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    Hawkeye’s Dreams
    Chapter 1 repost!
    That’s the only yell I here.
    I look for her.
    Where are you?
    I hear a shriek.
    No. It’s too late. She’s gone. I couldn’t save her.
    “Hawkeye! Hawkeye!”
    I wake up to see Sunsky on top of me.
    “Sunsky? But you’re… Oh I’m awake.” Sunsky stares at me. “I’m what? Are you ok? You’ve been meowing all night!”
    “I have?”
    “Yes. I’m what?”
    “Nothing. Never mind.”
    “Ok. Let’s go get some fresh kill.”
    We head over to the fresh kill pile. I’m still used to being an apprentice, since I’ve only been a warrior for 2 days. But being a warrior is much better. We eat our fresh kill and talk. Sunsky is much nicer to me than Ravenflight and Lakesong, my other sisters, or my brother Midnightrush. They’ve always made fun of me, laughing when I wake up from dreams at night.
    I dream a lot. And the wierd thing is, most of the time, my dreams come true. I’ve dreamed that I would fall into the freezing water in the winter a few moons ago, and I did. I dreamed a fire would spread throughout my clan, LightningClan, and it did. I dreamed a dog would kill my father, Greengrove, and it happened. I’ scared that my dream about Sunsky will come true.
    “May all cats old enough to catch their own prey, join here beneath the Lightning Rock for a clan meeting.” Hurricanestar calls. Sunsky runs for it. I do too. Hurricanestar told us that today we would become mentors. All of my siblings are going to!
    Hurricanestar gives Sunsky Gingerpaw, Midnightrush Hopepaw, Lakesong Lovepaw, and Ravenflight Squirrelpaw. My apprentice is Riverpaw. Once the ceromony is over, Hurricanestar tells us that a clan meeting is tonight. She says me, all my siblings, Silverpaw, Cloudnose, and Brackenheart can all go.
    I smile and get ready to meet my apprentice.

    Hawkeye’s Dreams
    Chapter 2
    “Aren’t you the weird one with all those crazy dreams?”
    I sigh.
    “For the fifth time, yes, but I’m not weird!”
    Riverpaw smiles. “I heard that all your dreams come true or something.”
    “Let’s just stop talking about this, ok?”
    “No.” Riverpaw says, “I ALWAYS get what I want. Right now I want to talk about your weird dreams. And you’re not going to stop that.”
    What is wrong with this brat? Of course I was put with this one. I always get the bad things in life.
    “You listen to me right now, you are not talking about my dreams anymore, you’re not always getting what you want, you’re not telling me what to do, and I am teaching you what you need to become a warrior. You want to become a warrior, right?”
    “Yeah, I’m not gonna be some dumb medicine cat.”
    “If you want to be a warrior, stop acting like such a jerk! Respect medicine cats, they do just as much as warriors do. Respect me, or you’ll be an apprentice your whole life.”
    “That’s not true.”
    “Trust me, I’ll make it true.”
    “Today I’ve decided to show you around the territory.”

    Hurricanestar gathers us together for the gathering. Our medicine cat, Cloudnose, walks over to me.
    “So you’ve had a rough first day as a mentor, haven’t you?”
    “Definitely. My apprentice is a jerk.”
    “You’ll straighten him out. Hollypaw used to be like that. I straightened her out.” He looks at me. “I know you can do it. You always find a way.”
    “Yeah, hopefully I will this time.”
    Cloudnose was my best friend when we were kits. We loved playing together, him, me, and Sunsky, while my other siblings and his brother, Brackenheart, our clan deputy now, played. Cloudnose and I are still friends.
    “How are you doing, Hawkeye, it’s been a while.” Cloudnose asks.
    “Oh I’m just my same old self. Just a warrior now, with an apprentice and everything.” I tell him, “How are you?”
    “I’m great. The medicine den isn’t very busy these days, and Hollypaw and I have been doing amazing lately.” he says, smiling.
    I smile. “Good.”
    We talk a while longer, about siblings, parents, when we were kits, our lives as warriors and medicine cats, and so much more. When we get there, I sit next to Sunsky.
    Sunsky stares at me. “So you’ve been talking to Cloudnose? How is he?” She says something to herself, but I can’t here her.
    “He’s good.” I say, “How was your first day of apprentice training?”
    She smiles. “It was great.” she says, “Gingerpaw’s the best apprentice I could ask for. She’s sweet, smart, and funny. How was your day?”
    “Terrible. Riverpaw’s The worst. He’s a jerk, thinks he can have and do whatever he wants, and talks back.” I say
    “I’m really sorry.” Sunsky says.
    “It’s ok.” I say, “It’s not your fault.”
    Everyone is quiet as the leaders go on the Stone of Good Deeds. The gathering begins.

  • Chapter 3- Flashback chapter
    “No, Skystar, we are not letting you hunt on our territory! You are definitely not starving!” Midnightstar yells. They have been fighting the whole gathering. LightningClan and DarknessClan have been enemies for years. Ever since the beginning of the clans, they were enemies….
    “Wait up Lightning! I’m coming for you!” Darkness squealed.
    Lightning laughed, “Oh no, I’m scared!” He said sarcastically. Darkness pounced on Lightning, laughing. They were brothers and best friends.
    “Bet you can’t catch me!” Lightning yelled, running from Darkness’ grip.
    “Oh, I bet I can!” Darkness laughed
    The brothers grew up in a time when there were clans, but they were different. They were Thunder, Shadow, Wind, and River.Their parents had been killed by a warrior when they were only small kits. But they were always there for each other, and that’s all that mattered. They vowed they would stick together until the end. But one day, when they were foolish young toms, everything changed…
    Darkness and Lightning walked down the road that warriors called the Thunderpath. The warriors had vanished from the forest, although the forest had very little destruction. It had only destroyed some of ThunderClan and a bit of RiverClan, for luxury riverfront condos, as twolegs called them. But Darkness and Lightning didn’t care. They just wanted a place to live. And now they were getting it.
    In ThunderClan’s old medicine den lived a beautiful she cat named Stream. She had silver fur and forest green eyes, and many of the remaining toms of the forest tried to win her affection. When she saw the 2 brothers walking towards her home, she feared her home would have new occupants, so she told them what she told every cat who dare try to inhabit her new home,
    “This is my home, and I will do anything to defend it. You can’t live here, unless you wan to pay the price. I can kill both of you.”
    Darkness and Lightning exchanged glances, and started to laugh.
    “What are you going to do about it, you’re just a delicate little she-cat!” Darkness said, holding in his laughter.
    Stream pinned Darkness down, so hard he couldn’t get up. And she didn’t let go for a while. Once she did, Darkness and Lightning were stunned.
    “You can stay here, if you wish. But you must help me hunt for mice and get herbs, if you do.” She said, “If you don’t, you will suffer the consequences.”
    Having no choice but to stay, Darkness and Lightning stayed where Stream was. But they were both slowly falling in love with Stream. And this soon led to problems…
    Stream walked over to Lightning.
    “Lightning, I’d like you to go hunting with me today. Darkness will gather herbs.” She said.
    Lightning smiled. This was his chance to talk to Stream about how he felt. “That sounds great Stream” he said.
    When Lightning told Darkness, Darkness became angry, but tried to hold it in. It was hard though. He loved Stream. As Lightning and Stream walked together, they both realized they were falling in love. Lightning told Darkness all about it, and Darkness grew furious.
    “No.. But.. How could you!” He screamed, and he scratched his ear.
    Lightning got angry with Darkness, and they began to fight. Darkness left his home, so he could get away from his brother and the cat he loved.
    Moons passed, and Lightning and Stream became mates. Darkness befriended a she-cat named Breeze. Darkness brought Breeze back to his old home, to apologize to his brother. When Stream saw Darkness, she grew excited. But Lightning was mad.
    “How dare you come back here after what you did!” He yowled.
    “Lightning, please forgive me.” Darkness said, “What I did was wrong, I know that now.”
    “I will never forgive you.”
    Stream let Darkness and Breeze stay with them, but Lightning avoided him at all costs. Stream talked to Darkness more and more, because she was mad at Lightning for what he did to his brother.
    “Darkness, I don’t know why he’s acting like this. What were you even fighting about that day anyway? ” Stream asked one leaf-fall morning. Darkness didn’t want to talk to Stream about it, but it burst out.
    “I was in love with you, and I still am.” Darkness said, “But you 2 were in love.”
    “Oh Darkness, I love you too!” Stream said, “I used to love Lightning, but I don’t know what happened to him!”
    Darkness and Stream touched noses. They were both in love, and everything seemed alright.
    Stream and Lightning had a big fight, and soon broke up. Lightning soon fell in love with Breeze, but he didn’t love her as much as Stream. But moons later, the 4 cats met again, under the 4 trees the original clans used to meet under every moon, and were told to start 4 clans. At first they didn’t have a rule for not having cats from 2 different clans be mates. But once Lightning, now Lightningstar, saw his brother with Stream, who was now Streamstar, he grew angry. He made a visit to DarknessClan, where his brother, Darknessstar, was leader.
    “Hello Lightningstar” Darknessstar said, “What can I do for you?”
    “This.” Lightningstar said, pushing Darknessstar off the rock he lived on. Darknessstar died that day. Ever since then, there have been no different clan relationships.
    So what did you think? I really wanted to do a flashback chapter, and I thought this would be good. I’d love to hear what people thought!

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