Genetics: Where they came from by Blossomfire15

Official art from Warriors: Cats of the Clans (Illustrator: Wayne McLoughlin)

Blossomfire15 takes a look at some cats from the series, and where they got their looks from.

Hey guys! In this article, I will be talking about cats with weird genetics & where it came from.

1. Leafpool
We all know Firestar’s firstborn daughter! Now we may wonder where her light brown pelt came from when she is surrounded by gingers & blondes.
As we may remember, her aunt Princess was a light brown she cat w/ white paws & belly. Sounds familiar, eh?😉

2. Tawnypelt
Okay, she may be a uncommon one that is questioned. Where did her tortie pelt come from? Let’s see here. Her mother has a brother who is golden, a mother who is golden & a father who is gray. Now on her father’s side, his father is reddish brown & his mother is black. Well let’s see his aunt, huh? Spottedleaf, a tortoiseshell. It could also come from Smallear’s side or Speckletail’s side but I’ll have to check. Spottedleaf is probably the reason of her tortie fur.😆

3. Foxleap
Since Ferncloud’s father was confirmed as Whitestorm, it made me think. I always thought it was Redtail & that is how Foxleap got his red pelt but no. Foxleap could have gotten his red pelt from Poppydawn, his great great grandma? Think so!👏🏻

4. Shellpaw
Daughter of Blossomfall & Thornclaw, this girl has a white pelt though she is surrounded with torties & gingers!(I forgot the rest of the colors)
Where did her white pelt come from?
Let’s see here…
Aha! Her grandmother Frostfur from Thornclaw’s side. Frostfur has the same description as her grandmother, white she cat with blue eyes!😝
(I’m getting good at this)

5. Larksong
And for the finale, we will be discussing Larksong, son of Lilyheart & Snowbush; future mate of Sparkpelt, Firestar’s granddaughter.(I hope😣)
He is surrounded by yellow, white, tortie, & gray though he is a black tom with blue eyes.
How? Let’s find out😏

Snowbush & Lilyheart are cousins so they kind of have the same family!
Lilyheart’s grandmother Willowpelt had a older sister with a -*drum roll* black pelt!
That must be where she got it!
But there’s more to that.

Where did Leopardfoot get her black pelt when she is surrounded by tabbies, white, & torties?
Adderfang’s parents are unknown but we know Flashnose is Swiftbreeze’s mother.
But she is a ginger she cat.
Then who is Swiftbreeze’s father? That has to be the conclusion to this!

My theory:
It is Littlestep! A minor tom in Pinestar’s Choice & Goosefeather’s Curse, by he is a BLACK & white tom! And Flashnose & Littlestep talked a bit so-hello! (I mean that’s all I got)
Or it was Flamenose. But I think it’s Flashnose.

And that is all! Bye & thank you for reading!

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  • Nice! Do you know how Darktail’s black and white pelt came to be when his mom is gray and his dad is brown tabby? They have no white on them, no bicolor genes, and no possibility for black (As far as I know dilute can’t become non-dilute). Do you know if his mom or dad’s ancestors had black and white? (I won’t say their names because I don’t know if you’ve read Shattered Sky yet and I don’t want to spoil it.) 🙂 Great article!

  • This was a nice article! However, I consider it pointless to try to make genetics in Warriors make sense (I have nothing against their looks though, I definitely don’t care about genetics that much). Cats only get genes from their mother and father, not from grandparents/great-grandparents/aunts/uncles/… you get the point. While this was a cool article, watching you trace back looks in family trees, it’s unrealistic because cats don’t get genes from anyone but their parents. 🙂

    • Yes, although they may carry a gene which doesn’t show up in the phenotype which may be carried on to offspring although not present physically.

  • Cool article, but, cats only get looks from their direct parents. Not aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.

  • Tortie patterning doesn’t really work that way, you just need one of the parents to carry a “red” gene, which if I remember correctly, Goldenflower has. See she is a pale golden cat that is known as “cream”, also known as dilute red. Her genetic coding would be XoXo dd, and for Tigerstar, brown tabby is basically black fur with the tabby and agouti markings, in which case he carries the black gene. Her coat would be unlikely, but it is still possible. Although I don’t see how she could’ve gotten her green eyes.