shadowclan is way too small but then it would be even better.) because shadowpaw was unsure if he wanted to do that and that pushed him over the brink. I can’t think of a suitable punishment for shadowpaw between banishment and just doing the elders ticks. But maybe he should be banished, but I want him to survive and evil will live on! (Like Mapleshade)
A prophecy
The darkness poisons a kit, a legacy forgotten will rise
Watch for the blackout of a medicine cats demise
Beware the red berries of betrayal
Beware the two clans who love and hate
Find a way to stop the blackout
Or death will be our fate

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