Analyzing Crookedstar by Frostedpool

Frostedpool takes a look at the RiverClan leader, Crookedstar. Spoilers for Crookedstar’s Promise!

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It would be an understatement to say that Crookedstar’s promise was sad. And while usually novellas are sad, like Bluestar’s prophecy, they pale in comparison to Crookedstar’s promise. IN this article, I will be analyzing the kithood/apprenticeship of Crookedstar, to analyze his mental state during that time

Kithood / Apprenticeship:
Everyone knows by now that Rainflower was a terrible parent to Crookedkit. Before he was Crookedkit, however, his name was Stormkit, inspired by the night he was born. Stormkit and Oakkit did not follow the basic rules of their kithood, being restless, and also, little restraint from their mother Rainflower and father Shellheart led to the accident. Stormkit and Oakkit had snuck out of camp, and we crossing the stepping stones to scare Goosefeather, Thunderclan’s medicine cat, off their territory. This backfires, and Stormkit and Oakkit run away in terror. Unfortunately, Stormkit slipped on one of the stepping stones, banging his jaw against it, and being swept down the river. Luckily, he was rescued, and then treated by Brambleberry. Once Stormkit recovered, Rainflower refused to claim him as her son, which then led to Stormkit, now Crookedkit, to feel unwanted. He ran away to live in the barn for a moon, only coming back when Mapleshade pressured him Once he finally became an apprentice to Cedarpelt, he was led by Mapleshade into believing he was special, and being trained by a Starclan warrior. His vulnerability from his mother disowning him and the anxiety that his Clan does not accept his after he ran away to live in the barn allows Mapleshade to use him as a plaything to get her vengeance on anyone related to Appledusk. Mapleshade kept training him long after he became a warrior, and when he finally realized his mistake, Mapleshade manipulated him into believing he was the reason all of his loved ones died. Unsurprisingly, this destroyed his confidence and all happiness he could feel. Because of his mistakes early in his life, Crookedstar most likely felt like he had a huge responsibility, and probably also felt useless to his clan and lonely, to scared to love and risk losing everything he was fighting for.

In conclusion, Crookedstar led a pretty sad life, but what is most inspiring about him is his sheer determination and refusal to stop. So, I’m signing off.

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  • Amazing article! I really love Crookedstar & his story is so heart-breaking but in a way heart-warming how he got some happiness out of his life w/ Willow.💙💚🧡💛

  • This is very accurate. Croockedstar had the life of, “If you love someone, they die.” It’s just sad thinking about it.

  • i’d honestly say he led a good life looking at all the factors, through his life he still tried to push trhough his feelings ot saddnes because of Rainflower, MapleShade may have been evil but she helped him push through it and help his clan when he lost so much, his mother’s love and care, a nest with his mom, Stormstar the name he always wanted, Hailstar dying (i know im not going in order but my mind works like this sorry) Willowpt dying, Silverstream dying, He almost lost his daughter and brother, because he almost didnt do anythjng with Silverstream, Ad Oakheart because Oakheart knew very well what would or could happen if he didnt say anything tk Croodstar, He still managed to push through it and lead his clan through all that, actually I changed my mind a tough life but goodish

  • I love Crookedstar. He was treated badly by Rainflower, and Mapleshade manipulated him, he managed to get through it all. He had a similar story to Bluestar, losing everything. His relationship with Willowshine was so cute. I also liked how Brambleberry acted more like a mother to him more then his actual mother XD. He was a great leader and probably my fav cat in Riverclan!

  • Thank you guys for the support! This was my first article and I’m very apreciative of your kindness and support!