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In the defense of Blossomfall AND Millie by Fox Trot

Art by maracat0901

Fox Trot takes a look at both sides of the mother-daughter relationship between Millie and Blossomfall.

In the defense of Blossomfall AND Millie

Okay, Heyo, This is my first article, And It will be in the defense of Blossomfall and Millie.

Okay, Blossomfall first. Blossomfall is pretty okay ~Cough~ We won’t talk about Thornclaw and her ~Cough~ Buttttttt, She has problems. So, first, She resents Briarlight because Millie pays more attention to her. Blossomfall in the wrong and the right here, Because, Millie treats Blossomfall like yesterdays trash while Briarlight is the queen of England and some. I mean, Briarlight got the use of her hindquarters taken away from her, Soooo, She should get some attention, But, Millie also should have noticed Blossomfall when she had achievements and when she was injured. But, Blossomfall took it the wrong way and ended up getting yelled at in front of the whole clan. Next, she sent her self to cat heck because she hated her sister, Now, Hating your siblings is bad yes, But cat heck is not needed, She could have talked to Briarlight and worked it out, Instead, she trained with evil bois, We should give Blossomfall best choices of the year award shouldn’t we? But, In the end, She fixed herself and made up with Millie, So, That’s nice

Now for Millie. Millie, I dislike Millie, She just kinda got thrown in and we were suppose to accept her, This may just be me, But, If a stranger came into my house like Mille just came into the books, I’d dislike them, But, that is besides the point, My point is, Mille is in the right and the wrong as well. So Millie treated Briar like a goddess after she broke her behind, Seems legit, But no, Millie ignored her other children’s existence when Briar got hurt, Briar didn’t even want the attention, but, Millie was just being a parent, A worried parent, Yes her just forgetting about her other kids was wrong, But if you had kids and they got and injury like that, You’d want to make sure they were okay every hour of the day too. But Millie did it the wrong way. She scolded Blossomfall for wanting just a small bit of her mother’s attention, That’s just wrong, Millie was showing clear favoritism to Briarlight and it wasn’t the right thing to do.

But, That’s just my opinion, You’re welcome to argue with me, And I accept if you have a differing opinion, Thanks for reading this, Bye!

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