My Favorite Characters from the Second Series by Littlepaw

Artwork by Darian Yunidi

Littlepaw lists their favourite characters from the second series, The New Prophecy. Are any of them on your list?

Last time I wrote I made a list about to review my favorites from the Original Series. There, I listed all from ThunderClan and WindClan, none from the others I think. Now we enter Brambleclaw, Squirrelflight, and Leafpool. These cats were a bit annoying for me now. However, I was attached to them at this series. So, how does this work? I ruled the choices from their actions in this series, not from the others. So I might hate Blackstar in the first, but love him in the second. He will be added. The only exception of this would be Ashfur in PoT, and Jayfeather with Lionblaze in OoTS. Lets begin.

#5: Midnight
Midnight is a badger who guided the clans to the lake. With these cats being chosen from StarClan to find Midnight, it seemed shocking to find a badger instead. I put her on the list because how mysterious she is. I loved how she helped the clans not once, but twice! Midnight is shown after the first half. You thought she would disappear after this first half, as an agent of StarClan. Nope, she came to warn the clans. I just wish that she would be given a bigger role (Which she did later).
#4: Hawkfrost
I relate to Hawkfrost. As the villain in the second series, he did well on the first half, showing himself as an ambitious cat, who was loyal to his clan. Hawkfrost was even deputy when Mistyfoot was taken! You would never have saw that he was the villain in the series at first, unlike Tigerstar. Then, after he was removed of deputy, he was shown with Brambleclaw with Tigerstar. He was likely fed with lies there. He said he wanted to help Brambleclaw become leader, but it seemed clear he just wanted some help for his own good. And after we learn that Ashfur teamed up with him, he was good at making false promises. It was good to see him return with this trait again. He fell a bit weird in the 2nd half, but he showed more than Tigerstar did.
#3: Crowfeather
Are you forbidden to love a cat but fall in love anyway in a quest? Did she die? Now do that again, that is Crowfeather. I hated Crowfeather after this series. Imagine why, and don’t say Breezepelt, I love that furry little… Uh, furball. Crowfeather in the second series showed much more development than Tawnypelt, admit it. I’m not into shipping, you will see one today, but I felt like Erin Hunter did a good job with Feathertail and Crowfeather. He named himself, which is rare, out of love for the RiverClan cat. Then he fell in love with Leafpool after this, and my head blew up. He was loyal to all he cared over that stubborn mind, and you could see that later, in Crowfeather’s Trial, when his world went dark from twice being cheated off of love.
#2: Shrewpaw
Who is Shrewpaw? That one really nice apprentice that was killed off! I like to think that Shrewpaw would’ve been Squirrelflight’s mate if this didn’t happen. Shrewpaw was one of the first victims to the twolegs. If only Shrewpaw had survived. There isn’t much I can say about him because of the lack of appearance before his death, but I could tell he would be a good mate with someone. He shared his nest with Squirrelpaw after she returned. So I support ShrewxSquirrel.
#1: Onestar
Again, I put Onestar on this list. We don’t know why he wanted to break his friendship with Firestar in full detail, but he likely wanted to prove his strength from Mudclaw. I feel he is justified with this. I’m sure he had to be tough on his clan after that. Full loyalty needed. I loved Tallstar as my second favorite cat of all, so his death was hard (Littlecloud was as well 😥). When Onestar showed his leadership to the world, you can see he idolized Tallstar. This is a few reasons why I love Onestar. I won’t list them all, for that is why Onestar is disliked. Don’t murder me in my sleep, fans!!!!!

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